"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling Dorothy Hamill...

...thirty- four years ago, this evening, I was due to give birth to my second son. It was a planned delivery, a c-section, due to my health complications and the stress that we had recently been through with the loss of our first son.  He was due to arrive at 5pm, shortly after the doctor had finished office hours for the day.

The chatter began early in the afternoon and began to grow.  First the patients, then the nurses and finally the doctors.  Would she or wouldn't she.  There was excitement in the air that had not been felt for many years.  Was it possible, could this really be happening?

Finally 5pm rolled around and I was ready to go to the operating room, all prepped  and anxious at the thought of meeting this new little son of mine.  He was much anticipated and it was hoped that he would bring some well sought peace and comfort into our lives.

Would she or wouldn't she?

The doctor was running late, wanted to get some dinner, take a little break and be at the ready so I was wheeled back to my room and rescheduled for 6pm.  We went back, waited and prayed for our boy, and waited some more.

The chatter grew.  As did the excitement, the anticipation...it was only minutes away.  Could she pull it off?

The nurses complained~~they didn't want to miss it.  The anesthesiologist exclaimed~~he didn't want to miss it!  When would it happen, what time?

Dorothy Hamill was about to skate for the GOLD.  Any minute now she would appear, smiling and bubbly, with that cute haircut that everyone envied at that time.  Not many of us could pull off that haircut and although I liked it I knew better than to try.   Waiting, waiting, and waiting...when would she skate?  No one wanted to miss this historic event.   

Finally, she hit the ice.  Cool, calm and ready for the time of her life~~~ she skated her little heart out~~~perfectly~~~GOLD.

As soon as she left the rink the nurses, who had been watching t.v. in my room, rushed me to the operating room.  It was 7pm and  eleven minutes later...my most beautiful son was born.  All 9lbs 15 1/2oz. of him.  Five weeks early.  Our little man.

Dorothy may have won the GOLD that day but I have no doubt that we won the PRIZE.  Happy Birthday beautiful boy.



    I love this. Sniff Sniff Sniff.

    Happy Birthday to your beloved son.


  2. Jojo, what a handsome guy your boy is! I love reading these things about you. I'm not sure I would have liked being in second place to Dorothy if I had been waiting months for this.
    He was a big boy for being early. I wonder what he'd have been at full term?!

  3. A wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. Your "prize" is just several months younger than my oldest. Your part about Dorothy Hamill made me smile! My daughter DID wear the Dorothy Hamill hair and wore it well!! Again, I loves your way with words! You have begun my day with a SMILE, just as I said I would begin to do each day! THANKS! Have a wonderful day and I hope there is a celebration for this day in your home! Happy Birthday to your "prize". He was a BIG boy!!! Wow!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! Happy Birthday to your boy!

    What a neat post!

  5. G'morn, Jojo ~ What a wonderful story with TWO happy endings. Happy birthday to your precious son. He was a big fella!

    Hugs, Marydon

  6. Great memory ~ Its my little Roro's bday today (2/18) but she is only 2 ~ I don't remember what was going on in the Olympics ~ too frantic. Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    p.s I had that haircut and could NOT pull it off!!!

  7. We never forget any of the details of the births of our children, do we? Happy Birthday to your son!

  8. How sweet! What a wonderful memory.

  9. My oldest is also 34, except she was born in August 1975. This was a beautiful post. I love it, made me all sappy...LOL..

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  10. JoJo Excellent birthday post, beautiful analogies, I'm very proud of both of you. Here we are watching the Olympics 34 years later. Love Scott

  11. How sweet JoJo! Your son is really a cutie. I love the way you wrote this.
    Hope your doing good. Appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Christi.
    Will keep you posted

  12. I will be 34 in June. And as sweet as that story is, I'd choke my mom if she posted about me like that!

  13. OMgosh he was a 10 pounder[short a half ounce!] My twins didn't weigh more than that together.
    Whew no wonder you needed a Caesarean!
    Happy b'day to your big boy!

  14. Such a sweet post! And a great diversion for me. Thanks for the great reading.

  15. Great post and Happy Birthday to your boy.

  16. Awwww. Yes you did win the prize!! I love Dorothy Hamill's haircut too, but my hair could never have looked like that.

  17. I remember watching the olympics seeing her win the gold!
    I would definitely say you took home a prize, too though.

  18. JoJo, what a great post!
    Happy Birthday to your son.


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