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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Follow the yellow tag...

***before I get started I want to say that I have been having major issues with posting and commenting lately.  I'm losing posts before I can save them, I'm having posts show up when they are not scheduled to and I can't sign in most days.  I spent 45 minutes trying to leave a Happy Birthday comment last night and ended up turning the computer off and going to sleep.  So please just know that I am here and I'm trying to get around and visit all of you and I'm hoping this will be corrected soon.***I also have no control over the spacing, the font and the font size...so sorry~***

...a few weeks ago, after a post Mother's Day get together at the in-laws, we were driving home when I noticed a 'new' thrift store.  I don't usually peruse the shoppes out of town but I was still in the "searching for backyard/garden kitsch" mode and so we stopped in for a look-see.

I wandered around a bit and came upon this little nugget: 

 It looked to be in pretty good shape but it was hard to really tell as it was being used as a repository for artificial flowers and greenery.  It was also hanging up on the wall barely out of reach, so, in order to check it out and find the price I had to yank gently remove it from it's hook, and discreetly remove all the floral pieces.  Eventually, I found the price tag...a small yellow sticker...$4.99.  Well, hmmmm, o.k.

When I got to the counter, much to my surprise, I was informed that all yellow tags were .99 cents today.  Yay, for me.   I brought that baby home, gave her a coat of white spray paint using my new and wonderful sprayer handle gadget, and when it was all nice and dry moved it over to the patio and plopped my Knockout rose in it.

I also went back into the store and did a little more shopping...yellow tags, Oh yeah! I'm getting over my aversion to yellow.


  1. Hehe. Great find, Jojo! I don't see things like that around here. Your rose looks good in it, for sure!

    As to commenting problems, Other blogs I follow are randomly having the same problems. Hopefully Google will get it fixed soon.

  2. i cant comment on any blog with imbedded comments... other issues dont seem as bad... YEAH yellow tags!!!!!

  3. It looks great!

    I'm having the same issues with ommenting. So far no posting problems.

  4. Super wonderful find. Our new deck is almost finished and I will begin the hunt for lovely things to put on it. I already have some things - but it is 12x20 so I have room.

  5. love the new find!!! I hope you are having a good day!

  6. You're hired! You are now our official 'garden dresser'!
    Nice job Jojo. Amazing what can be done to perk something up!

  7. I am having the same blogger issues. UGH!!!! So if I don't comment it isn't that I am not trying!!!

    Love your new find!!! nI need to find one of those sprayer handle things. Where did you buy it? I have little use of my hands, since the surgery's.

    Love ya friend, and miss you too!!

    God Bless~

  8. Oh I do love it when I happen on a thrift store and they are having a sale. When those yellow tags are half price... or better yet a dollar, I feel like I won the lottery.
    You did really well with this wicker plant holder. It looks lovely with the rose in it.

    I don't know about the issues you are having with Windows. I just plug along and never change anything.
    My big issue is this that refuses to let me respond to anyone's email address if I want to reply to a comment that anyone has made on my blog. I'm ready to reek havoc on Blogger and write a scathing post about it. This is so annoying and no one knows that Blogger have change the emails to this address. I don't even know why.
    I just noticed that Laura mentioned this issue. I will have to ask her about it.

  9. Sorry. It's late. I meant...
    "My big issue is that Blogger refuses to let me respond...."

  10. very pretty! (knocking on wood) haven't had any trouble with blogger, but I know at least one person who swears he leaves comments on my blog and they never show up...

  11. A nugget you say??? You found a treasure my friend. Wow, what a beauty she is too. Love that.
    I am off to follow.
    Thank you for stopping by my biz blog someplaceinthyme2 and leaving such a nice comment. Please come by my day to day blog when you have time. someplaceinthyme, Char

  12. What a find, Jojo! I love what you did with it. I would love to come to WA and go thrift shopping with you. We would have a ball. Your granddaughter gets prettier with each pic I see. Will call this weekend. Love you.

  13. You always find the good stuff Jojo! I love it!

  14. That is lovely, jojo! You're really good with this.

    I just love to look at the flowers )the blue in the glass at the top of your blog. I have to stop and look and get lost in them each time I come. I would love to do a watercolor like that just once in my life.

    Take care of yourself.

  15. Beautiful. Can we hire you if we pay airfare? LOL

    As far as comments, I seem to have to wait forever and then MAYBE I can leave one. That's why I haven't been visiting anyone. I haven't even blogged lately.

    Love your garden goodies!

  16. great find Jojo!!! I wonder what is up with the blogger problems?

  17. why I just need to ask.... do those sprayer handle gadgets really work well?... have always wondered about them and need to go purchase one soon!


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