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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who are you...who, who...who, who...

...it's Springtime and everything is budding and blooming, so I was thinking this would be a good time for a give-away. Are you game?

I saw this on another blog a few weeks ago and had the best time reading the answers.  After getting the o.k. and tweaking it just a bit to make it my own I thought I would see "who" y'all are.  I mean really, how well do you know yourself and how easy would it be to describe that to someone else?

First things first though.  There will be a lovely give-away but at this point in time I can't say what that will be, it all depends on who wins.  Contest is open until May 1st at 7pm at which time my personal number generator will choose a random winner.  You do not have to be a follower but if you'd like to add your name to the list that would be welcome.  There are no other rules...that's right...none.  Here we go:

O.K., there is a rule:  you MUST follow my lead and give your answers as in my example but using your own imagination.

Nickname:  Jojo
type of fruit you are: 
 very round, over-ripe pear.  (those   age spots are showing).
hair color: 
 strawberry blonde with streaks of white.  (again with the age thing.)
real age:  56
wish age/why:
 35~~I was healthy and in good shape.
color you would never wear:  yellow, don't ask.
favorite color: aqua
where are you in the birth order:
2nd of 4 children, eldest daughter.
Independent, creative, passionate, collector of all things, coffee-drinking, junk store junkie on the best ride of her life.

See, that was easy but I am sure you can all come up with some really creative answers...so c'mon...make me laugh!


  1. Nickname: Jojo
    Type of fruit you are: I can't pick one but I'll say it must be a tropical fruit
    Hair color: Gray with so much hair color!
    Real age: 53
    Wish age/why: 40 - I loved turning forty! I felt like I crossed a bridge headed for lots of great things.
    Color you would never wear: None, I love colors and have a little bit of all colors in my closet.
    Favorite color: In my house I love neutrals but I love light shades of blue for an accent.
    Where are you in the birth order:
    Middle child - number 3 of 5

  2. Nickname: Toots, but only by my hubs
    Type of fruit: Orange, sweet and juicy
    Hair color: White, naturally
    Real age: 67
    Wish age: 39, had a great family, great job, was thin and felt really good
    Color you would never wear: gold
    Favorite color: kelly green, but I wear a lot of black
    Where are you in birth order: 3rd, with the oldest dying before my twin and I were conceived. My twin is 18 minuets older.
    Other: Wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt....all the things a family is made up of!

  3. Nickname: none
    Type of fruit you are: Strawberry, round and juicy
    Hair color: Color enhanced gray
    Real age: 47
    Wish age/why: 37, I felt great and was in good shape, plus it's my favorite number
    Color you would never wear: Yellow
    Favorite color: The reddish/purpulish/pinkish/orangish color of sunrise/set.
    Where are you in the birth order: Oldest of two, but now I'm an only child.
    Other: Committed, reliable, loyal (gah I sound like a dog)... optimistic, book, music and movie lover, Mom

  4. fun idea!

    Nickname: Karkie

    type of fruit you are:
    I'm probably more of a fruit pudding

    hair color:
    No way of knowing at this point after 30 years of dying it every color possible

    real age: 52 in a week or so!

    wish age/why:
    I am looking forward to living to be over 100

    color you would never wear: I have to go with yellow too

    favorite color: rosy pink

    where are you in the birth order:
    3rd, the baby of the family

  5. Nickname: Sweetie/mommy/Mable ( from the kids at school that can't pronounce Ms. Able)
    type of fruit you are:
    I'd say shaped like a pear, but I like pears, and I like myself, so I'd have to go with apple
    hair color:
    Dirty blond
    real age: 38
    wish age/why:
    early 20s. My shape was curvy and I weighed a lot less than i do now!

    color you would never wear: chartreuse
    favorite color: dark blue
    where are you in the birth order:
    First and only child:)
    peach tea drinking talker, crocheter, gamer and ex belly dancer:)

  6. i am Peach/peaches depending on whom is addressing me... or Laura/ Laurie again depending on whom is addressing me.

    sorry cap loc gah.

    light brown red gray... me and miss clarol have one heck of a mess up there.

    42 is my age
    15/16 were really good years with a lot of stuff mixed in... but i would not change a thing because with out all that went into getting me to this place and this time... if things were different i would not be here and here is good!

    none... but i prefer nature tones

    green and blue are my most favorite colors

    ha ha in the birth order of things... I am first born and 4th born and I am an only child with 4 siblings... go work that one out if you dare... if not just ask i will splaine it all :)

    other... i wear many hats... daughter/ wife/ mom/ sister/ aunt/ grandma/ friend/ cook/ cleaner/ bitch/ nurse/ guardian/pet food supplier/ gardener wanna be... mostly am just me.

  7. Noe Noe.
    Dark something.
    53 I think!
    35 - I met the love of my life!
    I wear all colors too.
    Green is my favorite.
    # 2 of 5.
    Love the beach!

  8. Nickname: Debs, Deb, Mom, Nanny, Honey, Munchkin.

    Type of fruit: a very sweet fruit, as I also am having sugar highs! Probably, like a cherry.

    Hair color: me and my hair dresser knows, actually I don't even think we do, it's been so long, but when they shaved it for surgery, it came in a very salty and slight peppery color.

    Real age: 54

    Wish age: 42, major change in life happened that year. I also was very tiny.

    Color you would never wear: white, makes me look ever fatter!

    Favorite color: blues

    Where are you in birth order: 3rd, middle child.

    Other: I am a grandmother to 14, soon 15, I have 3 children, 3 stepchildren. I adore my hubby, and my 3 dogs, but hate my disability, but I am trying so hard to get better. I love all my new blog friends, and don't know what I would do without them.

  9. Nickname: Nonie
    Type of fruit you are: Cherry (I'm round and tart)
    Hair color: What day is it? I change frequently; my natural hair color is mousy brown with a little gray.
    Real age: 53
    Wish age/why: 35, My mid 30's were my prime; healthy, thin, on top of the world, getting things done!
    Color you would never wear: Yellow, that color makes me look all washed out and pale (well, yeah I am pale, but it makes me look moreso)
    Favorite color: I love all colors, but right NOW (it changes as my moods do) it is spicy chili pepper red.
    Where are you in the birth order:
    Second child, only girl, baby of the family.

  10. Nickname: bunny

    type of fruit you are: nectarine

    hair color: today...brown with lighter brown highlites

    real age: body 53..mind...21

    wish age/why:35...best sex with hubby ever
    color you would never wear: yellow it makes me look sallow.

    favorite color: any green

    where are you in the birth order:
    middle. eldest daughter

    happy, crafty, bratty, sarcastic and sleepy right now


  11. Nickname: Mini/Mini
    Type of fruit: A shapely banana
    Hair color: Natural red head that now streaks blond as it is fading into strawberry blonde
    Real age: Ancient
    Wish age/why:Right where I am at, all the learning is behind me of youth
    Color you would never wear: Pea green & dark greens ... felt like a Christmas tree with a red bulb (hair) on top
    Favorite color: pink & pretty Irish green
    Where are you in the birth order:
    Eldest of 5

  12. Ok I will play along but just because its you asking
    Nickname: Maggie
    Fruit: Peach because I am getting fuzz everywhere
    Hair color: white
    Real Age: 61 never dreamed I would tell it to the world
    Wish age: 28 my kids were still babies and I could redo that time with them
    fav color: Pink of course
    Never wear: none
    Birth order: Second child of five...all brothers
    Other: My life is an open book on my site....no secrets

  13. Nickname: Smelly Melly (don't ask)
    Fruit: strawberry...sweet, rosey, and full of juices and seeds!
    Hair: Brown with red highlights...natural...and some grey coming in that I refuse to conceal....hey, baby I earned all that wisdom!
    Age: 35
    Wish Age: 20 because I was sweet and innocent at that time, and I didn't have all that 'wisdom' on my head!

    Never wear colour: anything that's not black, brown, pink, tan, or teal.
    Favourite Colour: Being an artist, how can I not love colour! Anything can work, except on my person.....but I especially love pink and green colour combinations!
    Birth order: third of three...I'm the spoiled rotten baby 'only' girl of my Italian family! nee I say more?
    creative, energetic, witty, love laughter, romantic, artistic, poetic, crafty...
    autodidactic. hey, if you don't know what that means, then look it up already!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    ps..this was fun!
    pps...pick me!

    ppppps....you made me smile....

  14. Okay friend, here goes!

    Nickname: Deb

    Fruit: Hmmm. How about a Passion fruit!(in my husband's dreams;))

    Hair:Dark brown with lots of silver undertones.

    real age:47

    wish age: This is a tough one because there is so much good at every age. Maybe 39 because that was the last year before I became chronically ill, but otherwise, now is pretty good!

    Color I never wear: I will wear most any color if I like the style of the item.

    Favorite color: Pink

    Birth order:Oldest out of two. Now I am an only child:(

    Other:Loyal, creative, pack-rat(according to my hubby, but I have NO idea what he is talking about), beach dweller, animal lover, student of life!

  15. Nickname: Sam
    Type of fruit: apple
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde with WHITE wiry hairs showing up so I highlight and it all blends together.
    Real age: 49
    Wish Age: 32 Looked good and felt good.
    Colors: I wear just about every color...getting more daring in my old age and I look good in yellow.
    Favorite color: changes with the seasons but I am loving greens right now.
    Birth order: number 2 of six
    Other: Wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, love to create and share with others.


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