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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting my Fall on...

...all photos are out of order, thankyouverymuchblogger. 
My hubs was out in the yard today and nice guy that he is, he harvested all the hydrangea for me.  I lost two of my bushes last winter so I only have two left...the blues were gorgeous.
The purple/pink ones were not as vibrant as in years past and with the exception of one they already look a little worse for wear.
somewhere in there is a white blossom that was all alone on a plant that had only one stem on it.  I think I like the white ones best but I have never had luck drying them.    For me the blues dry the best but we shall see what happens this crazy year.

I have them in vases with about an inch of water in the bottom, I just let the water evaporate and after that is done the plants are well on their way to drying on their own.

Have you started your Fall decorating yet? or
are you a procrastinator like me!
Happy Monday


isn't the reflection of the light in the den extra special??!   gah.


  1. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. Mine burned up from all the hot, dry weather this year. I hope they come back out next year. Thank you for sharing these beauties. I have done any decorating as yet. Hugs

  2. Stunning! Those are gorgeous colors.

    I wanted some hydrangeas in my yard, planted 3 tiny bushes and they already look like they aren't going to make it. I hope the winter doesn't do them in.

  3. I bet the smell is wonderful!!! I love hydrangeas, but do not have any. I did down south. I have so much I need to do before my hand surgery friday but not sure it will get done. My grandbaby that is due up where you are will be born Oct7th. We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet. They have a boy and a girl, so doesn't really matter, as long as Stephani is healthy and the baby is also.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. I'm very jealous of your Hydrangeas. I've been trying to grow them for years but to no avail.
    Yours are stunning!! Yes...Fall is finally here but of course, the weather here has been in the 100's...Murphy's law...right?

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. The hydrangeas are fantastic, I love those flowers, they put on such a show, but I have never had luck with them and now I do only container gardening and something tells me if I couldn't grow them in a yard I wouldn't be able to grow them in a pot either.
    Yes, I have done some fall decorating ( hahahaha) I got out my Halloween pot holders and my plastic pumpkin, and my hanging cross stitch Boo! sign for the door. Have a great week jojo, good thoughts coming your way.

  6. I love Hydrangeas! Yours are beautiful! I never thought about drying them for later enjoyment! I think I will plant some next year....they have such a happy flower! Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. I just planted a hydrangea this year, and I can't wait to see what I have next year at this time!

  8. They look so lovely in the blue vase. I have hydrangeas but they didn't bloom this year so I am glad to enjoy yours.

  9. Girl my next biggest project is going to be to dress myself! love the hydrangeas. What did blogger do to the photo thing? it is a mess.

  10. Those are great Jojo! I have a bunch drying now...I turn them upside down and hang them for a while. Mine are a very boring colour .....light green. Must get some blue and red.

  11. I love hydrangeas & have managed to keep three going by having them in pots on the patio. They suffer even so during the horrendously punishing sumer in AZ & die back a lot in winter but come back in the very short spring!In Sydney they grow beautifully & luxuriously I miss that.
    Yours are gorgeous I am envious!

  12. Have you figured out the new photo editing yet? I have and it is really good once you sort it out.
    If you want a photo in a particular place... click on that space and then upload the photo... .it goes where you last left the cursor! And you can change it's size, positon on the page etc by clicking on the photo! Too easy.
    Sorry if you already figured all that out!
    I popped over from Karen Deborah's blog (Fresh Fixins).

  13. Oh and I totally LOVE hydrangeas... particularly the blue ones.


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