"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stuck in the middle Saturday...

out my kitchen window

...I look at the calendar and can't believe that we are about to turn the page on another month.  The last Saturday of April.  I feel like I'm stuck in the middle...of what I am uncertain.  Waves and waves of panic and fear wash over me and once again I feel helpless to do anything but ride it out.  It isn't Mama Pajama time, for those of you who know, but something strange is within reach.

On to other things;

a few years ago, in a misguided attempt to take over the walk-in master closet, the hubs gifted me a complete closet system...in another room.  No problem, the walk-in is awkward and I didn't mind picking out the elements that I desired for my dream closet...er, cubby hole.  Did I mention it was located in the smallest bedroom of our home?  Anyway, I was excited even to the point of buying all new hangers to hang all my decrepit, old clothes on.  I ventured out and bought some of those swanky non-slip hangers.  Nice.  And they really do give you extra room to hang more old clothes on.  EXCEPT if you are a lazy girl like me, who likes to pull her shirt off the hanger with a slight tug of the sleeve then these, by all means, are not for you.  But I digress;

the wonderful closet organizer is installed, the clothes are all in order according to color, sleeve-length, and style, hanging on their pretty matching hangers.  The sweaters are in their cubbies, the pants in theirs, dresses and jackets are on the opposite side happily hanging and swaying with all the extra space.  Accessories all put nicely in their place and even the shoes are excited.  Ahhhhh...but wait, something is amiss.  

come last summer and I can't find certain tops and shorts that I want to wear.  Granted, I have been known to toss clothes regularly but I just didn't remember giving these items away.  Especially since a few of the tops were my favourites, as in, they enhanced the boobs quite nicely.  I had places to go and I wanted to wear that tank top with the ruffles down the front I tell ya!  *sigh*  Today while walking through the bedroom I glanced into the hubs closet and noticed two large Rubbermaid bins up on the top shelf.  I asked him if those were his summer clothes and why he had the need to even store them anymore since he had/has a huge closet.  It's a walk-in you know. 

he gave me a quizzical look, climbed onto a chair, and took down the bins.  Oh, the bins, the bins, the bins....with MY summer clothes from three years ago in there!  Oh my gosh, it's Christmas in April, it's finding lost money, it's sunshine on your lollipop, it's, it's, it's...well you know.  Tomorrow I am going to go shopping in those bins...there are leggings, and shorts, shirts, tanks, and sweaters in there.(these are huge bins).  The only thing that would be better is if everything was now too big.  A girl can dream, right?

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I love finally finding old things.
    Hope they fit you!

    *hugs* ♥

  2. LOL! Jojo, you make me laugh out loud! I LOVE to find things that I have forgotten about! It is like Christmas....you're right!

  3. I love surprises like that. Joanne! Isn't it wonderful to find old clothes AND to have them fit? THE BEST!!!

    I don't know what the panic is about or what is scaring you but I am praying for some peace in your soul. xo Diana

  4. Oh to find two containers of summer cloths that fit and look good and don't cost anything. I would be in seventh heaven.
    My closets are small and we only have two for clothes. This is a big issue around here.
    This post of yours made me want to build a room that is all closets and built ins. Oh, I can just picture all that room.
    I hope that the first paragraph doesn't bring you any more worry than is necessary. Dread is a scary thing, but I find that doing "something" different and time consuming that keeps you busy and involved, can over-ride the impending doom... sometimes.
    Take care.

  5. My computer room is right next to our bedroom...it would make a great closet.. but then I would have to find another spot for the computer and all the junk that's mine in there that I let accumulate to the point of embarrassment...you can find me sucking my thumb in the corner now! I think I like my crammed closets after all! Hope your panic is just something funny you ate and nothing bad is happening...have a good week!

  6. What a fun post! I love to find treasures in my closet. I found my summer clothes in my craft room closet and was in heaven looking at the pretty colors and then came the moment of angst but they all fit. Whew!

    Haven't posted in such a long time. So much going on. Just had breast surgery last Friday and I'm still limited, wearing a breast binder for a couple of weeks.It's all ok. Biopsy showed cell changes and pre-cancer, not cancer, so I'm confident lump removed will show the same. My itty bitty is now itty bittier. From one mammogram to the next and our bodies can change so fast.

    I keep thinking about pulling out my camera but I just don't feel very motivated lately. Have made some home changes so I need to just get going :)

  7. I do hope your fear and dread go away rather quickly.

    I am glad you found lots and lots of "new" old clothes for the summer! What a lovely surprise! i would be just as excited as you if that happened to me!


  8. Have yourself a little fashion show with your 'new' wardrobe! (I know, I'm supposed to be incommunicado...but I couldn't resist stopping by...)

  9. Oooo, have fun shopping in the bins!!

  10. I definetly believe a woman shold wear things that Enhance her boobs (tee,hee)
    I can see you will have a great time going through those bins. Then, when you find what you want, you'll want to go buy new sandals, and perhaps a purse, or earrings to go with it.
    Ahhh, endless possibilities.

  11. OMGosh I am still laughing about the boob thing. hahaha
    What a find girlfriend...makes me want to go to my closet and now and see if I have any bins waiting for me.
    I love it that you have a new huge closet to keep everything organized. If I could wish for one thing in this house it would be closets and cabinets since it is an ole farm house they didn't have those back in the day.
    Hope honey your okay. I was worried when I first started reading this post. If there is anything I can help you with the panic call me.
    Love ya

  12. I am smiling as I read about your unexpected finds of your cherished clothing. I finally weeded out my closet a couple of months ago, letting go of those "I'll get back into them some day, they're one of a kind, I can't get rid of it" and realize now that I can only wear one outfit at a time, I never go anywhere except to funerals, weddings, church and Wal Mart and no danger of running into the same crowd at any of those events, so one outfit for each works. I think I am turning into an OCD minimalist. Perhaps in my mind I know I'm in the autumn of my life, noone else would want my things and I'm getting rid of them purposely, as giving our vast collection of cookbooks to a cooking school, etc. But try to pry my plethera of pages upon pages of favorite quotes out of my airspace....they will go with me on the final journey. Yeah, I'm down-yo-ing right now and not sure why but just going with it. Miss you. Love you.

  13. Oh darlin' have a great time shoppin' in those bins!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend !!! :o)

  14. Joanne, it's always nice to shop in your own closet, or in this case, bins. I'm sure you'll find a lot of your favorites in there. I need to look for mine. Haven't seen them since we moved. LOL

    Yes, spring is coming to southern Ontario. The hostas are up, the daffodils and tulips have bloomed and the trees are leafing out.

    Praying that your fear will soon be gone.


  15. Oh my gosh.......I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've tucked things away and have been unable to find them.......I won't even go into looking for my glasses just last night.... and I wear them EVERY day. :-)

    Happy to hear your story had a happy ending. WoooHooo! Enjoy your "shopping"... and the wonderful weather. Isn't it fabulous!



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