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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the one where I have a give-away...

...when I was growing up my mother was the keeper of all things.  If it was lost, she knew where it was or how to find it.  If a cousin or aunt or friend had an accident, an operation, a wedding or baby (in that order of course) she knew about it.  She could predict the weather and recite to us who in the extended family was going on vacation, when and where.  She knew every one's birthday, anniversary or special occasion.  She was the keeper of all things, and she did this incredible feat with the use of a land line and letter writing.  Imagine!  Our family lived thousands of miles from the rest of our relatives and yet we never missed an important event in their lives. 

She was also a picture taker.  Not a photographer as in those days you had little handy-dandy cameras that took pictures.  We always kid our youngest sister that we can tell when she came into the world.  Not because there are so many pictures of her (there really are) but because the wonderful world of colour pictures came out about the same time.

When my parents passed on I, being the oldest, eldest? daughter, inherited boxes and boxes of slides and photographs.  Boxes and boxes of letters and cards.  All of them going back in time to when the camera became a household item perhaps even further back as many of them are 'posed' photos of young children in Tupperware bowl haircuts, staring aimlessly off into the distance without a hint of emotion on their faces.  Who were these people?  I will never know.  Nor will I know just who most of the slides and black and white photos are of.  Our penchant for not writing info on the back of the picture goes way back.

As a young family we took pictures everywhere we went be it on vacation, a picnic, or playing in the yard.  Holidays, birthdays, anydays were made for using the camera.  Never anything fancy.  And like most families we probably still have undeveloped rolls of film laying around the house.  We also have boxes and boxes of pictures most of which are undocumented but at least I know who these people are.  I may not remember where we were though and that's a whole dilemma in itself. 

I always had the best intentions of organizing these photos but it never really happened.  Then scrap booking came along and my kids were out of the house by now and it just didn't seem to appeal to me.  But I was going to change that when my daughter got married.  I bought all the supplies, and the most beautiful scrapbook (several in fact), I kept all the bits and bobs from her bridal shower and her wedding and reception and kept them all safely in a pretty box.  Then my son got married and I did the same thing, all saved in a pretty box.  Where it sits to this day.

When I became a grandma I decided this was going to change.  I would document her life. period.  So I took all kinds of pictures of her mamma and daddy while they were expecting.  And tons more when she was born and many hundreds more since.  And guess what?  They are not sitting in a box somewhere...NO...they are all on my computer. 

Are you like me??  Do you have boxes of memories that you need to corral and finally get to one place, organized and presentable, not only for yourself but for the next generation?   Then you must come back tomorrow and let me show you what I did.  It's fast, it's fun, it's easy to use, and I love it so much that I am going to give one to you.    Meet me back here....


  1. Guilty! I've got a large tub of photos in my bedroom that are always on my mind but I've yet to catalog or scrapbook!!

  2. I look forward to see what you did. :)

  3. I look forward to seeing what you have done. :)

  4. I can't wait to see what you have done.We all have those boxes of photos and hundreds on our computers....


  5. I love a good cliff hanger!

    I'm on the edge of my virtual seat to find out how you've addressed the situation we all seem to face...my plastic bins await!

  6. You have my attention. I do have some scrapbooks done but most of my photos are sitting in boxes waiting. Now I have a Grandson and I agree I need to get these organized...can't wait to see what you have done! Hugs, Linda

  7. I'll be back to see the ending.

  8. I have pictures and slides, and movies galore!!! since I live in my childhood home, everything is here! Someday i will go through it all. I just don't know when. Good luck with yours!


  9. Oh JoJo..... I could have written this post. Sad, isn't it? My grandson is ELEVEN and I haven't finished one...no, not ONE single page for his scrapbooks. I have two Grandma and Me books that need to be filled out and questions answered. Nope. Not done. I have an ENORMOUS armoire, filled with thousands of supplies......Yep, I AM a Michaels and Joann sale junkie.... Most of them UNUSED. Stamps, glitter, glue, findings, paper.....enough for my entire town to scrapbook their memories. Mine are finally sorted I can say, in the most rudimentary fashion. Filed away in brown paper bags with the GUESSED name and date on the front. Fortunately (well, only in this case) I only have one child, so if it's a baby, I know it's mine! :-)

    Thanks for popping in.........get the colonoscopy........the surgical part is a piece of cake......it's just the NOT EATING and the bevvie they have you drink........hmmmmmmmmmm.... don't know how to spare you that one. Amazingly..........they call it Golightly. Whoever thought of that had a really bazaar sense of humor.

    Hugs to you!


  10. Guilty and it seems like such a mammoth task to start!!

  11. Guilty here..and with good intentions...to do better???


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