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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, October 7, 2010


...I have had a rough couple of days!  All minor injuries that will be just fine but...but, enough now.

Today I broke a tooth.  Actually two.  Notice I said broken teeth and not cracked, there's a difference.  I already have three cracked teeth in the back waiting for the day that my dentist will let me make payments on our co-pays, but that's another story.   Today I bit into something and broke my two front teeth...right off!  I didn't know that was even possible but here I am with a couple of snaggleteeth.   (o.k., I was biting a small pill in half but c'mon)
It will be repaired tomorrow and bonded to look and act just like new and then I'll head over and have my Thyroid biopsies...the fun never ends here.

I do have a warning or a moral to this little snag-a-tooth-a-fyingness, and it's something you might want to talk to your dentist about.

I began taking Fosamax a few months ago.  This is the magic pill that is supposed to keep you from getting hip fractures as we age. 

from the Wiki:
ALENDRONATE (a LEN droe nate) slows calcium loss from bones. It helps to make normal healthy bone and to slow bone loss in people with Paget's disease and osteoporosis

it lists the most common side effects, the ones we hear with just about every medication prescribed.  Only recently have I heard that some people report jaw pain.  I was not having jaw pain but I have experienced three, now four, broken or cracked teeth while on it.   I have since stopped taking it but was talking about all of this to my dentist today.  He told me that this type of medication will pull Calcium from everywhere else in your body and deposit it in you hips.  Thus lowering the chances of fracture.   One of the most dense places of calcium is in our teeth, so this would be one of the first areas to show signs of calcium loss.  Now it's a wait and see game as to whether or not I can rebuild that loss.  

I do not, under any circumstances, want to deal with a broken hip...it is a leading cause of death in older women.  But, I'm not willing to loose my teeth over the very small benefit that I might gain taking these meds.  I will have to do some more research and let you know what I find.  Meanwhile:

Friday smiles y'all!


  1. Broken teeth??? How awful. Bless your heart I know you must be freaking out about your teeth. I would be also. Fosomax, I'm putting that on my radar just in case Dr. ever thinks I need it. More research on that one...doesn't make sense to rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak.

    You are so in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Marla

  2. *ow* I hate that. I've coped well with wrinkles and gray hair and getting stiff when I never used to, but I didn't feel OLD till I broke a tooth off while eating a taco.

    Staring at my tooth in my hand I thought "This is it- the beginning of the end" LOL

    Good luck with both dental work and biopsies. What a double-whammy of guaranteed good times *~*

  3. Wow! Thanks for the heads up on the Flosomax. I didn't know about taking calcium from other places in your body. That's bazarre!
    But, you teeth. What is going on. As if you needed one more thing.
    Take care and it's OK to scream into your pillow at night.

  4. If it's not broken teeth and hips, then it's grey hair, wrinkles, gas, flushed face, adult acne and...oh, I could go on and on...but I won't cuz I can't remember all the other stuff..lol Good luck with everything your going through...thinking about you...when I remember.


  5. I am so sorry to hear about the broken teeth. Sure hope the dentist can get you all fixed up. I hope too that you can rebuild the calcium in your teeth. Praying for you. Hugs

  6. I am so sorry to hear that. My goodness -- what a dilemma! I'm sure it must be the Flosomax. Maybe you can get them to pay for your teeth (hah -- not likely). Not a very fun day you have planned for tomorrow. I do LOVE the picture you have displayed, however, which tells me that you are still able to maintain our humor in spite of it all. I wish I could give you a big hug! I will surely say a prayer for you.

  7. Oh my...but I'm happy you can still smile with all of this ♥ and you are in my prayers for today and always.

    Care Credit. No interest for 12 months. Can be used at the Dentist and the Vet. I've had to use it for my dental work. Actually, a Vet started the program. If you'd like more info, let me know :)

  8. Lose bones elsewhere to save your hips. I definitely feel for you.
    Good that you stopped the drug.
    I do hope you can rebuild your teeth.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Jojo, I hope everything went well today for you. We are thinking about you and sending lots of good energy and licks from Sophie!

  10. I had that happen to me a couple of years ago. Someone gave me a box of chocolates for Valentine's day, and I bit into a nut. Snap.

    I have heard that Fosomax does that.

    Hooo boy, it all happens at once, doesn't it? I hope everything goes okay for you...!



  11. Ouch! I did that last year (broke two teeth) and it's no fun!

  12. OMG! I will put that on my list of NO,NO's to the Dr. However, I broke a tooth a couple of years ago from a nut in a Snickers bar. Who knew, and now I see I'm not the only one...Best of luck to you and thanks so much for sharing this info about Fosomax! xo Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  13. OMG JoJo this is horrible news! I can not believe everything your going through these days.
    I wish there was something I could do for you.
    Just in the last few days I have learned so much about medical issues. I had no idea that fosomax would cause that to happen. Geezzz what does a person do.
    Lord knows we both need a break and I am praying for you really extra hard tonight
    Hang in there and girl where oh where did you find that picture...it actually made me jump...hahaha
    Love ya

  14. Oh! This is one of my fears, since I do not have dental insurance. I actually shuddered when I read it. I do hope it is repaired by now.

    Don't even get me started on our health care system and aging. I think I am actually beginning to creak as I walk, like an old wooden floor.




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