"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, July 28, 2011

stumble, tumble, shake, rattlle and roll...

...yesterday as I was moving the sprinkler I noticed that my feet seemed to be tangled up with each other.  Oh no, thought me...don't fall.

slow motion sets in and I notice the hose reel that is attached to the house.  I'll grab on to that I say but my self is not fooled.  The dang reel comes right off the house.

In my downward spiral I notice our fountain.  We had moved it into the yard earlier to clean it.  Don't hit the fountain I tell myself but once again I'm not listening.

Hello fountain, wow concreted against your rib cage is ridiculously painful.

Oh, hello sidewalk...don't hit your head, don't hit your head, don't hit your head.   *damn*

Seven and a half hours later I return home from the emergency room.  I've been x-rayed, prodded, injected and rattled around enough to wake the dead.   I am covered in abrasions and contusions (scratches, bruises) and have not one, not two, but three fractured ribs on the left side.  Thank God I didn't hit my head.

see you in a few days.  Meanwhile, I must find something for the pain as the emergency room doctor thought I was 'drug seeking' (post for another time) and sent me home without pain meds.   *damn*


  1. Oh, boogers! I know your pain firsthand. Take it easy. They heal better that way.
    Gosh, I am glad nothing else happened to you.

    TTFN ~
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Take care of yourself and heal. Sure glad you did not hit your head. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs

  3. Oh Jojo, I am so sorry! I hate falls for sure. I was out in the backyard, 2 days ago and stepped in a hole the dogs had made and had a nasty fall. Twisted my knee pretty good. Now please rest, my dear friend. A doc thought you of all people where trying to get pain meds? Oh that's terrible!! You have 3 fractured ribs! That deserves pain meds. Geez, I'd like to come and knock that doc out!!! Keep me informed on your recovery and remember I love you friend, and you are in my daily thoughts and prayers!!!
    God Bless~

  4. I'm so sorry you had that nasty fall. Dealing with the ER is always a challenge, isn't it? Maybe call your doc and ask for pain medication. Take care.

  5. "drug seeking"??? so you purposely broke your own ribs to score a prescription?
    gimme his number- I'd love to speak to him :)

  6. Oh my! What an awful ordeal for you! Take care and REST.....call your doctor and get some pain meds if you need them! Thinking of you!!

  7. Oh gosh, Jojo. Big gentle Hugs. Take care and heal quickly! ♥

  8. Oh JoJo!!! I am so sorry!

    Father God, I pray that JoJo would heal quickly and that she would be able to get through this pain as she recovers. I pray that she is encouraged through this event as You meet her where she is. Give her the strength she needs to get through each moment and may she experience joy and peace in the midst of this. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    (((Big Hugs)))

  9. oh my!! I do hope you find something for pain. what a creep doctor! As if you did this on purpose to get pain medicine. Some people. That one rates well with the doctor who wanted to give me vicodin, which I am allergic to. She gave me a prescription of it. Yeah, I didn't fill that one.

    I do hope you feel better fast!!!


  10. 3 broken ribs and no pain meds???? I have never heard of such a thing. Idiot.

  11. Ohforcryingoutloud!, as my mother would say.

    The fact that you are able to write so humorously about this nasty incident speaks volumes about your character. I'm in awe of you, as I would be tempted to be incredibly angry at the world right now, most of all with the "doctor" who neglected to take care of your pain.

    A pox on his house!

    Rest as best you can, jojo. My thoughts are with you.

  12. Oh dear I do hope you will be feeling better soon. I am so sorry to hear of your fall-

  13. Oh, my gosh, that's horrible! As you know, I can totally relate to accidents! Be careful, allow yourself time to heal, and rest up! Darn it anyway!!!

  14. Oh dear! Yes, the fluid movement of a cat would have served you well. I hope your mending is speedy. A friend at work fell in the parking lot and decided to miss the asphalt and go for the grass. Now she has 36 stitches because she didn't see the "no smoking" sign on her way sown.

  15. really? seriously? drug seeking? with broken ribs ?? scrapes, bruises? what a fuck up that dr is... sorry... GAH Hang in there and take it easy... and I amsorry I have to laugh cause you put into words exactly what I feel when Falling and it is so scarey bizzare and yet funny when all over the thoughts that run slow mo through ones head... love you heaps.

  16. Dang JoJo... I remember what it was like when I only had two broken ribs... all I wanted to do was be very, very still and not breathe. Oh, my, girlfriend... if the doc couldn't look at the xray and see those broken ribs and still think you were seeking drugs... you shoulda just bitch slapped the snot out of him... Sorry but that made me mad.

  17. Jojo! WTH! So glad you didn't hit your head! That could have complicated things for you.
    Now your ribs....I will try to keep this a non-funny comment! You know why.
    Take care and see you ion a bit.

  18. what a moron!! (not you, the ER doc) brace that rib area with a pillow any time you need to move, cough, sneeze, etc. It will help with the discomfort.

    if you can take Advil/aleve, get the liquid gels. they act twice as fast as the pill form. Be sure to take deep breaths even though it is painful.

    You know, every ER I have ever worked in has been very generous with pain meds especially when the xrays have proven there is a fracture. I would complain to the management if I were you.
    and take care!!! tomorrow the pain will be worse...

  19. OH No! I so hated to find this post when I came by to thank you for your sweet comment about my job loss.
    Darn that idiot doctor would not give you anything for pain. What the heck is wrong with him...
    Wish I were there to help you I feel terrible that this has happened.
    Nothing worse than falling but thank goodness you did not hit your head.
    Take it slow and easy and know I am praying for you to recover soon
    Love ya

  20. SEE WHAT HAPPENS? I don't look at your Blog for three days, you take a bad fall and break three ribs. That is not good, sweetie.
    I'm not a doctor and I know that you need major pain meds for broken ribs.
    What is this doctors problem? Take whatever meds you have in the house. Take as much as you're allowed and use ice and a pillow.
    Bless your heart... you certainly didn't need this.

  21. OH MY GOSH! Home without meds! SO sorry for your accident... and so thankful you are now on meds.
    Praying you heal quickly!


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