"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I've learned (part 1)...

...yeah! I've learned stuff!

It's been chilly here the past few nights and sleeping under just a sheet and lightweight comforter has proven to be a little too cold.  Now, I refuse, absolutely no way, no how am I going to turn the furnace on in September.  I usually try to get to November  but that's a different story.

We threw a lightweight blanket on night before last and that seemed to work fine so I left it at that.  Then around 4a.m. this morning I woke up shivering, something had to be done.  I rattled myself awake long enough to make my way to the linen closet out in the hallway.  Opened the door, grabbed another lightweight blanket, went back to bed...all is good.

This morning when I got up I realized that I had pulled a table cloth out of the closet and asked the hubs if he knew we had slept under a table cloth last night?  He replied, "it's not a table cloth it's a shower curtain!"  Whoops!

note: as my computer time is in the evening, Pacific time, it will appear that I am always a day late with my posts...just one of my many excuses!


  1. It has gotten pretty cool here at night, too, but I haven't turned on the heat, and don't plan on turning it on for at least another 6 weeks! My hubs has slept under a blanket most of the summer, but he does have an excuse. He is skinny, and he went through some cancer treatments, so I'll let him, as long as he doesn't put it on my side of the bed!

  2. That is hilarious....sleeping under a shower curtain! It was pretty cool here today...in fact I have on socks and a sweatshirt! Much different from last week!

  3. I am SO READY for cold weather! We're gonna get to the 50's tomorrow night and I'm ecstatic. Of course, the 90's are coming back on Saturday :-( I start out at night with no covers at all and when I wake up I am covered up. I think Roger does it because he's a Jewish mother and thinks I need it. Gotta love him!

  4. Well...how handy would that have been if your roof had sprung a leak!! lol lol

  5. Good morning friend....thanks for stopping by my little corner of blogland. Your post brought a smile to my lips....it is cool here too....but I seem to have those Menopausal wanderings and don't seem to be needing any covers AT ALL!! (O:(O:



  6. Yes! Bring on the cooler weather! I love saying that this time of year.....I don't think I've ever said that in September. Usually we are 18-20 degrees C......however, lately (2 weeks) we have had temps from 33-38 degrees C.!!! Ouch.
    Too funny about the light weight 'blanket'. Hey, it worked!

  7. This made me giggle! Sounds normal to me LOL

    A day late and a dollar short is my motto!!

    I'm so ready for a little cooler weather. 3 days of Air Quality Alert and I hope "Earl" blows some of this dirty stuff away!!

  8. I'll take your posts whenever they come out! Seriously though, you slept under a shower curtain? Oh, that's funny!

  9. Thats funny JoJo. But I am so not looking foward to the cold weather!

  10. I do believe this is a first for me. Funny, but if it kept you warm, what does it matter if it was a table cloth or shower curtain...so funny!

    I wish it was that cool here, maybe soon I will be grabbing for covers myself.


  11. We had some downright cold nights a week ago. Using the bedspread as an extra blanket works for a temporary fix but the weather is being weird. This week we are sweltering in the heat.
    Were you awake when you reached for the shower curtain. LOL! That's something I would do in the middle of the night, in the dark.
    I like your style.....


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