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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who knew...

...first of all I wanted to thank you all for your comments,  support and wonderful advice.  Obviously many of you have been in these shoes before.  That is so sad to me on so many different levels,  family should be the place where you get to be who you are without being judged.  It's a fantasy I carry in my little head...must have watched too much t.v. when I was growing up.  "Brady Bunch," "Waltons," "Father knows Best," "Donna Reed,"  all gave me an unrealistic view of 'family.' 

On to other things:

Today the hubs had a run in with the electric pruning shears.  Ouch!  He will be fine/he is fine.  But here's the funny thing.  He cut his pinky finger quite deeply and that sucker bled and bled and bled some more.  He is on blood thinners so getting any kind of cut to stop bleeding is sometimes futile and we end up in the ER.  After wrapping it up and getting him over to the ER, a long wait of about two hours with him holding it higher than his heart to slow down the bleeding, and finally getting back to see the doctor you will never guess what they did.  After unwrapping it and checking for foreign objects, then a quick clean with saline they super-glued it shut.  Yep, super-glue!  The doctor said that's how they treat these bleeder now instead of stitching them up.  Clean it up then glue it shut.  Now, there's something new to add to our first aid kit!

Have a good Monday...


  1. I've heard of that super-glue trick before but was suspicious that it was just one of those urban myths. Kind of a neat trick, especially for people like me who are squeamish about stitches.

  2. After my husband had open heart surgery to repair a valve they glued the incision shut too. Not sure that it was the regular super glue that we use on broken teacups - but it was surely glue. It eventually washed off his skin, so perhaps it was some other sort of glue. It was nice though, because the incision didn't have to be protected in the shower.

  3. Once my husband was using a post hole digger ALONE and lifted it in such a way with great force that it came back and hit his bald head and cut it pretty deeply. Of course he didn't call me to come get him (25 miles away), but rather drove himself to town, and casually asked me to look at his head. Blood was running down his head. I freaked out. Took him to the ER and they glued it shut, too. Yep, it is a new technique. Glad your hubs is OK!!!

  4. they have been gluing for a while.. its awesome.. :) less scaring too!

  5. Really glad to hear your hubby is okay!

  6. That glue stuff is awesome...and just remember: we cannot choose our family.

  7. You're right. It was the TV shows that gave us the idea. I have the same ones. Can't seem to shake it either LOL

    Sorry about hubby and glad he's going to be okay. I bought liquid bandaid stuff years ago and it was like glue.

    My son cut his finger at the beach this weekend. He didn't go to ER until Sunday...too late for stitches so he has a giant bandage. Sigh. I protected him so well...he's on his own now LOL

    Love you, hon!!

  8. I guess we've all been raised to think our family problems can be fixed in 30 minutes...between commercials...just like on t.v. Nope!

    Glad you're hubby's all glued back together!

  9. Well that's scary.... but super glue saved the day. Wow! Never heard of that before.
    Was it covered by your medical insurance? Was it ELMERS?
    Did you asked for a little extra? It might come in handy for MJ's mouth.
    There I go again.....
    Glad you husband is OK.

  10. Whew...glad hubby is ok, and it sounds as if your heart is in a better place today, too...isn't it strange that our family has so much effect on us? Hang in there!

  11. Oh Sweetpea-I'm so sorry about your hubby! That happened to me about 15 years ago--and I had internal bleeding and a DVT at the same time. They were very worried, but a friend came and prayed with us, and I was healed before they did the surgery and put in a little "umbrella" in my tummy artery--and I've had no problems since. Isn't God gracious and good!


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