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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, May 6, 2011

Field of dreams...

...shortly after we moved into this house the hubs and I began plotting out our gardens.  He wanted a nice little veggie patch and of course, I wanted a flower patch.  We were fortunate enough that the yard had been landscaped by the builders so we didn't have that expense and could just concentrate on filling in places.

The hubs built two raised vegetable gardens on the south side of the house, about a foot off of the ground and easy to work in and maintain.  Every year we planted a little hope along with our veggie seeds and most of the time we were gifted with a few tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, squash, peas, and the like.  Most of the time.  Last year was a bust.  I think the late Spring and Summer had a lot to do with it and this year is turning out to be an even later start.

We decided recently to shake things up a little and add a few new items to the patch.  I came across some interesting organic seeds online and ordered some...dragon carrots, black fatso pumpkins, boothby blonde cucumbers,costata romanesco zucchini,watermelon radish, sweet chocolate peppers, and touchstone gold beets. Along with the usual peas, fava beans, and tomatoes.  The names alone conjure up some interesting ideas.

In addition to, and new this year, we have taken out all the roses bushes that lined the back of the house.  They just didn't survive the extremely wet fall, winter and spring.  The hubs turned this into a raised bed and added some new amended soil for me, also raising the bed to accommodate my needs to sit while gardening.  ( I can't kneel on my prosthesis and taking it off outside to crawl around the yard is not something I want to do.)  I am going to turn this area into a cutting garden.   I've gathered more seeds than necessary and more than I ever have planted before, in fact, I have never planted a garden of flower seeds!  Always opted to buy bedding plants.

I''m planting zinnias, hollyhock, sweetpeas, italian sunflowers, calendula, and radicculus.  I also have some pansy and poppy.  I know I can't cram all of this into one little flower bed but I am anxious to plan it out and see what comes up.  With the exception of the sweetpeas and the poppy these are all new to me...

so I hope you will come along with me and watch my garden grow.  Are any of these your favorite and do you have any advice for me?  How does your garden grow?


  1. Oh how exciting!! I've planted some veggies and flowers too. Been thinking about blogging about it. I sure wanna see your progress.
    Hope your doing well Jo...have a great weekend.


  2. I too will love to see how your garden grows. I was a gardener too. But the rain caused failure for the veggie for a couple of years now. So I will not even try this year. But I already have a hosta collection and a number of other plants. I am trying to plant a strawberry garden. But the weather and my heath has made it a bit hard to complete. But I will keep trying. I have a garden blog but have not posted in a few years. Any way sorry for going on and on. :)
    I wish you much success.

  3. i love zinnias... heck i love them all... they are so exciting to watch got from seeds to these amazing plants.... then FLOWERS!

    love n hugs me

  4. When we moved here, there was grass and gravel with a few sedum plants along the side of the house. I brought some coneflowers and hosta from my old house and tckled the barren rocky ground. The first year I planted 6 flats of marigolds in the front ....... with a pick axe!! The lone hosta has been split more times than I can count! Every year I try to add another perrenial to one of the beds. This year it is black-eyed susans.

  5. Definitely wish you well with this!
    I am not the gardener, my brother is; but maybe if the cool temps are a problem, might hoop houses be a possible solution?
    Look forward to seeing what works for you! :)

  6. I have not done any planting here yet and since we share the same type of weather. I hope your garden grows beautifully this year. I am planning to remove the last of the roses from our side yard, they don't do well either. Maybe I can at least do some weeding and then plant a few things in the two small raised beds we have. Blessings, Sherry

  7. Awesome Jojo. I cant wait to see it. We have our garden in so I will be sharing our with you as well! I love playing in the dirt!

  8. A field of Dreams....A garden of possibilities! I love this.
    I did seeds this year too. Kind of because of time constraints but also just to see what would come up. So many times you bother to plant all the little seedlings and they they don't do well anyway.
    We planted two tomato plants this year, so far. The rest will be sewn from seed. Lots and lots of seeds for the flower containers.
    Here's to little surprises from the earth....

  9. Unfortunately, my garden does NOT grow. I do not have the green thumb my Momma had so all that grows are weeds. Yups, I can grow the best weeds ever without even doing a thing. I do hope YOUR garden grows lots and lots of flowers without the little annoying weeds. Good luck!!!!

  10. Hoping you will share pictures when it all starts blooming and producing fruit. It sounds like a lot of beauty coming to your yard. Hugs

  11. how fun!

    you'll love the sweetpeas!

  12. Since we sold our house and are in our temporary condo, I'll garden vicariously with you. Love your choices for us;)

  13. JoJo can't wait to see everything when it starts growing for you. I am like Bunny I sure wanna see your progress.
    I did plant a few things in pots this year tomatos,bell peppers, lettuce and so far their looking good but will have to see if they produce anything. Like you I can't get down and work like I would love too.
    Would love to do what you did with seeds.
    Thanks sweetie for your concerns about my going back to work. I am not near healthy enough but that is not what my pain doctor thinks. We won't go there in this comment. lol
    Just came by to tell you I am always thinking about you and to have a wonderful Mother's Day

  14. I haven't done a lot of planting, it has rained so much. My hosta's I planted last year are doing wonderfully although. I hope to plant a few more things. I can't wait to watch yours grow. I can't get down on my knees anymore, so it's hard to garden. Would love to see a pic of your raised flower beds.
    Happy Mother's Day Jojo. I love ya!

    God bless~

  15. Jojo, I have so wonderedhow you are doing ... love the pic of you both with the baby, just gorgeous.

    What fun it is to garden & to see how yours will grow. You will enjoy watching it all come to full picking time ... I love to garden & just got ours in the ground.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day, sweet friend. Have missed you.

    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  16. My son's and hubby built me a raised vegetable garden this year. I have a dear friend who has a organic garden and has a blog. Here is the link to her blog.


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