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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Again with the yellow tags...

...if you read yesterdays post then you will not be surprised to know that immediately after purchasing the plant stand I ran right back into the store and spent the next 30minutes looking for yellow tags!

And my timing could not have been better:

 this rusty crusty planter looks much better after a quick coat of white spray paint, then I lined it with moss and planted a few fuchsias.  I've not had luck with fuchsias in the past but I'm hoping they like their new home right outside the back door.
 And here we have another rusty-crusty-metal-thingy that looks much better after a quick spray and a little bird house on top.  This is out in my new 'cutting' garden.  (those are not weeds by the way!)
 A cute little wooden wheelbarrow (upside down for some reason)  I'm not going to paint this one since I like it's worn look.  Not sure what I will put in it or if I will just leave it.  Ideas?

And finally, this little garden faerie.  I'm not sure what she really is but she seems quite content to sit in the potted pansies that happen to be sitting on the infamous orange chair...the $3. chair.

All of these items were originally priced from $3.99 ~ $5.99 and I got them all for $.99 each.  I will be looking out for yellow tag Sundays next time we go out of town. 
This concludes our yellow-tag foray


  1. Wow! Jojo. You bought all this in 30 minutes? That's what I call fast, creative thrifting.
    Love the wheelbarrow and the wall planter. All of it... really great stuff. That each was only $.99 is fantastic. WHAT A DEAL!

  2. Very nice purchases sweet JoJo and what a bargain...you did very well shopping. Hugs

  3. You could but some rocks or sand in it to give it some weight. You never know when the wind will come along and pick it up. I do not know if that could happen in your area. But it has happened here. You found some great buys. :)

  4. Great finds! Lucky you and at terrific prices too.

  5. That's really awesome, Jojo. Congratulations!

  6. Goodness, you have wonderful fortune at thrift stores. I need to get things out of the house before I can go to anymore. But I do love it-and yard sales! Don't you love the way a coat of white paint seems to fix so much!

    Thanks, jojo, for coming by my "place"--I found a few typos--hope you got past them, then I went back and rewrote a lot of it. Come on back if you'd like and read the rest! :)

  7. Well done! I love second hand shops and generally find the less trendy and organized the store, the cooler the stuff I can find :)

  8. I want to go shopping with you JoJo!! I love the ferrie!


  9. what an awesome shopping trip! I love the little wheelbarrow, and just today I found out that I love pansies. We went to the nursery to pick out some plants for our planters and all of the ones I liked were pansies...

  10. You've given me a few ideas Jojo. Now to just fing these things around here!


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