"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Soggy, foggy and bibity, bobity, boo...

...it's been a very soggy day here today, interrupting my plans to get outside and finish up some yard-work and take some pictures of the many, many Maple trees we have.  Whose idea was it to plant a dozen Maple trees across the back yard (?), I wonder.  

We've also been having a good deal of fog here in the mornings.  It's so eerie to see it hovering over the empty fields this time of year.  Living in a valley, it seems that the foggy days and night run into each other.  With the exception of Halloween this is not a welcome sight.  It also reminds me that when the fog season is over that the cold-rainy season will be upon us...those dark winter days are tough on this old girl.

I've been feeling rather soggy/foggy myself the past week or so.  The ginger-ale-soda-cracker type of blah.  I'm sure I caught it in the doctors office.  If you spend enough time hanging out in the doctor office you will eventually get sick, even if you were there for something else.  Doing better now, had some yogurt today but I think it might possibly be why I over-reacted to the comments the other day.  Yeah, there was more than one.   Moving on...

When I was a young 'un some of my favorite memories are of Halloween.  Having to rummage through the closet and use our imaginations to come up with a costume.  Those were the days before store bought and plastic or rubber masks.  A simpler time indeed.  I can remember walking through the neighborhood, without parents tagging along, and ringing doorbells.  There were some 'old' codgers who would actually make us do some sort of trick, like a somersault or hand-stand, before we could get the treat.  I remember going into stranger's houses and bobbing for apples.  Such were the times that it was not necessary to scare us kids with real monsters.  Certainly, simpler easier times.

When my children were growing up they hated Halloween.  I think it frightened them, the scarier costumes, the loudness.  It seemed so strange to me.  I wanted so badly for them to enjoy it the way we did even though they were trying to hide whenever the doorbell rang, and could have cared less about dressing up.  Even the candy was not enticing to them and often I would find it in the bottom of their closets months weeks later and throw it away.  We convinced them a few times to go to parties, neighbors we knew, friends, and grandparents but to this day they still want nothing to do with it. 

What happened to those innocent days?  We had so much fun, in a mostly clean and respectful manner, and we looked forward to it each and every Fall.  Back to school meant Halloween was just around the corner.  I understand that many people feel strongly about the message it sends but to a little child (most of them) it's just a fun day to dress up and freely eat candy.  Church, school, lessons, chores...all of them would be waiting.  What happened to our sense of tradition and charity?

The hubs and I will be manning the front door tonight and giving out treats to all the little ghouls and goblins.  We practically push each other out of the way to get to the door and hand out the goods.  We are still those children of long ago...doing hand-stands and somersaults for a little treat or an apple.

Happy Halloween and be safe y'all.


  1. We were just talking about all this today as we were decorating our little cabin for tomorrow night's party- most folks around here don't "do" Halloween- it's been watered down into being "Harvest Festivals" at the churches.

    Not us- we've got a graveyard out front, miles of webs and spiders, skeletons galore, treasure hunt for the candy, the whole shebang.

    No blood and gore, just good clean Halloween :)

    well, and a few mummies...

  2. No Halloween here. No little ones in our little town, and why would the 'big' town people bring their little ones out here? I don't really miss it at all. Bah, Humbug. Oh, wait, that is for another holiday!

  3. Jojo, I remember those days!!!! No mom or dad had to escort me and my friends around! Oh you should have seen some of the awful costumes I came up with at the last minute.
    I am a candy fiend, so next Christmas, it was my fave. I love seeing the kids at my door in their little costumes and their bags held out.
    I am sorry to hear that you got a nasty comment on your last post. I am trying to think how that post could have ever got anyone to leave something like that. Someone very unhappy with oneself, I'm sure. I think that is what it takes for someone to even think of ruining ones day with a bad comment. Once I had someone post something so unkind about me on their blog and it took me so long to get over the hurt from it. Too long, I'm afraid. Took the joy out of blogging for me for too long.

    Have a wonderful Boo-day! We had most of our treaters last night, but I'm prepared for the little ones who are coming out tonight.
    hugs to you...

  4. We have not had trick-or-treaters in our area for several years. They all go to spook houses and activities at local churches and other areas.

    My sister and I were just chatting this morning about how Halloween has changed over the years. We had so much fun when we were kids. We could safely go out with our little bags and collect candy...not like today.

    I miss getting to hand out candy and see the little ones in their costumes. The grands used to come by but they go to parties, and such now and don't trick or treat.

    Sorry about all the fog at your place. I do not like fog especially if I have to drive in it.

    Have a great Sunday.


  5. I understand exactly how you fell. Each year I usually help with the Fall Festival at our church where we provide just that kind of fun. The have pony rides an cake walk and they use the parking lot with lots of pickups to make "trunk or treat" the kids play a game and get handfuls of candy. It's really fun. I love to play dress up.

  6. I am hiding in the house tonight. Usually we pass out candy but not this year. I am just not up to it. maybe next halloween. I do like watching the little ones get all excited about trick or treating though.

  7. When my husband and I grew up in Brooklyn, Halloween was barely in our awareness. I guess some neighborhoods were more into it than others. But I totally enjoyed it with my kids as they were growing up. Now we are back to it having no importance to us.I must have shown my kids how to have fun with it, though, because they are adults now and totally still enjoying it like little kids.
    BTW...thanks for your message about the baskets. They really were quick and easy.

  8. Hi Jojo, I enjoyed your post! It sounds like you and I had about the same kind of Halloween traditions as kids...My son still loves taking his daughter out and would have been here, but we're sick. Anyhoo, I'll get over it I'm sure...I just hated not sharing in all her excitement!

    Sorry about the fog, it's odd when it hangs around for days on end...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  9. I love it as a child and I grew up about the same time you did. It was different. My son wasn't too keen on it until he became a teenager. I called him last night and asked if he had trick or treaters. He said "nah" and was totally not interested.

    I do miss the good old days. I didn't do candy this year, but enjoyed hearing the kids giggle, run and play :)

  10. We were out of town for the week-end and didn't get home until after the ghosts and gobblins were fast asleep, so we missed handing out candy last night. But it is funny that you posted what you did, as I was thinking as we were driving home that in all of my growing up and enjoying Halloween, I don't even remember being anything except a bum or a hobo. We NEVER had a store-bought costume...we always created our own. And yes, we had to actually do tricks to get a treat!! I do miss that! Thanks for sending me down memory lane again. I still think we must have grown up in the same family!! ha ha! So many similarities!!!

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  12. Another foggy misty WA ST night ... that part I don't miss, Jojo. We had one t&t, YUP! Good thing we like Snickers, yum! I told everyone what with all the bruising & massive colors on my face I didn't need a mask! I was yellow, gold & green ...

    TY for you sweet note. I am sorry that you are having surgery on the 15th. I know what you mean, but trust me, prayers are being lifted for you. Please send me your address, I have mislaid it from last year, Jojo. Trust that all will be well for you.
    email ~

    Hugs of love for you, sweet friend ~

  13. Our weather has been unseasonably warm. In fact, we have yet to get any snow at all in the Springs! We usually have few trick-or-treaters due to the cold but we had a ton last night. I LOVED seeing all the little bitties out and about!

    I hope you get to feeling better. It is so hard to feel crummy so much of the time!


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