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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper dolls...

...I am sure that most of you are at an age where you remember paper dolls.  I can remember my favorite, Connie Frances, and trying to cut out all the clothes and accessories that went with her.  It was quite a trying time for little hands and scissors and trying to punch them out along the dotted lines was just impossible.  I had many paper doll clothes that were taped together!     As I was browsing tonight I came across this dress...made completely out of paper, for a real live person doll. Incredible...

"For her creative processes class Jolios Paons designed this paper dress from only phone book paper. A whole lot of pleating takes this unique creation from waste to couture.  She did all the cutting, sewing and pasting all by hand.  To see more go here."

I hope she got an A!  Happy Monday y'all...


  1. I used to make paperdolls by cutting models from the Sears and JCPenney catalogs. I can still remember my favorites. There were a couple in evening gowns and one in a jumpsuit that I remember very well.

    That assignment dress is amazing. I'm trying to imagine the patience it took. Yowza.

  2. I had the Lennon Sisters paperdolls,and spent many hours getting their outfits "just right"! Great memories!

    That dress is something else! Perfection to the max! Wow!

  3. What a work of art!! Was it Better Homes and Gardens or one of those magazines years ago that would have a paper doll page you could cut out.

  4. WOW! Look at that! Yes, I remember those paper dolls.....my sister had a few and I would help her cut the clothes and fold back the tabs to make them stay on! Girls had 'all the fun'! lol

  5. I loved paper dolls when I was a girl, and now my five-year-old granddaughter loves them, too.

    I can tell you that without question, paper dolls have come a looong way! They are so easy now to punch out, and have every imaginable accesory.

    Okay, I confess. I still love paper dolls.

    Oh, and the dress is phenomenal, too. :-)

  6. Wow! Makes an interesting 'plaid' doesn't it???

  7. I loved paperdolls when I was a little girl. They were so much fun.

  8. Oh JoJo I can not begin to tell you how much I loved paper dolls. It was my favorite thing to do for a very long time. I can remember even having Dinah Shore and her tall good looking husband which at the moment I can not think of his name. I hate that because now I will wonder about it for a while ...lol
    That paper dress is something else.
    Thanks honey for coming by and wishing me a Happy Birthday. My daughter told me tonight I may be paying out a lot to JD but it will be worth it.
    Love ya

  9. Paper doll girl here too :) I also remember cutting a square, putting 2 holes in it for my trolls LOL

    The patience it took for this. Oh my.

  10. That is amazing! I remember loving paper dolls. I got some out for my granddaughter and I don't think she found it as neat as I did! But, she has little dolls and things that she dresses as well...just not the "paper" dolls of our times. Aw, the memories!


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