"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, February 17, 2012

All about a girl...

...who left the house. without putting new batteries in her camera, on the way to her only grand child's first birthday.  Yes, she did.  And wouldn't you know, she didn't realize this until the big moment when all she could do was snap her dying camera in vain while it turned itself off and cried "change the battery" to no avail. As she moaned in despair that the moment was lost she hoped that somewhere in the crowd someone, somehow, had captured the moment, you know the one.  Where the sweet little girl who is turning one gets to eat her cake (or cupcake in this case) made by her vegan mother.  The cake (cup) made out of black beans and applesauce with just a hint of some sort of frosting on top.  The first desert of her tiny little life.  The one, the moment, while we are all waiting, holding our breaths, anticipation...

unfortunately, the sweet child was not impressed.   More party pictures to come.  take care, be kind, you enough.    Happy Birthday Maude and Happy Birthday to Maude's daddy.


  1. She's darling! Alec's first birthday cake was from the grocery store bakery and had blue frosting. Guess that explains the ongoing twitchiness...he's 12 TODAY- man we're getting old...

  2. I always hate it when I miss a shot!!! She is adorable. I like the hand up, like she is telling everyone to stop with the pictures. My 36 year old daughter does that.

  3. One is a great age! Such a darling girl! Congrats Grandma!

  4. Absolutely beautiful baby! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  5. *hugs*
    She's a cutie!

    I have done that with my camera, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  6. That would have put me in panic mode for sure. It seems like these days my camera is an appendage, so when I forget it, or the battery dies, it is crisis for sure.
    First birthdays are the Best. So fun to let them get all gooey with their cake (or cupcake)
    I'm sure there will be lots more pictures of this cutey to come.

  7. Thank goodness that there are some pictures to mark the occasion. Doe's your phone have a camera? Sometimes that helps. Many years ago my camera batteries went dead at my stepson's graduation. And if you knew what it took to get that boy graduated you'd understand my frustration at that moment!

  8. Oh no how many times have I done this very thing. At the time it is happening you just want to kick yourself over and over. Well at least I do. lol
    Anyway so glad you were able to share these with us. She is just tooooooo adorable.
    Happy 1st Birthday
    Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget the batteries if you go shopping

  9. She is adorable! When can she come to your house and have an actual cupcake??? sheesh.

  10. How sweet is she! SWEET! That how much!
    Love it when Grannies are just melting with pride.

  11. Sweets will probably never be her forte when they are vegan... but Mom is teaching her to live a healthy life and the habit begins now while she is a baby.
    Happy Birthday Maude! I wish you a wonderful life and a camera with charged batteries. Ha!

  12. I'm with MPM...this child needs a gooey treat!! She can be healthy later :)

  13. LOL....I love these pics. That face is priceless and she's a year already? How'd that happen...we've only aged a couple of months?


  14. She's a real cutie and I think I would have the same reaction to black beans...but everyone has their own ideas of how to raise a healthy kiddo..so Happy Birthday to her and her Daddy. I've done the battery thing so many times that I actually carry extras with me.

  15. So sweet! Love your new blog look, too!

  16. happy birthday Maude!!!!!!!! She is so sweet! What a cutie!



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