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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, February 26, 2010

making milk glass...

...I love milk glass.  I want milk glass.  Knobby, bumpy, hobnaily, milky milk glass.  I search for it where ever I go.  Thrift stores, antique malls, consignment shoppes, the internet(s).  Some of it is easy to find, vases for instance are quite plentiful.  I have found that compotes are also fairly easy to spot.  Often though, anything worth having is well beyond my thrifting budget.  Enter the world of faux milk glass!

I was perusing the internet looking for some history and relavance to a certain type of milk glass.  There seem to be many different patterns on them and I was searching to find out why.  Different manufacturers?  Perhaps, but what I found that was so hysterical to me were the tutorials on how to make your own.

First off we have the "do it yourself milk glass using white paint."  (Of course, why would you use any other color?)
First you pour some of the paint on the inside and while holding the vase, cup, bowl, whatever you choose, roll it around so the paint covers the inside.  Then paint the outside.  You do this a number of times until you achieve the correct "whiteness."  Let dry for two weeks.  And viola...

The second tutorial I found was much more exciting and would give you the look of "real" milk glass at a fraction of the cost.  First you find a vase, cup, bowl, what ever you want to use.  Then you'll need a bag of split- peas.  Carefully glue the split-peas onto the object of desire.  This will achieve the popular hobnail look.  When finished, let dry, then cover with several coats of white paint.  Again, viola...

I hope to grow my collection a little at a time but keep in mind that a resourseful, frugal woman would simply create her own.

Have a good weekend...I'm off to paint...the rest of the kitchen.

photos courtesy of Google Images


  1. Me and milkglass! Together forever. I love it as well! Beautiful my friend~


  2. Hi Jojo,

    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Please visit me anytime!
    I love milkglass as well and have
    a milk glass bowl with the hobnail all over it, so cute!!
    Happy Friday and Happy painting too. Hugs, Susan

  3. Hi sweetie!
    First, thanks for joining in the HUGE vintage Yaya give-a-way! I love milk glass also, have been collecting it since I was a little girl (53 now). I have NEVER heard of someone re-creating milk glass and I got a HUGE kick out of making it look like the real thing using peas! very creative idea and thanks for sharing....xo...deb

  4. Are you kidding me?!!! I've never heard of such a thing. I love milk glass, but I will not stoop low enough to make my own. lol Now excuse me while I go make some split pea soup with my split peas.
    Huggies to you and goodnight Jojo,

  5. Wow! That's incredible. I love milk glass and I have a milk glass container in my bathroom with my Crabtree and Evelyn bath lotion in it. It belonged to my grandmother, and I look at it every day.

    I had no idea it was possible to make faux milk glass. I'm going to try it. Thanks!



  6. That do-it-youself stuff is hilarious! The last time I was at Value Village I took a stroll through the glass stuff and saw a few pieces of milk glass... I don't know how "nice" or valuable it was, but I thought of you!


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