"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm my own follower...a.k.a...Tuesdays' tids...

...wow, look at all the ... I used there!  Here is a, it's still Tuesday (somewhere), tids post, and trust me, this is SO random you'll ask me to change my name!

*try as hard as I might, I can not stop the rapid progression of days leading up to Christmas.  I tried, I asked, I begged, but NOOOOpe.

*now that I have accepted the fact, I am throwing myself completely into the festiveness, getting out the decorations, pleading with my husband to go up to the attic, cleaning, purging the overflow...you get the idea.

*I noticed that my follower count is up and immediately got all excited and  on my high-horse.  I decided to look and see who's new...me, I'm new.  How did I become my own follower...twice!  

*what does that say about me?  (something rather tragic I would think)

*I cannot think straight due to my tryptophan induced coma, which I just read has nothing to do with turkey but with the amount of carbs consumed.

*what does that say about me if I'm still sleepy...FIVE days later? (mmmmm, pie)

*the hubs fixed the staple gun last week so now it doesn't work, thus, no $5 chair.  I am going to Michaels tomorrow for a new one.  Does anyone really care about the $5 chair anymore?

*questions, questions, I'm full of questions, but, I'll leave you with this one:  Still on the color kick...what is your favorite color to use in holiday decorating?  I am loving the new aqua/silver combo that I've been seeing everywhere.  (everywhere being Target)


  1. green blue and silver make me smile

  2. Can't go wrong with red and silver, or red and gold, or blue and silver, etc.

    A $5 chair? Is it worth writing about?

    My tree is down already. We had Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. "Rapid progression" is right!!

    I can't wait to hear about the $5 chair and see how you transformed it.

    Red, gold and green... I'm pretty much a traditionalist!

  4. Jojo I sure do love Tues. tids. You made me laugh with the hubs fixing the staple gun one. Yep, I know what you mean about the time just getting away. Yikes. I'm getting nervous, there are still so many things I love to do during the season.

  5. I like all the colors. ALL OF THEM!!!

    23 days to go does seem nuts.

    I have cut out carbs completely since Monday.

    I'm starving.

    Hallie :)

  6. Red, gold and silver are my favorites colors for the season.
    Yes, it's coming with "warp speed".
    Just let it happen, my dear. Don't get too distressed.

  7. Hehe.... We just yesterday finished off our pie. Thank goodness, I shudder to get on the scale.. not I.

    The chair, stilllll waiting. Will continue to wait. No hurries no worries. Take pics when you can.

    My hubs fixes things too! And then off to Menard's we go to get stuff to fix the fixed things.

    I like the traditional silver & gold, touches of red with some shabby chic stuff mixed in. :-0)


  8. First of all, I can't get over the beautiful header and background on your blog. Wow!!!

  9. I like your lovely Christmas decorating on your blog!
    I like the "all one colour" theme people have going this year....with all different shades and textures. It looks so zen or something:)
    I just can't believe it is December!!

  10. sleepy 5 days later? check your sugar.

    love your new festive bloggey look.
    We can be our own follower? OOOH wait till you see how my bog is gonna grow! whhhhaaaahooooooo!


    are you random?

    I follow your thoughts without a hitch. Humm so what's that say about me?

    your chair? your asking me? help!
    you can do it.

  11. Hi Joann! Come see the aqua silver combo at my place!:)

    love, kelee

  12. My favorite is copper color. Mixed with burgundy, gold and cream it is lovely.


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