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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


...back at the cuckoo's nest, I am beginning to learn my new normal.  After spending another day at the emergency room seeking drugs trying to convince someone, anyone, that I needed additional pain medication I was successful.

This doctor was quite upset over the happening of the previous visit and as it turns out little miss nursy nurse is being investigated for taking medication refills from the patients and putting them into her pocket.  She has quite a little racket going on there.

As with any other type of fracture, ribs will take 6-8 weeks to heal properly.  Maybe even longer as they can't be placed into a cast for optimal healing.  I can see it now..."how I spent my summer vacation."

Now that we have the medication situation taken care of I have absolutely no intention of making any more or any less sense than I ever have....go figure.


  1. Oh my dear Lord, Honey! I just read your last 3 posts--we're at the beach. I am SO Sorry this has happened to you! Goodness, I would never give you a hug right now--but please--inside --know I'm sending you a gentle squeeze AFTER your ribs don't hurt anymore. how frustrating--how weird people can be about the drug thing, when they can see you're hurt and hurting. GAH!

  2. Thank goodness! I knew there was something wrong there....

  3. Why can't people with a good job be happy with what they have?
    Glad your new doctor was able to help you get what you needed.
    Get well soon! *hugs* ♥

  4. Keep feeling better, and wow...that nursey nurse needs to get in BAD BAD trouble!!!!

  5. Addiction is everywhere. Oh my word!

    I'd have been in the nut-ward over this. Not kidding. I'm so glad you know now what was wrong.

    BE WELL!

    Love to you~


  6. I am so glad you were able to get some pain medication!!! I hope it helps!!


  7. Heal quickly! So very sorry! ugh!

  8. JoJo, I just wanted to add my comments here .. I responded to you on my blog, but you offended me in no way. I love your comments and appreciate your "bloggy" friendship so much! I have been having a hard time with a couple people and seem to be letting them push my buttons a bit too much. It is totally my issue and I would explain more, but I hope you can get the gist here! I love your comments...keep them coming! I also love your blog, and being a "part" of your life....thanks so much!!!!!!! HUGS!!!

  9. You aren't Irish are you Jojo? What luck was that for you to get nurse 'cratchett'!!
    Now sit back and let those meds kick in. Take care.

  10. Jojo, hope you heal up well and quickly. I am shocked by miss nursey nurse's actions! Are you a whistle-blower? Linda

  11. Murphy rules. Cymbalta can help a great deal with pain and works well with pain meds. Really a big shot of morphine is the only thing that helps and we can't have that at home. Prayers going up.

  12. I hope you can begin to heal without so much pain. That nurse better get into some big trouble! I've been thinking of you and hope you are mending! Thanks for being a part of my blogging world!

  13. goodnessgraciousmeohmy!

    jojo, you remind me of that saying, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."

    Prayers for you to have quick and pain-free recovery, dear friend.

  14. Sorry JoJo I have been missing in the blog world. Playing catch up with you. Sorry to hear ribs really hurt. (bad nurse's don't help either) (Big hugs) and thank you for showing love to me today!


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