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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

flowers and lightning...

...a few weeks ago I decided to figure out what all the little icons are on my sweet little point and shoot camera.  Not that I have any problem with the pointing~shooting~picture  aspect, in fact, I love that it can be so simple to take a decent picture.  But, and there is always a but, I wanted to take better close-ups and after deciding that it wasn't the user but the equipment, I went on a search.

In all the information I found, the secret to a good close-up seemed to be directly related to the "flower" button.  Hmmm,  I searced high and low and the closest thing I could find was the "landscape" mode.  Really no help at all.  Then low and behold while sitting out on the deck playing with the settings I spied the elusive "flower" button.  Cool. 

Clearly, there is a learning curve!  Now if I can just figure out what the "lightning bolt" is for!


  1. Great shots of the flower. Glad you are getting some of those buttons figured out. I will be looking to see more great pictures. Keep enjoying your camera. Hugs

  2. wow. amazing shots. glad you are enjoying your camera, therefore we enjoy the result! win-win!

  3. Lightning bolt is your flash no? You click it for flash, no flash, red eye etc.... take a look and see. Your picture is beautiful! T

  4. What Tazzy said. I have had my camera for a couple of years, and still have to have the kids 'fix' it whenever they are around!

    Great pictures!

  5. I love it JoJo! Keep up the great work. On my little point and shoot the lightening bolt the flash.

  6. Okay, now you made me look at my camera. I found an "active child" button!!!! I am really excited! I just know how to zoom in and out ....

  7. Beautiful Jojo. I know what you mean...it took me awhile to find out that the bolt meant my flash.hehe I guess that is one of the reasons that they give us a manual.LOL!

  8. Beautiful flower photos, the flower icon is a macro setting, great for close-ups!

  9. JoJo, those are wonnnnnnnnderful...! You have a good eye.

    If you find out what the lightning bolt is, please let me know, because I have one too. :-)

  10. You honey are too funny.
    I have the same problem with everything new and it is old by the time I figure it out. lol
    Is the lightnenig bolt the flash..who knows..haha

  11. those are wonderful photos! keep up the good work :)

  12. Oh I so love my "flower" setting too! Those macro shots are superb! But I ALWAYS stay away from the "lightening bolt" (flash), it's so unforgiving and I find it makes everything look a little too stark! ~Lili

  13. You are doing great...love those photos!!

  14. I didn't know that either - thanks for the help. sandie

  15. i LOVE those shots!! beautiful!!

    I think the lightening bolt has something to do with your flash...

  16. YES! It is all in the flower button, Jo. And using NO flash.

    Thats all I do. Not to say my images are incredible. but, it works for me.

    VERY pretty flower pic you did!

    Have a lovely week!

    love, kelee

  17. Nice shots! I'm just learning, by trial and error, too. It's a lot of fun! La

  18. Don't you just love experimenting with new things when you find them??? I get such a kick out of "discovering", and it is amazing how you can get a whole new surge of creativity when you do! Lovely photos, dear heart.

    Hugs and love,

  19. Mauve blossom, totally beautiful, lightning bolt, maybe next time. Cheers,Jean


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