"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Strawberries and cream...

...I decided, this morning, that I should really get busy and do some holiday decorating.  After all it's less than three weeks away and at the rate I am going I will have to pack it up as soon as it's unpacked.

So with this in mind I went to work on the mantel.  This is the first house we've lived in that had a true mantel and is something I really enjoy decorating for the holidays.  Out came the boxes marked 'mantel,' out came the box of candles and candle holders, in came the cedar garland that we bought yesterday...all was well in my world.

I worked joyfully decorated as I listened to Christmas music and dodged the dog, who must, at all times, be in the middle of all things.  We tried this and that and then moved things around just so. Lit all the candles, got out the camera and took at least 394,326 photos. (You know, you have to take hundreds and hope that at least one comes out good.)

There must have been a low-lighting problem or I need new batteries but not one, not.one, of the photos could be saved much less shown to anyone!  Gah, so tomorrow I will load the camera with new batteries, turn on a few more lamps, light the candles and give it another try...

I did get a few pics of my new Poinsettia plant.  I just love going to the nursery and seeing the rows and rows of these pretties.  It's like a Poinsettia parade.  I particularly like the ones that are not red, gravitating more towards the whites or variegated varieties.  This was new to me this year...called Strawberries and Cream.  And although your could not pay me to eat Strawberries and Cream I do think this one is my current favorite.

Still no tree up, nor lights, no baking done...what about you?


  1. I often have that same problem with lighting, especially now that the house is darker from the gray days. I hate take a bazillion photos and then not being able to use any. *sigh*

    I baked a few cookies today for friends and hubby but I'm not doing any power baking this year because it just settles in my power thighs :)

  2. That is the most gorgeous Pointsettia I have ever seen...! Ever!

    I love seeing all the Christmas decorations at this time of the year, but I haven't done mine yet. This weekend... :-)

  3. I definitely love this color much better than the red. Beautiful.

    My camera has been acting up and it's almost pointless to try, but I still do.

    I still have not started. Sigh. I may not LOL, well except for my little Christmas tree. I should at least get the wreath out for the front door.

    Bringing all that stuff out, with David bringing all his stuff this weekend is definitely too much STUFF!

  4. Your poinsettia is amazing. How long will you keep it alive? I hope you do better than I do, Jojo. I love the look of your blog too!

    Also -- I put up my regular decorations outside -- wreaths on ALL the windows, mailbox and light pole greenery, LOTS of BIG bows on all the house lights. The outside looks perfect.

    The inside -- NADA, and that is how it will stay. I'm okay with that. I do not feel compelled to decorate the inside of the house when there are other more pressing things going on.

    I can buy cookies, and all the other things I need, but I can't replace time. If it's time spent doing something I love, then wonderful. If I don't love it -- like putting up the tree, I am not going to do it.

    I get great pleasure from looking at other bloggers decor.


  5. Christmas is done at our house. Package on its' way to g'pa's house. It is full of 'home-made' goodies, just not my home. My hairdresser, who could be a baker, has a yearly sale on her stuff, so I take advantage of it. If is were around here, I'd eat it, and I don't need it.

    Love the Poinsettia! Love the name too!

  6. I hope you DO post your pictures today! (Maybe it will inspire me to get in gear!) I will be waiting! Also, that Poinsettia is BEAUTIFUL, and you know how I like RED!!! But THIS one is totally awesome!

    I haven't done a thing to decorate at all...been gone...and will "go again" this week-end...this is my trip to NYC with my daughter, so I have a good excuse, right??? Talk to you soon!

    Happy decorating!

  7. Very pretty poinsettia.
    Have a good day! :)

  8. Baking? Are we supposed to bake? And shop? Yikes.

    I finally have decorations up and done...took me so much longer this year. Hmmm.

    That poinsettia is beautiful!!!

  9. That Poinsettia is definitely the prettiest one I think I've ever seen.
    I like the fact that you took so many photos. That IS the only way to get a really good one. I don't know abouy 394,326 photos, but you go girl.

  10. For whatever reason, it's always slow going. Sometimes I do feel like you just described, if I don't get it done, it's going to be time to put it all away. Time flies and I feel like I am always trying to catch up. Love the pointsettia, it's beautiful, Char

  11. beautiful poinsettia! Since we're hoping to get moved into the new house before (around) Christmas, I've not decorated a thing here.
    I promised our son that no matter when we get moved, the Christmas stuff will go up and stay up for a month.
    Easter tree, anyone? LOL

  12. I am glad to have found you. Our blogs share similar titles. I live a perfectly imperfect life too.

  13. No tree, no lights, nada single little Merry anything yet...and this is not the norm around here at all! Tomorrow the tree comes in...and the festivities begin! As far as my pictures, I use the Windows Photo Gallery and go to their 'fix' for all of mine...it seems to work, EXCEPT for all the blurry pictures I seem to take! :(

    I agree, I'm totally over red pointsettia's, yours is gorgeous! I've never seen one like it before!
    I would choose white or the pink also.

    Your mantle looks wonderful!!! I'm inspired to go take down all my Thanksgiving mantle decorations!!!
    Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  14. Great pics Jojo! I just finished my shopping today!!! As far a decorating?......well, I better get movin'!


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