"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank Heaven for...

...I am sure that you remember when a few months ago I was screaming from the rooftops announced that I was going to be a Grandma, for the first time, next February.  Well, last Monday my son, daughter-in-law, and baby-to-be had their 22 week ultrasound.  Can you guess what 'we' are expecting???

Maurice Chevalier  from "Gigi"

Thank heaven for little girls
for little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven for little girls
they grow up in the most delightful way!

Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
one day will flash and send you crashin' thru the celin'

Thank heaven for little girls.

thank heaven for them all
no matter where no matter who,
for without them what would
little boys do?

Thank heaven....thank heaven!

The last picture is also a clue to her name.  Have a Blessed and Happy Monday friends.


  1. Awe, my 1st grandchild is a girl. She's 15 now and so pretty!! I have a special relationship with her. Her name is Taylor.
    Would your new one's name be Lily! Or Calla? Isn't that a calla lily?
    Love ya Jojo, and let me know how things are, please!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  2. Oh how special is that, congratulations and guessing her name must be Lily? So pretty!

    Thanks for your sweet comments, its true about the fibro..not many understand. But I do and here for you to vent or whatever..


  3. Oh, yes, sweet baby girls. Our first grand is a girl and she's now almost 3. I fell in love with being a grandma with her.

    I was trying to figure out her name. Must be......Lilly???

    Congratulations to all.

  4. I wasn't reading your blog back then so...Congratulations Grandma!

    Wonderful news. I was guessing Lily also?

    My one son is nowhere near ready, so how I envy you :)

  5. Well, I'd guess Lily over 'fotosearch'! LOL!

    We have a Lily, and a Dahlia, and a Tansy! All beautiful little girls in the bouquet of their family of 2 boys, and mom and dad!


  6. Congrats!!! How wonderful! I have 2 incredible granddaughters and there is nothing in the world that can compare!

  7. Can till you are 'over the moon'! Nice! Lily is a sweet name. You are ery fortunate indeed Jojo.

  8. Oh, now you can start going and buying some cute little girl things and be all ready for that sweet little doll when she arrives. Congratulations! Hugs

  9. Aw JoJo how great is this post. I love to see you happy my friend.
    This is great news and nothing better than a little grandbaby.
    Miss u JoJo
    Love ya

  10. Oh how exciting! Congrats to all. And I'm a little partial to her name (unless it turns out to be Calla)! ~Lili

  11. OOOOOOO!!! Congratulations! Little girls are very special! (Not that little boys aren't, too, but something about a little girl......) I am thinking "Lily". You will have to let us know!

    By the way......we loved our stay in Seattle last week-end! I just wish that we could have gotten together! Of course it rained, but not for the "important part" of our trip! THE game! It was hot and fun! LOTS of Big Red supporters there!

  12. Oh Jojo you are in for a great ride. There is nothing better than this...and a girl...just think of the tea parties you can have with her!

  13. A baby girl...yeah! I had two of em'. And lily is a beautiful name.
    Take care and behave...lol



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