"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crystal ball...

...yesterday at this time the weather persons, who do this for a living, were predicting 7-10 inches of lovely white snow.  Let me just say...I love snow.  I love it's pristine beauty, the silence it brings, and the blanket of white that changes the light above and the young-tender hearts around us.  But, but...I do not like ice.  OK where was I? 

Predictions of snow, lots of it.  Schools closed. Roads de-iced. Parking lots, drive-ways and sidewalks salted. Chains and yax-trax at the ready.  Candles, batteries, and can opener standing by.  Extra blankets, gloves and scarves by the doors.  Cookies baking in the oven...

when I got up this morning it was 42degrees and raining.  Talk about raining on my parade!  (and they get paid for these 'predictions.')


  1. you can we have the snow we have then! We didn't get tons, but enough to be not so good driving. Hope you get your snow soon!

  2. Weather people usually have their tracks covered, so to speak! They are very careful.....they predict not forecast.
    I agree with you about snow though. Seems to stop evrything in it;'s tracks.....for a while. Nice.

  3. Living in Oklahoma but being a NATIVE CALI GIRL (and proud of it) I have come to respect the snow and ice. But, if the truth be known I will complain about it every step of the way. I have no use for it whatsoevah~~~


    When it's icy and the roads are closed my hubby usually gets to stay home and work from his home office! That is nice because we actually get some 'down time' to do nothing else except talk and listen to each other...

    I love that part, but just about everything else has gotta GO!


  4. Rain and 42; I'd take it!

    It's 17 and white with snow here.

  5. Oh no, hate it when that happens and they get it wrong! I do love snow and don't see it often in Texas!


  6. So love the beauty of the fluffy white elegance than drifts slowly to the earth ... the world becomes so sweet & peaceful.

    We got 3" last night of that luscious stuff.

    How are you doing, Jojo ... I hope all is going well for you.

    Have a lovely winters eve ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  7. sounds like you have the same weathermen that we do! LOL

  8. I'll share! I'll even keep the ice to myself. I hate ice. Dale's mother fell at the post office last month and broke her leg and had to have surgery. Oh boy...I tell Dale, don't let me out of the house when I'm eighty years old and it's icy outside.
    hugs to you Jojo!

  9. I am sorry you were all ready for snow and got rain. The best way to know what the weather will do around here is to look out the window. Our weather changes so quickly and often sometimes it is next to impossible to forecast it. Keep looking for that snow, winter is not over yet. Hugs

  10. We're still iced in - day 3. Hope you get a lovely snow.

  11. we still have patches of ice ans snow but i think the world here is up and moving now... even though it really should slow down...

  12. Ha...! Sounds like Vancouver. I prefer rain, and as we say here, you don't have to shovel it. :-)

  13. We still have a nice white blanket of the fluffy stuff here. I have been housebound all week nd am starting to be a little stir crazy. The pipes have thawed and I can have my first shower since Monday!!! Hooray!

  14. It always amazing me how "quiet" it gets when it snow. I wonder why?

    We had a little snow that is now ice on my driveway. I do not like it.


  15. JoJo I was just thinking today that if it's gonna be this cold there ought to be snow. We've had single digit temps the last two nights but here in central Oklahoma we didn't get any snow to go with the cold. I, too, love the snow... once a year at least although usually we have more than one snow. But I love one good snow a year. No ice, just snow.



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