"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A weary traveler...

...it's Saturday night in the 'hood.  The house is quiet and peaceful but my heart is restless, my body and soul weary, the week has taken it's toll.    This will be a quick note as I am at a loss as to what to say, yet I come here hoping the words will flow down to my fingertips and take flight.

My husband lost a good friend on Monday.  Got a call at work, it was totally unexpected and for his friend, Terry, it was quick and gentle.  He's not even our age, how does that happen?  While making plans and arranging schedules to attend the services my poor hubby got another phone call he wasn't the least bit ready for.  His best friend, his pea-in-a-pod friend had, hours earlier, a massive stroke.( Hmm, we were just ready about the symptoms of stroke and heart attack the night before.)  Hubby spent the day with Tom yesterday knowing full well that it would be the last time they were together.  He talked of old times and old timers and how Tom could out story tell anyone.  A more generous and genial man would be difficult to find.  They have endured a friendship of over thirty years...that doesn't happen much.  At the moment the family is at his bedside holding vigil.  Tom is paralyzed and has slipped into a morhpine induced coma.  We wait, we try to hold the family up with our prayers, and we wait.  For the inevitable phone call. 

The vet drained off 3 1/2 gallons, GALLONS, (7liters) of fluid from my Gracie dogs liver today.  She was twelve pounds lighter when they were done.  She has liver cancer.  She is fourteen.  We are seeking only comfort measures for her so for now she gets the fluid drained and some happy pills and life continues as normal a possible with us knowing it won't be much longer.

While this road may be difficult and steadily weary I still hold tight to the blessings in my life.  On this rainy, windy night with storms brewing in our hearts I can look down at the floor next to me and see a laying dog and know that she didn't go to dog heaven today and that is a blessing to this heart.

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  1. Howdy My Friend
    Wow ,you will never know the power of this post and what it means to me ,simply because there are no words to truly explain .
    Thank you so much for sharing and remember that no matter what happens to us in life we still have the power to choose how we respond :)
    Oh how my heart aches for you and your hubby
    at this time ,but I am also lifting you both up in prayer and sending you warm fuzzy hugs as well !!!!!!!!!!
    Life is all about seasons ,experince and moments as you well know somehow they all work to bring us to the place we are to be .
    Doesn't mean we understand ,but forward we go :)
    Until next time may your daily voyage be filled with healing ,peace and abundant laughter .
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  2. Oh, sweet JoJo I am so sorry to hear about all the sad things happening in your and your husbands life right now. Will be keeping you all in our prayers. May you all experience the peace, strength and comfort of the Lord as you travel this difficult journey. Hugs

  3. Though weeping may endure for the night...joy cometh in the morning.

    Hold on my friend.

  4. *hugs*
    May God comfort you both. ♥

  5. I am bawling as I sit here, reading this post and trying to find the just right words that might help you and your husband. I have no words. Instead I am holding both you and your husband tight in my heart and lifting up you and all the hurting families in prayer. I just wish I could give you a very big hug. Marla

  6. Oh dear Jojo, I'm so sorry to hear of these sad things happening in your life right now. My heart goes out to you and your husband and my prayers are with you now. xo ~Lili

  7. I am so sorry for your sad news and hard times. There are no words to comfort but knowing that others are sharing your pain and holding you both up in prayer. Sending you a hug and praying for peace. Linda

  8. I'm so very sorry- I don't know what the deal is right now but this last week or so too many around us have crashed and burned- physically, mentally and financially.
    My little unit is holding strong and for that I'm thankful- we are doing our best to comfort and help the others, like I know ya'll are as well.
    Special hugs to Gracie dog- I lost my wild-haired terrier to liver cancer several years ago after 15 years by my side.

  9. My grandmother used to say something like.....'It never rains but storms!' ....something along that line anyway. As you know Jojo we don't have much control about what happens in our lives, unless we live with our head in the sand.
    Life can pull us to the our limits. A gentle hug to Gracie and hubby too.

  10. I am so sorry Jojo! Sending prayers and hugs your way!!!


  11. To All, Thankyou for all the prayers, it helps to know you are all out there thinking of Joanne and I. You are all great. Love Scott

  12. Jojo I am so sorry this is a lot. If not for Jesus there would be no hope but for those of us who put our trust in Him we have another day to look forward too, and all of eternity.

  13. Dear Jojo,

    My heart goes out to you, your husband losing his friend and the other friend who had a stroke...and your sweet dog Gracie. Our brief life in this world has glory and sadness in it and if it were not for our Heavenly Father and His unfailing love for us..it would be too much indeed.
    I will be praying for your sadness's, worries and loss....May the Lord hold you in His Loving and compassionate arms and give you comfort and guidance.

    Love and Blessings,


  14. Oh sweet Jojo, my dear friend, I am so very sorry for the loss y'all are dealing with. It's so hard, I know. Please give your hubby our love and condolences. We never know what day, our last day will be. God must need a few younger strong men with him, and a sweet dog to lay at his feet. Please know I love you and you and your hubby are in my prayers. Give sweet Gracie a hug from me.

    God Bless~

  15. 'Weep not for me who has left, but for those I left behind.'

    I'll never forget these words ... prayers lifting for his soul & his family& your friend that will soon make his journey. It is always hard to say this, but they sit at the feet of Jesus, how beautiful.

    Oh, your poor pooch. How wonderful you are giving her comfort for you both to enjoy in her final days.

    Knowing full well first hand, we never know when our last days on this earth will be ... For you I pray your pain of loss will lessen as God has His loving arms around you & these families, Jojo. Celebrate the beauty of their lives & joy of the moments you will treasure forever.
    Prayers lifted ~

  16. Good Morning JoJo Sweetie...
    Oh I am so sorry to hear about your husbands two dear friends. Please tell him that he is in my prayers for strength, it is so hard to deal with the passing of a dear friend. Sidekick, one you share with. God Bless him and their families.

    I am so sorry to hear that sweet Gracie is having problems. I will be sending up some prayers for her. My Bruiser has cancer as well, he has 2 tumors, we opted to not operate. I believe that the quality of life is better than the quantity. He is still eating and playing and when it comes time, I will do what is necessary for him. He is 11 almost 12 years old. Time sure passes quickly with our faithful and loving companions, does it not?

    Have a gorgeous day sweet friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  17. Oh, Jojo, this is all gut wrenching. I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers. And beautiful, Gracie--beautiful Gracie, so much love coming at her...hugs.

  18. How very heartbreaking this all is. To loose one friend is sad along..yet two, and one he has known and loved for 30 years. Would feel like a member of the family.
    I am sure you are a bif comfort to him right now.
    I am also sad for the ill health of your dear dog.
    So many things, at one time to endure....and yet, we dig deep for faith and strength to carry us through. I will be thinking of you guys.

  19. Oh hon...so very hard for all of you and I'm sorry for the pain being endured so much at one time. I wish I could give you a big hug and your hubby and even bigger one. Hang tight and hold hubby and get through as best you can.

    My prayers will be with you as always ((hugs))

  20. I am so sorry to read this, I will add you and your loved ones to my prayers this evening.You have many burdens to carry right now. May you find some peace and grace in these next days.

  21. Nothing really to say, JoJo, except to offer you lots of love on this dark day. I pray you and our husband will find the strength to get through these experiences with the light of love helping to guide you. ♥

  22. I am new to your blog, JoJo, but I couldn't read this post without hoping that your husband is weathering these two enormous losses... and you, too, of course. AND your Gracie.

    Not an easy start to the year. May the coming months offer some gentler times for you.

  23. Lots of heartache within a few hours/days...my prayers to you and your hubby. I am also thinking of you with your Gracie...as a fellow dog lover, I know how you feel...prayers...


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