"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, October 15, 2009

True confession Thursday...

...I was going to start a new meme today but thought I should clean up some loose ends first.  I will be trying a new "True Confession Thursday" soon and hope you will join in.  It could be very interesting!

Day night four of the up all night road work crew.  For those of you who were wondering how they could possibly see well enough to work all night...lights.  Huge, bright, glowing, screaming lights.  Lights that make our bedroom look like high-noon in the middle of July lights.  Bright lights...I'm just sayin'

As you know, I have had several pre-op appointments this week.  And yes, they were at 7ish a.m. and they were at doctor offices, not the hospital, and yes!  I managed to get there on time, in one piece, and somewhat coherent. ( I'm shocked)  I only began driving again, after a one year hiatus due to medical problems, last week so it was SO good to get out and do things by. my. self.

Here is my true confession for this week...I have a hammer toe.  It's very unattractive and is bent in such a way that I have a continuous blister on the 'top.'  For most people that would not be a problem but for me, and my medical circus barrel of fun, it is just too dangerous to let it be.  If the blister were to become infected then I would run the risk of losing my toe and possibly more.  Been there, done that...not because of an infection but I refuse to go 'there' again.

Friday morning, at the butt crack  break of dawn, I will be having a procedure to straighten out the hammer.  It will be fused and held in place with a pin.  And hopefully, no more hammer-toe.  (there is a nasty joke there, I just know it!)  

I will be off the foot for a few days and back to normal in a few weeks.  While I am off be prepared to be stalked as I will be bored out of my mind.  At least when I was down with my back I had some great meds to keep me company...not so much this time!   Take care y'all and I'll see you soon. 

What is your Thursday confession??

bringin' down the hammer,
mama pajama 


  1. Thinking of you JoJo and praying you will be restored to "normal".

    Blessings to you this very day...

    Love, REbecca

  2. Oh no! I hear that surgery is very painful. Get lots of the good drugs to help your healing process.

    My little secret...I'm still in my uniform and plan on staying in it all day. And I haven't washed my face or brushed my teeth yet! Gah!

  3. Confession...it's my birthday!

  4. what a cute meme to start! good luck with your surgery!!

    my true confession.....I'm zipping through blogs today to get everything done before I need to go to work :)

    enjoy the day


  5. My true confession: went to get my new glasses, not frames, and it was going to take 45 minutes! GAH!

    Went to the school, and worked without glasses. I'm so glad my sis brought me to town.

    Back to the eye doctor. Lens in, but NOT RIGHT!!! The didn't have the prescription right, so back to the drawing board. The new lens will be in sometime next week.

    SO, old lens put back in the frames, and THEY DO NOT WORK EITHER! I wonder if I got someone elses lens?

    I sure hope your toe surgery will go well, and not be too painful!

  6. Do they have to 'hammer' in the pin to help keep your hammer toe fusion in place?

    Will be thinking of you in the morning and praying all comes out well for you. Isn't it fun to get out on your own? I enjoy it and I haven't even been grounded from doing it for a year.

    My 'True Confession" for today? I really putting off loading the truck to move a load of stuff to town. I hate moving. That is more of a statement than a confession though... If I think of something juicier while I'm moving a load I'll be back or post it next week.

    Love you JoJo... I'll be there with you, maybe not awake but with you in spirit anyway.


  7. always here for you :) hope all goes well my mother had some nasty stuff done to her toes to make em better... Wont go into details as i cringe each time i think about it...
    Love n hugs

  8. Whew! I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious! A friend of mine just had his operated on and he wasn't off of it very long before he was back to work. Now, if we could just get those glaring lights out of your bedroom so you can sleep.

  9. I'm praying that your recovery will be nothing less than astounding.

    A confessional meme? That could be a blast.

    Heal quickly, jojo.

  10. Hi Jojo! Thank you for stopping by. So good to hear you know June too. Isn't she so sweet?

    I am a Type II Diabetic...so we have something in common although I wish neither one of us had to deal with that.

    Best of luck at your doctors appointments. I will be praying for you. Hugs!

  11. Hoping you recover quickly JoJo!

    Airing dirty laudry....hmmmm?

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