"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesdays tids...

...I don't think I've done a Tuesday tid-bits at all this year.  Not to worry though, there is still plenty of crap this and that and the other thing to get me through.

*for the majority of the country Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer.  For western Washington the unofficial start of summer is July 4th.  I am still wondering when we will see the start of spring, official or otherwise.

*I still have not planted a vegetable garden, and with our shortened growing season I am wondering if I should even bother.  It is all weeded and tilled so I guess I should plant something there before the weeds make their come-back.

*I have a serious case of dry eye which is really cutting into my computer time.  It makes watching t.v. with your eyes closed a little difficult too.

*I keep falling asleep while I'm watching t.v.

*Last week at Marshall's I bought two sets of "skinny" hangars.  These are slim hangers that are coated with a non-stick surface to keep your clothes from sliding off (the hangar not your person).  They also take up less space in the closet.  I have no excuse to not clean out my closet now.

*I hope my fat clothes will not be too offended.

*here is a picture of my favorite new toy:

more to come...you've been warned!  Happy Tuesday y'all.


  1. Hope your weather makes a turn for the better. On this side, we went from winter to summer overnight....now get to the closet! And come do mine when you're done. Thankyouverymuch.

  2. I love that spray grip. Where did you find it?
    You should plant something. Maybe a cover crop?
    Happy Tuesday to you, Jojo! :)

  3. Ha! Love it, Jojo! Great post...thank you for the smile today!

  4. I use Systane Ultra for my dry eye condition. It really makes a difference. Not the regular Systane - but the Ultra - a little spendier - but well worth it. I'm to the place now where I rarely need it in the daytime - just at night if I wake up - a drop in each eye and it feels a lot better. For some reason tv and computer screens aggravate this condition - I have to take breaks from the computer some days.

  5. I love your Tues Tids Jojo! Hey if I use those skinny hangers, does that mean I can get more clothes in my closet???? I never get rid of anything...ever...and I am running low on space!
    Can you believe this year? I just want two days in a row of nice weather. Well, I really want lots of days in row of nice weather, but at this point I will take anything! I will be planting the vegetable garden, hoping that we have a very late Autumn. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you sweet friend for your lovely words to me. You blessed me.
    hugs from here...

  6. we plant we water plants grow... very little fruits of the labors as it is plain hot and dry here... gah.

  7. Your weather has been pretty fickle for sure, Jojo. Love the grip ... I, too, wonder where you bought it at.

    We went from winter, spring blinked & we were thrown into July heat ... snap! that fast.

    Still love the picture of you & the new baby ...

    I'd love to meet you when we pop out later this summer. Is this possible for a couple minutes?

    Have a beautiful week, Jojo.
    TTFN ~

  8. OOoh...I'm loving that nifty paint gadget!

  9. Happy Tuesday to you!!! I love your beautiful picture on top of your blog!

  10. Oh wow--,must find skinny hangers--but alas, what will MY fat clothes think? I guess they'll slide on off.

    Hope you're feeling okay today.

  11. nifty paint gadget??
    found it a Fred Meyers, I have seen them at other hardware type stores and also on Amazon. They are wonderful and a mere $5.

  12. Well, as you know, I ventured out to plant some Blue Lake beans. Guess what, Koda dogster dug them up last night. Then the rains came today. Undeterred, I bought more-plus some fencing. If the rain stops I'll go out and start over. BTW...While you were out, did you happen to see any fat hangers? My clothes would be intimidated by skinny ones...

  13. I'm like Lauren. It is so hot here, I don't even want to go outside, much less do any work out there. I'll send you some summer today, okay?

    Like the hangar idea and I sure need some motivation in the closet area LOL!

  14. I wish I could give you some of this warm weather we have. It's 100 degrees already! Yikes! I love my spayer! Awesome gadget! I always fall asleep while watching TV!
    Love your tidbits!

  15. I am so tired of my fat clothes. But if I get rid of them, I would just have to buy more fat clothes. Ugh.

  16. Hi Jojo.....I have not been by to see you in ages. I'm so glad I stopped in today. You MADE ME SMILE. I love that gizmo that you attach to a spray paint can. My husband says I'm a "tagger" at heart. I'm gonna' get me one of those.



  17. Hi Jojo! Tag, you`re it! Check out my post.

  18. Hi, JoJo, I fall asleep in front of the T.V. too ~~ often...! :-)

    How are you doing? I have been too busy to visit many blogs lately, but I think about you and hope you are doing well.



  19. I listen to a Portland radio station on the internet and it sounded like the PNW has had some nicer days this week. Just loving the spray grip...we all need one!


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