"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"another fresh new year is here...
another year to live!
to banish worry, doubt, and fear,
to love, and laugh, and give!
this bright new year is given me
to live each day with zest...
to daily grow and try to be
my highest and my best!
I have the opportunity
once more to right some wrongs,
to pray for peace, to plant a tree,
and sing more joyful songs."

william arthur ward

...amist a flurry of unexpected, particularly annoying unusual circumstances we were unable to 'celebrate' Christmas together, as a family, unitl Monday evening.   While it was well worth waiting  for to spend the day/evening with our children and their spouses it just did not hold the same Christmas Eve/Christmas morning excitement.  I've always been the one to say it doesn't matter what day we choose as long as we are together and in the past that was true.  This year, however, it was odd.  I think it's that we have always celebrated before the actual day so everyone was still wearing their Christmas cheer and anticipation.  Waiting until after just didn't feel as festive.  Everyone else having already packed up their decorations, lights, gifts etc., and getting ready to celebrate the New Year.

I am pleased to see that so many of you have had a wonderful Christmas with your families, celebrated with much love, food and gifts (whatever they may be).  Ours was tempered this year with yet another loss in our areas Police Department.  Six officers in six weeks has taken a heavy toll on our surrounding communities.  The sadness runs deep and the anger deeper.  I pray the New Year will keep us all safe.

I am excited for the New Year and to see what you all have planned to keep me entertained and motivated!  I am so grateful that you have come into my life in such a wonderful and generous  way.  Your kind hearts and warm-spirits are a balm to my spirit and a Blessing to my soul.  Happy New Year friends!

what are your New Year's Eve plans?  Resolutions?


  1. It has been so sad for your part of the country, and for the country as a whole. I am so glad we have the assurance that our Lord is still in control.

    I was planning on sleeping the New Year in, but my brother and his wife are here, so we may stay up until around 10 anyway! LOL!

    I'm so glad we became acquainted through our blogs. Have a safe and happy day, and a prosperous New Year! 2010 has to be better than 2009!

  2. My daughter and I were talking about how it never really "felt" like Christmas this year. We did all the same things, but it just felt different.

    We just happened to be coming home from shopping yesterday and traveling over I5 there were police and fire trucks with lights flashing. The procession for the latest fallen officer was happening. It was heartbreaking.

  3. Have a beautiful & blessed New Year.

    I will be in & out of communication for the next couple of weeks.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Our area has been hit hard with police tragedy also. It seems like more this year than ever. We are in Pittsburgh. It seems as though the entire world has become insensitive to violence, and we have our share in our backyards.
    Our new years eve will be spent most likely at home, quietly.
    I agree with a previous post that this year feels different.

  5. Thank you for the sweet things that you said in your last paragraph. We, as a community of Blogging friends, all seem to enjoy each others company and support each others efforts in such a wonderful way. It's so nice to have someone actually say this and encourage us to continue what we do.
    I will say a prayer for the policeman that have died in your community. There must be a very special feeling in the hearts of your town folk for these brave men. It's a tragic loss.
    I hope that the New Year brings you and your family, good health and many blessings. We all pray that next year will be better.

  6. JoJo
    Wanted to stop by tonight and wish you a very Happy New Year and to thank you for always leaving me such great comments.
    I too celebrated like you the day after Christmas with my son and his family. Not the same at all. This year as far as family goes has been very hard due to my DL and her ways. Plus Kaci being diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes has such sunk me into dispare. (is that a word)
    Also our hearts are still hurting for all the senseless killings of our fellow officers. 2009 has not been a good year for law enforcement tooooo many senseless acts such as the one in your city.
    We also appreciate you JoJo and enjoy your site very much. I know I speak for myself as well as others. Wish we lived closer but not to be.
    take care my friend and 2010 will be a better year because we all have each other
    Happy New Year

  7. Hi Jojo, I'm bringing out the same list of resolutions I've failed at for the past 10 years. lol
    As far as celebrating goes, Landon and I will be going to bed at our regular time and Dale will be out dodging drunk drivers.Whoo Hoo!!!
    Wishing you the best the new year has to offer.
    hugs, hugs and more hugs

  8. I may set the clock to wake me up to see the ball drop in Times Square.
    I am so glad you are on my blogging buddy list JoJo.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Joanne!

    I do know what you mean...somehow waiting til after ....it loses something. We did that for part of ours too because of the snowstorm.

    The blessing is that sometimes we don't know how important things are until we change them--then by comparison we see a truth.

    Thank-you for sharing your intentions and I think you will make a wonderful chair!

    Happy New Year!

    love, kelee

  10. JoJo my friend
    I could not let this evening end without wishing you a very Happy New Year.
    Thanks for the sweet comments about my house. I felt funny putting these pictures out there but I knew everyone was curious about the farm house.
    Yes we do have a lot in common. I love my lady headvases. Started collecting them years ago when they were cheap. Could not buy them now. lol
    Hope your new year is filled with lots of happiness.

  11. Jojo,
    I want to wish you and your sweet family, a very Happy 2010. David and I have very bad colds, so we are laying around, taking it easy. David had to call off work tonight, as he feels so bad, and he never calls off, even with his COPD. As I look back at 2009, I am grateful for your love and friendship. As I look into 2010, I hope our friendship grows and we both have a healthy and good year. We didn't even celebrate Christmas this year hardly, as David worked until 10pm on Christmas Eve, and it was just him and I Christmas. We didn't even have 1 present to open.LOL.
    I love you and glad that you came into my life!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  12. Howdy
    Blessings of joy to you sweetie.
    May your cup over flow daily in the coming New Year .
    May you have more than enough to do all the kindnesses for others that your heart desires.
    Big Hugs
    Happy Trails

  13. Hi JoJo:
    Everyone is sad about the crazies killing our law enforcement officers like they have been doing!!! My Uncle was a Highway Patrolman when I was little and we all looked up to him.
    Happy New Year to you!!!
    I ended up celebrating Christmas in total disarray to. It is hard with my daughter's all in different cities : (
    Be well and enjoy.
    peace to you
    No more fudge; i think I gained 5 pounds yet it was worth it : )

  14. Hello Sweet Friend,


    We celebrate Christmas for 12 days (at least); but truthfully the 24th does have a special glitter and heart element as we sing Happy birthday to the Savior and gather round the table for a feast. All the other days are wonderful, too -- but I can see how the glow may have faded by Monday.

    Here's to hoping for something special and wonderfully new in the New Year.

    You are a precious gift and I love coming to visit you or seeing your comments in my box. The blogworld just may be the key to a peaceful play here on earth.

    As for resolutions . . . to let my light shine brightly without clouding it up by judgments regarding others and their lights. In other words: Love freely without judgment. (I know this will be oodles harder to practice than I can imagine, so I'll be on my knees A LOT in the coming year -- a good place to be.) : D

    Happy New Year, Dear One. XO!

  15. Happy, happy New Year, JoJo, to your and your family.
    Sorry for the sadness in your community....

  16. Oh JoJo... I'm sorry to hear about the losses in your area!

    I hope y'all have a blessed New Year!

    This was kind of a "weird" Christmas...

  17. i'm so sorry about the law enforcement in your area. They do so much to protect us, I always wish that there was more that we could do to ensure their safety.

    Had a nice quiet NYE. went to sleep at 9, right after the ball dropped in New York. I've become my mother. I've made my first resolution in years, and that will be to walk everyday. Today was day one, and i did it!

    I wish you a very wonderful 2010.

  18. Happy New Year Jojo!

    Our community lost an officer shortly before Christmas. ONE loss was felt hard here. I cannot imagine six. :(


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