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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

okay here's the deal...

...hopefully you read the last post and now you've come back for the give-away part.  Now I can't help you much with all the old photos, you are going to have to scan them into your computer after you decide which ones to save.  Doesn't that sound like a great rainy day project?  Whether or not you decide to scan old photos, or bits and bobs of old memories, and/or new photos you need to check out  My Memories.

My Memories is a digital scrapbooking program full of great layouts.  Not only can you whip together a scrapbook but you can do so much more.  You can have the scrapbooks printed out, you can make and send cards, photo books and even videos.   All of it, and more.

from their website:

My Memories Suite is the #1 rated scrapbook software. Not only is it affordable and fun, it’s also extremely easy. Whether you’re new to digital scrapbooking or a seasoned pro, My Memories Suite is the perfect digital scrapbooking software to use."

here's an example;

Isn't that adorable (not mine).  My Memories has been extremely generous in providing me the software to use at no charge and as a added extra bonus they have included one for one of you!  Oh yeah...have you checked out the site yet?   

I usually don't do 'rules' for give-aways but My Memories would like for me to add a few ways to get an extra entry  so here goes:

1.  head on over to their site  http://www.mymemories.com/ and check out their layouts or digital paper packs, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me about it.  (1 entry)
2.  'like' My Memories on their Facebook page, then let me know about it.  (1 entry)
3.  become a follower and if you already are let me know in the comments.  (1 entry)
4. blog or FB about it and let me know.  (1entry)

Four chances to win BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE.    Just in case you can't wait to start using the program or you're not the chosen one you can still enjoy your own copy and if you use the code in the upper left hand corner of the blog you will receive $10.00 off at checkout.  And you can use that code as many times as you'd like.  So spread the word.

Contest will end on February 7th at midnight Pacific time.  Winner will drawn the following day using random number generator and will be immediately announced.    ALL COMMENTS MUST BE MADE ON THIS POST!


  1. I like the Dogs WordArts, especially since we just got a new dog!

    -Sandy Shoes

  2. I have had much fun digital scrap booking in the past. I have yet to try it with original photos. The cost of paper and scrap book supplies are high. So digital is the way to go for me. Have a great day. E

  3. I have My Memories all ready and just need to find some time to work with it. Great giveaway and good luck to all! Hugs, Linda

  4. Not entering, but good luck! Looks interesting. I found a bunch of 35 mm negatives the other day I need to figure out what to do with...

  5. I went crazy over Creative Memories years ago. I created a whopping 3 pages. I still have all that stuff. I've done all the "like" stuff (from Hallie's blog)and I got an email asking me to do a giveaway like this one!

    I would like to give it a try! Good luck to all!

  6. Wow honey I just came by to say hello did not know you were having such a awesome giveaway. I will be back to go their site later today.
    I must run to town otherwise would do it now.
    Have missed you and wanted to check on you.

  7. Does it mean I'm a follower if I have you on my RSS feed, or do I have to do something else?

    -Sandy Shoes

    1. it counts...thanks for letting me know!

  8. I follow you Jojo, have for a long time!!! ILY!

    God Bless~

  9. I like the pets/animals and the Family selections!

    God Bless~

  10. Hi there. This is an interesting idea. I actually had not heard of this before. I like the travel section. The pansy paper and sweetpeas.
    thanks for telling me about it.

  11. Hi Jojo,

    I came by to say "thank you" for your sweet comments to me a little bit ago..and for entering my Giveaway and now I see you have a Giveaway as well...Lol Sooooo please count me in yours as well my dear friend! TY!

    Warm Hugs are a plenty from me to you...:)


  12. Count me in, if I'm not too late! something new to me!


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