"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midlife crisis...

...I've been having trouble finding blog fodder lately.  It seems that raking leaves, blanching green beans and making applesauce makes for some pretty boring posts after awhile.  Although, the hubs fell at work and hit his head today which may or may not turn out to be blog worthy...lets hope not.

I keep a list with me...always on the ready to jot down something interesting or funny (or both) to blog about.  They seem so interesting at the time but after I get back home, sit down, and take a long hard look at the list...well...I got nothin'.  Usually those things end up on the Tuesday tid-list.

I have pictures, I take tons of them, but I don't have a good photo editing program so they are usually SOTC and most of them are not sufficient for an entire post.

I feel like I am in limbo at this stage of my life.  My children are grown and married with homes and lives of their own.  We have no prospect of grandchildren in the near future.  We still have at least ten plus years of work left before retirement comes.  And we will be paying off the two recent weddings for a very, very, long time.  We are in the middle...is that why they call it middle-age or midlife?  Is this a midlife crisis?

How about you...do you come to the table with a post in mind or do you wing it?  And as long as we're talking photos (?), what kind of camera are you using...do you like it...would you choose it again?  Thanks for helping me out here and for putting up with a little bit of 'blah' until I get back in the game or at least finish up some of those projects that are hanging around here. 

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  1. Now that is a great idea...write down the ideas I have for blogging. duh! Sounds like a plan. I always seem to have great ideas just when I'm about to fall asleep, then in the morning, Poof! The idea is long gone!
    It helps me to participate in Wordless Wednesday because at that point, 1/7th of my week is done!
    Hope the hubby's fall remains non blog worthy!

  2. Kudos to you for trying to keep a list of ideas. I am NOT nearly that organized. I just sit down and write. And for camera? We have a Kodak something or other that takes pics. End of story. I will never be a good photographer (as evidenced by the mostly blurry or dark pics I post!) but that's ok with me. :)


  3. i have 3 kodak cameras and love them also the editing program that comes with them is the simplest to use... i reccomend any kodak but always remember when buying a camera that the higher the Mega pixels the better prints and the better for editing such as cropping 99% of my pics are SOTC the only thing i ever do is to crop them.... and remove the red eyes... i usually make a post around the pics i have taken i am not that wordy but can usually baffel em with BS around a few good pics... so unless i did not say it before... KODAK LOL
    HUGS and i love anythign to do with cooking so blog on sister!

  4. I have a messy house, a job, and a gazillion kids living here, and I have run out of things to write about, too. Really now, how many flu posts can I use?

  5. Hey Jojo, I was so glad to hear that you have trouble coming up with ideas for posts as well. I always have pictures I want to show, but have trouble coming up with words to share with them. I usually just wing it when I sit down to post. I use a Canon Power Shot S5IS and I love it. I don't use a photo editing program, because I'm not smart enough to figure it out. So what you see is straight from the camera to the blog, accept that I have to resize them.
    By the way...your posts are always so fun and I love coming here to see what's new with you.

  6. I use a cheap Olympus digital camera and I don't have any photoshop or other picture programs nor do I have an eye for taking pictures like some people do. I usually only do about 1-2 entries a week so I don't run out of material to work with (although there is only so much you can do with a corgi, LOL) but sometimes God lays something on my heart he wants me to write about. I have gotten into ruts though when I can't think of anything creative; usually I just take a break from entries for a week or two and then get my creative juices back (not that I have many of them, LOL)

    we're with you too; I don't think we'll be retiring any time soon; I think we sometimes get into a routine where we get bored (speaking of hubby and me) with different aspects of our lives so we try to change things around, plan day trips, check out some new recipes, etc.

    hoping your hubby is okay after hitting his head


  7. I have ideas, but lately my problem is blogging seems to be one more thing to do on my already long "to do" list. Something has to give!

  8. I wing it...always! I love photos on a blog and I try to have some when I post to a couple of my blogs but my "thinking" blog - not so much. I have a couple of digital cameras. I have 2 different little Kodaks which take nice pictures and one is small enough to fit in a pocket. The camera I use most is a Canon Powershot 510. It has lots of nice features but I am planning on getting a Nikon with my bonus from work this year. BTW - glad you are having a good day. Since you are a "no reply" blogger I can't reply to your comments on my blog!

  9. As you know, I blog about everything... family, farm life, puppies, wildlife, trips, vacations and friends. Here's my list of good ways to continuously write posts.

    1. Have a good camera. (I have a Nikon D40 which I love.It's a hundred dollars less than it was last year.)I could not Blog without this camera. My photos prompt my writing.

    2. Download a free Photo program. (This is a way to download photos from your camera)

    3.Download a photo organizer. ( These are FREE downloads that let you organize, edit and share photos). I swear by my program. I clean up every photo before I post them.All the multiple pictures and collages are done on this way.

    4. Don't feel you have to post every day, but do it often enough to keep readers interested. Decide not to post on ,say, Sundays and Wednesdays. Give yourself a rest.

    5.Tell short stories with photos.
    6.Tell long stories if it's something that means a lot to you.
    7. Vary subjects unless you're strictly a photo or recipe etc. blog.
    8.Take a drive or go somewhere just so you can blog about it.
    9. Look for the humor in life.
    10.Don't let blogging control your life. What did you do BB(before blogging)? Were your happier? You didn't sign a contract for doing this.
    11. Write down your reasons for blogging. Make this a post.
    12. Be happy. Take care of your family first.

  10. Go to this link and there is a great explanation of how to change your "no reply" status


  11. JoJo, you are always a pleasure to read. Please don't put so much pressure on yourself. We come here because we enjoy YOU as a person.

    As far as blogging goes, I generally end up writing about something entirely different than what I thought I would. I would like to blog more often, but time sometimes gets in the way. I shoot photos with an awesome camera. It's not something that I would recommend for beginner use, but I have worked up to it, and I love it. Mark just got me a Nikon D300s for our 25th anniversary, so I must continue to learn to do more than just point and shoot type of stuff. I was using a Nikon D80 which is also a fabulous camera. We are a Nikon family, and I would recommend any of the Nikon point and shoot type of units that are on the market. Costco has a few models and they are all great cameras. My recommendation is to be sure to take a whole lot of pictures when you find a subject that you like. I would say for every great photo that comes out, you might need to shoot 10-20 pictures. Thank goodness for digital!

    Keep writing! There are sites that provide prompts if you need ideas. We all go through dry-spells. You just have to work around them.


  12. I don't know... There must be something going around because I can't think of anything to blog about lately, either. If you figure out the cure, let me know what it is.

  13. When I am dry I go through other blogs and comment my brains out. Invariably as I am commenting on something I think of a connecting story or it reminds me of a funny thing that happened and there I have my post.

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