"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One word...365

...last year I decided to give up on making New Years resolutions.  Just like you I made them every year, usually the same ones and forgot about them in approximately three weeks.  Doomed to fail no matter the list I had made.

I came upon a group of bloggers who were choosing a word to guide them through the year.  Not a resolution, or mantra, but a word that sums up how you feel, how you want to live, how you want to change and grow in the coming year.  Just one word that you can focus on every day.  For 2011 I chose the word "embrace."  I wanted to be fully aware to embrace the day, the changes in my life, those around me, new ideas, understanding.  All in all I am so pleased that I chose that one.word.  It helped me through some difficult times and cheered for me when I was at my best.

I've had a hard time with one.word this year. I made a list...imagine, serendipity, kindness.  All good words but not really filling my heart in the way I needed.  I considered;

" a disposition to be kind and forgiving."  Indeed this is something I strive for daily and the forgiving part is something I need to work on,  I admit it is my worst fault.   Then what stuck with me was;

but I quickly decided that Grace is not for me to give only for me to ask for.  Now I was stumped and over the weekend I decided that I needed to be silent for awhile and my word would find me.   Silent, that kept coming back to me


as I thought on this word, silence, it became louder and louder drowning out all the other words in my heart.  I began to  think about how much one could learn by being silent.  Then I began to think of all the pain, sorrow, and abuse that has gone on in the silence.  It could not be my one.word.

As I was watching the television Monday evening our local programming stopped for several minutes.  It was late in the day but it had been a weary, on edge, panicky kind of day for our small community.  Those small towns that surround a most majestic and humbling mountain.  Mt. Rainier.  There was a shooting there earlier in the day and a beautiful young mother, a ranger, stood strong with angels by her side and stopped a man who was about to open fire at the visitors center.  She perished...and this moment in time, this silence all around came as they were bringing her body down the mountain.  Flanked by tens of local police/EMT's/sheriffs/family and friends she was brought down to her final place of rest.  In that silence there was sorrow.  In that silence there was singing.  In that silence there was anger.  In that silence there was Grace...I only needed to listen to hear the sounds of the silence.

My one.word;


to your heart, listen.
to those around you, listen.
in the darkness, listen.
in the light, listen
to the silence, listen.

You'll never find peace of mind until you listen.   One word.365.will change your life.


  1. Listen......this is a good word. We can do it a lot more. And when we listen, we become silent.

  2. Wonderful word Jojo...something I've been thinking about since living alone. I've always been a good listener, preferring to hear others than talk about me.

    The times I can manage to keep my mind silent, is when light bulbs come on and I REALLY hear :)

    I'm continuing my last year's word...GIVE.


  3. *hugs* Good luck and God Bless. ♥

  4. great word!!!! Happy New Year!!!


  5. Beautifully shared thoughts & reasons ... but your choice is the best. It is something we are applying to our life, tho we may bleed to death doing so, this year.

    After listening to Fr. Jason in Mass last Sunday, I am going to GIVE even more than I do ... I love giving, but need to expand big time.

    TTFN ~
    Have a great week ~

  6. You and I have the same intention this year. I'll be interested to know what we hear! Blessings,

  7. can I choose to use all of your words?

  8. I'm too much of a blabber mouth to have only ONE word. You did pick an excellent word but then I liked them all!

  9. I like Listen! I also said that I need to be a better listener in 2012!! We think alike! Won't it be fun to see what we can "hear" when we listen??

    I also said I needed to "pay it forward" more, so I like Paxie's word......GIVE!!

    Happy New Year!

  10. my one word for ever and ever amen has been SERENITY.

    love ya :) love the list too

  11. I LOVE your 2012 word! Mine will probably always be BELIEVE because I've been doing it all my life before I even realized it was my word. Plus your word reminds me of another word--silence--which is in one of my favorite readings, Desiderata. Love you.

  12. Jojo do powerful a word. Sad but also inspiring how it came to you. I will follow along on your journey this year. hugs, Linda

  13. I too at my ripe old age have tossed resolutions out the window. I just resigned myself to live each and every day the best I can. It works for me and makes me happy!!!

    I love your word...we all need to 'listen' more. In silence we learn, process and hear the word of God.

    The word I grab on to is Love, 'cause without love we have nothing.

    God bless ya sweetie and have an awesome year!!! Woohoo!!!

  14. I'm listening....

    Love, Rebecca

  15. Very good word. I think that I would have to use Change as I have made the decision to change my life this year.

  16. I have been sitting here reading all of your posts since Dec 16 or 18, (I can't quite remember the date of the last one I just read (Scary, because it was only seconds ago)) :(
    but anyway, I want you to know that I just LOVE you!
    You really slept that long the other night??? Good for you!!!
    I heard about the ranger losing her life. So senseless, so sad!
    I think that listen is the perfect choice.

    Your Christmas decor was so lovely this year. Isn't it kind of hard to pack it away? But then again, I do like change.
    much love to you...

  17. Great word for this new year. I chose a phrase instead of a word: "stay the course"...I need to focus on health this year. I hadn't made a resolution in a while, but I'm really trying to feel better and move into my 60's (next year) with a renewed vigor...we'll see! Hope you have a great new year! Loved your post.

  18. Oh I saw that story on the news (I'm originally from Seattle). That's a powerful word you've chosen.

  19. So well conceived, so well thought out...I love this idea, and I LOVE the word that won you over.

    Thank you for sharing this fabulous idea. Hmmm...I have an entire list of favortite words. I should probably start now trying to decide which word will be mine for 2013! ♥


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