"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's **snap**

where I share a snapshot of my weekend, both literally and figuratively. 

...this is THE only photo I took all weekend.  It was taken out my kitchen window at sunset on Saturday.  That is my Magnolia tree, a tree that was given to me in memory of my mother.  Steel Magnolias...truer words were never spoken.

We had a very quiet weekend here.  Almost finished up with the kitchen, just a little accent and touch-up painting to do, then install a new faucet and viola!  The faucet is the only thing new in the room so with the can(s) of paint we were quite frugal with this update.  It's amazing what a nice clean coat of paint, a few recycled (from other rooms) accesories, and a new accent color can do for a room.  This living frugally thing might just catch on!

Every Sunday the hubs and I go out for a newspaper and a cup of coffe, sometimes a little goodie too.  This is something we have done for years, talking about the week ahead, the week behind us, vacation plans, etc.  It's always been a really nice thing to share especially when the kids were still at home.  Now, it's just nice to intentionally take the time to sit down together and focus.  Well, all that to say, he has been called into work the last few Sundays so I have basically lolligagged (what does that mean) around the house all day and pretty much accomplished nothing!  We did meet but it wasn't until 4pm...just not the same as sharing a morning coffee.

We had spectacular sunny weather on Saturday, temps. in the 60's and spring bustin' out all over.  Today it is December with temps. in the high 30's and windy.  I wonder how much longer we will all be experiencing such vast weather changes.

So tell me, how was your weekend?


  1. I really like the photo...very interesting. I would not have know what it was had you not said. I have lolligagged a lot in my time but have no idea what that means. LOL Hugs!

  2. Mine was okay...I mowed so much though I woke up with a headache this morning and called in which is something I never do...lol
    Now I am going back to bed to see if I can get rid of it and then I will either lolligagg or go to work..
    I know what you mean about having Sunday morning dates with the hubby. We use to do that on Saturday mornings and boy do I still miss them.

    If you want the lady's email address about my sponsered giveaway just email me and I will send it to you
    I just hope this is on the up and up ...hahaha

  3. My weekend was pretty interesting. We went to an auction on Sat, and I spent $1. There were some stamping supplies I was interested in, but they went for a bundle!

    On Sun, we went to SS and church, and then we were invited to the Pastor's for dinner. A nice time of visiting.

    Afternoon, a nap, and then watched the Amazing Race. That is so much fun. I watched a little of the Oscars, but who cares, really?

    I like the picture too!

  4. Sounds lovely. We had a nice weekend, too. Piddled around the yard both days, as it was mid 50's Saturday and low 60's Sunday. Let the chickies run the yard Sat. afternoon. Got a new bantam hen, as her mate (from my neighbor) had died. He gave us her pen, too, but she went in with the xtra silkie rooster. I'm sure he was lonely, as he was the only on by himself.

  5. It is going to be almost 70 here today! Yippee!
    No big plans this weekend...finished my mother's scrapbook! Another Yippee!

  6. Keith and I walk at the mall on Saturdays and then ruin the exercise by stopping at a bagel place afterward. He had to work on Saturday morning, so we did meet up until 3. Like you said, it just wasn't the same.

    When you finish your kitchen, you're coming to finish mine, aren't you???

  7. I love the word "lollygag", I have ever since I heard it in "Bull Durham". I think it means to mess around and get nothing accomplished. I lollygag, a LOT!

  8. Hey Jojo, I think you and hubs have the right idea...I think it's sweet that you have this 'ritual' and make the time to keep that connectin. Sometimes it just feel like hubs and I sharing the same house.lol
    My weekend...hummmm, definitely nothing too eventful. I think that's a good thing.

  9. I had a great weekend. I lolligagged too. Isn't that a wonderful word? It's one of those words that sounds like what it is.

  10. My "weekend" extended into Monday, so that alone qualifies it for the "wondermous" category! And my personal opinion is that people do not have nearly enough lollygagging time, and they should take every opportunity that they can to lollygag. It's good for the soul. :)

    I love your photo; I am particularly drawn to photos taken "through" tree branches. Can't put my finger on exactly why, but I just always like them.

  11. Your photo is great! My weekend was uneventful. But, ok.


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