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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, July 9, 2010

He's my P.I....

...recently our cable company added some stations so we'll think we are getting something for our money to enhance our viewing pleasure.  One of these stations is RTV, RetroTeleVision.  Retro it is...mostly shows from the 70's some earlier and a few from the 80's.  I don't know at what point something becomes retro, or vintage, or just plain old and useless, nevertheless, one of my old favorites is on.  The Rockford Files.  I.loved.that.show. 

For me, it has been like stepping into a time machine.  It is quite interesting to see how much the actors/actresses have changed over the last 30, omg, 40years.  But the styles, the decor, the hair~~all take me back to a very strange time. 

*the cars...huge, gas-eating-polluting-machines.  There is a car chase in every episode.
*polyester...no explanation needed.
*orange, green, yellow...everywhere.
*plaid...drapes and bedspreads (not necessarily matching), jackets, pants, skirts, walls, plaid, plaid, plaid.
*shag carpet, usually a combination of the orange, green, yellow.
*pay toilets...I would gladly give a quarter to use a restroom that is clean, heck, I'd pay anything to never see some of the things I have seen recently in public restrooms.   but I digress...

micro-mini skirts, platform shoes, giant flowers on everything that isn't covered in plaid.  And the music, oh don't get me started on disco.   Oh, it's been a trip, and you can find me right in front of the t.v. every nite at 9pm watching my favorite private investigator, solving crime, getting beat up every episode, car chases...and that smile.  I think I have had a little crush.  So who's your favorite P.I.?

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  1. That's fun. When we moved into this house 17 years ago it had brown shag carpet through out, including the kitchen and psychedelic orange and green daisy wall paper on all 4 walls in the dinning room...lol

    My favorite P.I...hmmm. Magnum P.I..can you say SEXY (wolf whistle)
    and I think Tom Selleck is still sexy.


  2. Oh, Rockford...LOVED that show. Lately Bewitched, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke are my faves. It is so amazing how things change, yet many of the styles are trendy again. And some...what were we THINKING?? (: All the patterns and colors could make you dizzy if you didn't prepare yourself (:

    It's so funny how the decor can bring back memories and feelings of years gone by...Rockford Files reminds me of the beach (:

    By the way...thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I'm so glad I found yours and look forward to coming back often to read future posts (:


  3. I loved the Rockford Files!!!!
    But those green and gold toilets not so much!
    Happy Friday JoJo and thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  4. Magnum--Tom Selleck in short shorts.

  5. I like The Rockford Files but my favorite PI show of all time would have to be Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck has a new TV show coming up this fall, I can hardly wait to see if it will hold a candle to his Magnum P.I. I really like him.

    We hat Retro TV and my hubby watches that channel a lot. Hugs

  6. Oh my goodness that was a fun read! I always liked Mannix and McCloud and Columbo and even Baretta because he had the parrot. (So are you trying to tell me you don't like spiders or something?) LOL! ~Lili

  7. That's so funny that you mentioned this...I have recently been watching Barney Miller. For that hour you are back in that time and all today's worries fall away.

    Rockford was good but
    remember him in Murphy's Law? Still hunky even at that age!


  8. Oh he is one of my favorites too..I knew we had the same taste.
    Thanks honey for coming by and wishing me well.
    I read all those great encouraging comments and prayers and got up this morning and decided no more feeling sorry for myself. If the news is bad then I have to be a fighter like before. But now instead of Warden Henderson I have you all.
    Wish we lived closer.
    Loved reading this post. I wish I got that channel. Of course I could have it and not know it.

  9. what a great read..and a great blog....Happy Friday

  10. i loved that show, too. I also liked one with Susan St. James and Rock Hudson in McMillan & Wife. I haven't seen any of those re-runs in a long time.

  11. Don't you love it when cable companies add stations just for a brief time in an effort to lure us in?? UGH! I have never been much of a fan of the PI type shows. Boring, I know.

    Hi, I'm stopping by from Java's 'Follow Friday 40 & Over'. I wanted to say hello and share some comment lo♥e.

    I just became your newest Follower and I would be really honored if you would take a few minutes to check out my blog and follow me, too, if you like what you see.

    In the meantime, I hope you have a really wonderful weekend!


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  12. Another thing we ahve in common Jojo. I loved the Rockford Files! I'm on kind of a nostalgia kick right now too. I just watched Anne of Green Gables today when I should have been cleaning house.
    Peonies are so easy to grow. No pests bother them. But they have to have a cold Winter to thrive.
    Enjoy the reruns!!!

  13. Rockford was definitely my favorite. James Garner is gorgeous!

    Not long ago there was a show on TV called "Life on Mars". It was a take-off of a detective show set in the 1970s. They recreated the 1970s perfectly, and I was amazed at the details. And yes, things have changed -- a lot. :-)


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