"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's tids...

...this will be short and sweet today.

You know the whole "riding in car with my fav guy" scenario?  Well, it didn't happen...so much for making plans.

I did ride in the car with my fav guy, coffee in hand, no camera...but it was only to the grocery store.

The 'Frankentoe' is healing well although the hubs is completly appalled by it.  Don't look...geez.

I love looking at hands, I think they tell a lot about a person.  My mother had 'working' hands.  They were big for a woman and had obviously seen hard work in her day.  My daughter has beautiful hands.  Very feminine with slender fingers made for jewelry, and strong nails that don't chip or peel.  I just looked down at my hands and thought...'where did I get these old woman hands from?'

I found a little cutie at the thrift store today that I can't wait to share with you, tomorrow!

And finally...does any one really use that 'rack' that comes with your microwave?

inquiring minds want to know,
mama pajama 


  1. I have big workng hands too!
    That microwave rack never made sense to me. And no I never have used it!
    Cant wait to see the treasure you found JoJo!

  2. Hey, I got gyped! I didn't get any rack with my microwave.
    I have the same hands you do. ;-(

  3. Now that was random! HA! What rack? Nope never used it, actually didn't get one. Hands? Old hands? Don't look! GAH

  4. Hey Jojo,
    Have you been to Rebecca's today AGP? You've got to go look at her hands. She is signing the bottom of a piece of her artwork and even took a picture of her hand. It is honestly the prettiest hand and I thought 'That's what I get for gardening' I have really old-woman hands (don't mean to hurt any old women's feeling here)I'm not showing mine to anyone that doesn't already have to be subjected to them.
    I love your Tuesday tids!

  5. I inherited my great-grandma's hands AND I LOVE THEM! They've done so much despite being small(size 4-1/2 ring). Gardens, dough, babies, and holding hands with my true love . . . these hands have served me well, despite being less-than-gorgeous. They're keepers -- though I'm secretly delighted that my daughters all inherited their beautiful hands from some other family gene. Their hands are GORGEOUS and just right for playing the harp or piano, but they do a fine job feeding the chicks and washing dishes, too.

    My microwave is also a convection oven, so I do use my rack at times. But, I have to ask . . . does anyone use all those doo-hickeys that came in the dishwasher? I tore out all those plastic oddities and opened up for MORE DISHES!

    I love you tid bits and random pathways through the mind. I'm so at home here. ; D

  6. Hi JoJo, the rack that came with my microwave is somewhere..no clue where..nope don't use it..what a waste...don't even know why I would use it.

    My hands used to be more slender, mom always said i had 'piano player hands'. Never played the piano, lol. I see some age spots now:(

  7. LOL, my microwave didn't come with a rack, so no, I don't use it.

    I also look at people's hands. Dad had work-worn hands from all the years he did manual physical labour, like digging ditches and shoveling coal. I had nice hands when I was younger, but they are wrinkled now and are starting to get age spots.

    Enjoyed your random post. Enjoy your day.


  8. Wait, microwaves are supposed to come with racks? Can't wait to see the thrift find. I love thrifting. My hands usually are covered with paint, paper cuts and embroidery needle jabs. And no, thimbles to not help. I hate thimbles.

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