"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

five (5) things...

...I love about September...

*I live in Washington and although we are  never promised anything but stormy, cloudy skies in Spring, or weeks and weeks of Summers warmth and sunshine, we are always, always promised the most wonderful September skies.  It makes it all worth the wait.

*Picking apples and peaches. Canning pickles and baking 'crisps' on  beautiful crisp mornings.

*Yellow leaves spinning in the breeze.

*the shift of shadow and light, feeling the warmth on my back.

*All the fun "September" songs from my  youth.  "September," by Earth, Wind, and Fire.
"September Morn," by Neil Diamond, "Will I see you in September?" by The Tempos

These are just a few of mine...how about you?


  1. I start feeling sad about shorter days and colder temperatures. I need to focus more on some of the fun holidays ahead and the changing colors of the beautiful earth.

  2. I love September! It's probably my favorite...and there really are September skies...

  3. If it ever stops raining here I will enjoy it, too!

  4. I like it when it cools off, so that lets today out. ;)

  5. I popped over here from a comment you left from one of these blogers listed above.
    Okay, it has September in it. Papa Was a Rolling Stone by the Temptations, is an all time fave of mine.

  6. Being an ex teacher I love that 'back to school' feeling! Yes, I did like going back to school....really!

  7. September on the Westcoast is one of the most glorious places to live. Warm sunny days, cool evenings,Fall fairs,crisp fresh apples and pears and the beautiful colors that Mother Nature will soon bring upon us.
    How I love Autumn as well:)

  8. "Autumn Leaves" by Nat King Cole is my personal favorite.

    September's sapphire skies. Really, there is NOTHING more beautiful than that.

    Great post, jojo!

  9. I'm a little with Jojo about the shorter days. I do love the month though because it starts to cool down and the fall bazaars I used to go to start.

    Maybe this year I'll venture back out. Will you come go with me? ((hugs))

  10. Cooler nights, the crunch of leaves on the ground and the owl that has returned and calls out his presence in the dark.
    The days are still too hot but that will change. We can always count on change.
    Have I told you that I love your new header photo. It's beautiful!

  11. September is the promise of a beautiful Fall in all its glory. Crisp nights and perfect sun-filled days tease the senses as we anticipate October where we find orange, yellow, reds..... vibrant..... before the leaves fall and the limbs are bare for winter. Yep, love fall and even like to rake leaves. Call me crazy but September is the appetizer to the winter months. Tasty but doesn't fill us up or make us miserably full :)

  12. September is my favorite month! It contains the start of Fall which is my favorite season! I chose to marry in September the second time(June just didn't work out for me... :-)

    My 5 favorites about September:

    1. The weather...starting to get cooler.

    2. Wiener roasts and Smores over an open fire out in the cool air.

    3. High school football games.

    4. The colored leaves. I get high just looking at them!

    5. Decorating for Fall!

  13. You have such a charming blog. I found you via Daryl. She's very special. I love September, too. I hope we, too, will become blogbuddies. Will be back to visit and chat soon.

  14. September in Washington is glorious, and a well kept secret from most folks who don't live here. My September favorites...
    1. Autumn leaves...gold and russet red.
    2. Crisp sunny days. Cool enough to wear a sweater and jeans. Warm enough to want to go out.
    3. Sweaters
    4. Harvest time. Apples, blackberries, peaches and pickles.
    5. Back to school shopping. I still go 'school shopping' every fall.

  15. I love Fall! I can breath in the fall and I ache less than I do in the hot heat and the super cold. It is my favorite season.


  16. I have 3 brothers that live in WA and they tel me on a regular basis that if my hubby and I ever make it out there, we will never want to leave! My 3 oldest children have all been there to visit them, one of the brothers is a photographer and he does their senior pics for free if we get them out there. Thankfully we have had enough frequent flyer miles to do just that! One day I just know i wil visit them too. But I know they are right, about us not wanting to leave! t. xoxoxo

  17. JoJo honey what a beautiful post.
    Makes me long for October here. September in Texas is still to hot to enjoy.
    Been thinking of you wondering how your doing.
    From reading this post you sound wonderful....which makes me happy
    Love ya

  18. Oh, I do love September and the things you love sound delightful! "September Morn," by Neil Diamond, "Will I see you in September?" by The Tempos, be still my heart! What a great post!

  19. Good morning Jojo......Was so nice to hear from you..We are still in Montana....so yes.....we are experiencing Fall weather as well. Soon to head down South where it is much warmer....we so love the cool weather.

    Stay well sweet lady,


  20. The smells! They change when the weather changes...the leaves, the final blooms...

  21. Fall is my favorite season, and my birthday is in the fall! I love cinnamon, oatmeal cookies, brunswick stew, apple crips, beautiful leaves, deep blue skies. Linda

  22. I'm a "cling to summer tooth and claw" girl myself although I eventually resign myself to autumn. My absolute favorite thing about September are the Reno Balloon Races! Okay, the perfect weather isn't bad either.

    I hadn't thought of the September songs until you brought them up! Good memories.

    And you're welcome for the warm weather I brought. Happy to be of service!

  23. Changing of the aspens and the sound they make as they rustle in the breeze.

    Hot tea- Oh I drink it alot but the cooler weather gives excuse for 3 or 4 cups a day!

    cozy fluffy sweaters!

    Probably most don't have to do the sweater thing in Sept but it's getting a bit chilly here in Co at night already!

    Bee blessed

  24. While we don't get much of a Fall around here we have been lucky so far this year with cool crisp mornings. I love the feeling of walking outside and feeling the difference in the air. They sky just seems so clear and crisp. I do miss all the Fall color though.


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