"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, January 8, 2010

For the love of...

...thrift stores!  I must admit that in the past I have not been a fan of thrift stores.  My memories of them being smelly, dusty, stinky, dirty, allergy inducing, moldy, garbage like.

When my children were growing up there were a few consignment stores in our area and I would find some great things there for all of us, and make a few dollars by re-selling back to them.  But we didn't go to thrift stores.  Didn't go when I was growing up either...probably for the same reason.

In our town we have an antique mall.  You know the kind of place, where different vendors set up their booths and sell all kinds of wonderful finds.  My husband and I would go once or twice a year, usually during a time when the town was having some sort of celebration.  We'd be walking down the sidewalk and "remember" the antique mall, head in there, find a few things, and leave wondering why we never come here!  But we didn't go to thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales...we just didn't.

I would go into Bargain World occasionally looking for scrub tops or table linens (my lifelong passion) but that was about it.  I never really ventured to other parts of the store knowing that I had already too much stuff and not really interested in starting  another collection.

About a year ago I started reading different blogs...DIY, home-improvement, decorating, and gardening blogs.  What I discovered from all of you is a passion for all things old, chippy, rusty, painted vintage.  I started checking out the thrift stores in our area...Goodwill and Value Village...and found the most amazing thing.  They don't smell!  I don't want to scratch my eyes out, shower, or vomit after being in there for more that five minutes.

I rekindled my love for vintage table linens and have added to my one piece of milk glass.  I now have several pieces, but they are hard to come by.  I've ventured into different areas of the store and found wonderful sewing notions, ribbons, lace and craft items (rubber stamps).  I've found several pocket vases and I just adore them.  And a few weeks ago I found two shirts...and if you know me then you know that is trouble!!  The hubs even found a complete set of golf clubs, name brand, for $35. Now that is a steal.

I get a sense of excitement when we head over there since it is always a treasure hunt of sorts but I have learned not to go too often.  Once a month seems to fit the bill for me...and keeps my pocket book in check.  And since this is the year of purging at our house I have to be careful not to get carried away. I will be selling some of these treasures in my  Etsy shop as soon as I get organized but I get the priviledge of enjoying them until then.  AND I get the priviledge of seeing your blogs and checking out all the wonderful ideas you have and projects you are working on.  Transformation...it's a good thing!


  1. I so can relate to what you wrote about going to thrift stores years ago verses now. It is totally a different experience than in the past. The fun part like you mentioned is you never know what you will end up buying.
    Just wanted to say hello while I have access to a computer which will end tomorrow. lol
    Take care
    U are not alone I never knew what bytes were either

  2. Hi Jojo,

    I do love going to flea markets, antique shops and other types of second-hand shops but many times I end up with things that I don't have a place for, or that end up in my own yard sale. This is my year to purge as well so this will be the year to look but not buy.

    It is fun to see the treasures other bloggers find and see what they do with some of these great finds!

    We are still frozen down here in the south (today is 13 degrees with wind chill making it zero)! My latest hobby is just trying to stay warm!!!

  3. This is my year of purging too!
    But I have found some bargains in my day!

  4. fun stuff and totally true problem i have with purging here... is that everythign i have pretty much is full of senimental value as it came from this one or that one or was made by... ect... anyway we still have the dusty dingy allergen laden places here... :)

  5. I love thrift stores, especially Value Village! I probably go about once a month, or more, if I'm looking for something specific. But I just love walking in not looking for anything in particular and finding some special treasure, whether it's a book, folding chair, candle holder or a great pair of jeans!

    I did a big purge a number of years ago and it felt so good that I do it every year. I feel like I give back to Value Village the same amount I buy, that is a good trade!

  6. Hi Jojo,
    I used to hate thrift stores too for all the reasons you mentioned. They seem to have evolved a little or I've just become more tolerantt of them. I love going and finding great things and great bargains. Some of my favorite things are from thrift stores. Someday I think I'll do a post on just thrift store finds. I just went to a SA the other day while I was enjoying my 'sanity day'. I haven't gone in there for a few years, but I found some great stuff.
    hugs, hugs, and more hugs!

  7. If you go in forcused and can get past the clutter it's a wonderful experience.
    It makes me feel so good to find things that I can reuse or alter and make them useful again.
    It's also a place I can spend hours in and not spend a lot of money..., and you never now what you're going to find.
    "Focus, focus, focus." I always have to say this when I first walk in or I can get into BIG trouble.

  8. JoJo, you have given me a great idea. We have a huge flea market not far from where I live, and on Sundays people set up their booths and have all kinds of wonderful things there. I haven't checked it out for a while, so tomorrow I'm going to take a walk over. I'll tell him JoJo sent me. :-)

  9. I relate! I did not ever go until a couple of years ago. I will say the treasures are still hard to come by in my small town, but every once in awhile JACKPOT! I think what I like about it is the hunt itself, when you reach a certain age you don't need anything...So shopping and not buying is fine! And the thrill of the purchase when you do in fact buy. I just wish I could have found this while my grandma was alive, she loved going and I never once went with her...

  10. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I finally got back to my blog and it's good to be back. Happy New Year!

  11. Shopping to resell is a great idea. I see small shop vendors in our thrift stores. You really can find amazing deals. I laughed at your not sneezing and no vomit. You funny thing!
    and that you are out and about says a LOT!!


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