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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping promises...

...the rumors have been flying for  months, years really.  "They," (and by the way, who are they and how do they know so much?) said that we are getting a Kohls.  Wow.  Right here in my little burb, my neck of the woods, my spot on the map--Kohls.

We have the usual big names around here: both a Home Depot and Lowes, a Safeway and Kroegers, a Rite-aid and, and, well...another Rite-aid, movie theatres, drive-thrus, thrift store,  a Target and Walmart, but a Kohls...this is BIG news.   AND, they are going to build it right over there...at the crest of the hill right across the street from the other big stores.  Ah,  yes...Kohls.

The first time I went to Kohls was in Tucson.  I was there visiting my college-bound daughter and we had spent a day shopping for apartment necessities.   And there it was, across the parking lot, a store that I had never heard of nor set eyes upon.  "Oh, mom, c'mon let's go...you.will.love.it!" said my beautiful girl.  Of course I had to trust her and by golly, she was right.  I did love it and the prices and they even had sizes that fit me and were stylish and pretty and their clearance stuff was great, especially the housewares and oh, my, gosh, I was in love.

We are getting a Kohls...woo-hoo, alert the media!

Days passed and progress was slow, weeks passed and progress was slow.  Maybe it will be open for back-to-school, maybe the holidays, maybe...and progress was slow.  But we waited patiently and held our collective breaths because our burb was getting a Kohls!

 As the building started taking shape I began to have doubts.  Isn't this a strange place to build a new departments store, I mean, the entry way is on the wrong side and there is a gas station on the other side of the parking lot.  And isn't that the oddest shape...for a department store anyways.  It didn't seem right, why would they put it on the edge of town? Away from the freeway and the main streets, and why wasn't there a sign announcing this wonderful new store....there was just something that caused me to have an uneasy feeling.  

Last week the parking stripes went on and the sign went up announcing the grand opening.  Oh, there were flags and balloons and colorful advertisements.  All through the town you could hear the cries of dispair.  Everywhere was the look of disappointment and defeat...you could hear the whispered echoes "we're getting a Kohls," and the wind cry at night..."no you're not."  And the wind was right...

*disclaimer,  I have nothing against Winco, in fact, I have never been to one but I understand they are a discount food store.  My disappointment is in NOT getting a Kohls...that's all...I wanted some new clothes.   thankyouverymuch.


  1. Oh you poor thing...what a let down.
    I like Kohls accessories...like picture frames and bathroom rugs.
    Well...go visit your daughter and do some shopping...you deserve it.


  2. We just went through the same thing! A new Kohls was coming. The parking lot was paved and the sign up. And then? NOTHING. Two years later it's still a beautifully paved parking lot with no more Kohls sign :(

  3. I want a Kohls too, and I was so ready to be jealous of you. We haven't even had any winds of any rumors. We have a Wal-mart, and I'm glad we have that, but, oh, a Kohls!

    We did have a Stage, which is a lot like Kohls, but the owner closed all the stores north of Dodge City. Our store always beat the budget, but he wouldn't budge. sigh...):

  4. Hi Joanne:
    Strange there are Kohl's all over Los Angeles and Long Beach and I never go to them : )
    Now, I hear, from a friend who lives in San Bernardino that the Win Co. Food stores have a great variety and I do not have one around me so I jealous : )
    Any market that I can save a dollar is my favorite : )
    It has been a long time since I have come by and said hi so here I am : )
    I am drinking a big cup of Hazelnut coffee, can you smell the aroma wafting it's way to you?

  5. Oh, I am so sorry that you did not get a Kohls. That had to be such a let down for you. I have only been to Kohls one time and could not find what I was looking for and never went back. I have family members who love to shop there. Hugs

  6. When my daughter needs that "just right" clothes item we go to Kohls! So I understand your disappointment.

  7. I don't know about WinCo or Kohl's but it seems to me that Kohl's is a lot classier than WinCo.

    I remember getting excited the first time we got a WalMart here. I love WalMart. *heh*

  8. We have a Kohls but no Winco. :) First time visitor! Nice to meet you!

  9. maybe Kohls will read your post. Ain't that a bummer? Bet ya'll don't need another grocery store either.

    The good news is you'll have more money.

  10. Sorry for your disappointment! I have to drive at least 50 miles to get to a Kohls, only 23 to get to WalMart ............ but we have an Alco ...... a very small Alco.


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