"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day of solitude...

I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other”

Rainer Maria Rilke

...today I enjoyed a self-imposed day of solitude.  Even though the hubs was home all day and that in itself flies in the face of solitude, I am blessed, that he wholly and fully understands my need to be alone with my thoughts.  My need to sort things out and to come to terms with my so-called life,  (remember that show) this incredibly difficult and confusing journey that I am on.
That is not to say that I am unhappy, or ungrateful, or unapologetic as all of those "un's" have entered my mind today.  It is to say that yesterday's post was more about cleaning house than anything else.
Yesterday, we went into town and spent a couple of hours at one of my favorite places:
I found a few things that I couldn't live without and will probably end up putting them in my sweet little Etsy shoppe before long.  (did you know I have an Etsy shoppe??  it's currently closed so that I can re-stock, but I will let you know when it's open again).
After we were done there we grabbed a coffee and went over to the Puyallup Valley Watershed area to take a little walk hike along the river.  It was a good thing that we kept moving as it was cool and breezy, about 50degrees.  Yeah, "F" is in the air, leaves are turning red and falling to the ground as are my hopes for an extended summer.  There was little flora and no fauna and we quite possibly came upon the last ripe blackberry of summer.  Didn't pick it though...it was about a 4ft drop into the river from where we were standing.
There really is no excuse, well um, except for the weather, to not get outside and get some exercise around here.  We are just a few miles from the watershed, there is a river walk in town, and across the street from me runs a 29mile rails to trails paved bike and walking trail.  I love to walk over there when the "F" comes as the scenery is so beautiful with the change of season.
There are signs everywhere that the Fair is coming soon but that is not the "F" that I am referring to.  It is Fall, undoubtedly my most favorite time of year but not yet, I just am not ready to give up on summer yet.  We waited so long here, until the end of July before we had a day over 70degrees, and since then we've only had four days over 85+, and now we are back to the 50's.  Do you know what that does to a vegetable garden and bedding plants??  I know, you've all had a horrendous summer so I won't deny you cooler temps but next year I will not be so generous!  Take care peeps and enjoy your solitude where ever you may find it.


  1. I can't believe it's almost here! A day of solitude would be a blessing. It's just so hard to do while working!!!!

  2. JoJo, we all go through times in our lives when we have to slow down and take stock of everything -- sort of like your Etsy shoppe. And this is the perfect time of year to do it. The beginning of fall is more like New Year's than New Year's don't you think? It is the true beginning.

    Let us know when your shoppe re-opens, too. :-)

  3. It was in the mid 90's again today, very humid and miserable. Last year we had a very cool summer, this year a very hot one. I am hoping it means a mild winter.

    Solitude is good my friend. I hope that you enjoyed it. I wish I would get some of your spirit!!! I need something for sure!!

    Can't wait to see your Etsy shop!!! let me know!!!


    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. I love days alone with my thoughts too Jojo. I had one of those yesterday when i drove the sixty miles to get our groceries. i love it being just me in the car singing at the top of my lungs to the radio. Can you believe I got rear-ended though?! That was a bummer,but I had no damage to my truck though (had to bring home a new mattress),because I had the horse trailer hitch still on the back, but it did a number to her car.
    Our Summer was a lot like yours in my part of Idaho. Actually no Summer to speak of, just Spring and Fall. I still got in a lot of sun though, but just not a lot of heat to it. LOL!

  5. Living alone as I do, one would think I'm living in solitude. Not the case. My mind is always going like a hamster in a cage.

    I'm glad you took the time you needed and it's a lesson for all of us. In this day and age, it's almost essential!

  6. I OFTEN SCHEDULE IN A self imposed day of rest now and again! it is the only thing that keeps me from falling flat on my face sometimes!

    well that and creating!

    I didn't know you had an Etsy shop!

    ciao bella



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