"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Going around...

...I've spent this beautiful fall Saturday getting green beans and apples ready for the freezer, making an apple pie, and running errands.  Where I got all this energy from I'll never know.  I do know that I better take full advantage of it as my health status can change so quickly.  So while I am busy with this and that I thought I would share with you a quote that seems to be going around.  You have probably seen it lately but it was new to me and was one of those that made me think...hmmm.

My Life

"for a long time it seemed to me
that life was about to begin--
real life.
But, there was always
some obstacle in the way.
Something to be got through
some unfinished business,
time still to be
a debt to be paid.
Then, life would begin.
At last it dawned on me
that these obstacles were
my life."

quote by, Fr. Alfred D'Souza

I hope your weekend is going well, if you get a chance please head over to Mama Bear's place and give her a dose of bloggy love~~~she is going through some tough times right now.  See you Monday y'all.

mama pajama


  1. Beautiful quote...I love it. We best get on with living life while we can...we only have once shot at it!

    Love to you~


  2. making an apple pie seems like a wonderful way to spend part of your day :)

    glad you are feeling better to be able to do so :)


  3. JoJo- send some of that energy this way and some of that apple pie!

  4. I am very thankful that you are feeling well today and baking apple pie! Now that is celebrating!

  5. Hi Jojo,
    You go girl. Putting things away for future use makes one so happy. And apple pie...Yum. Do you think that would ship very well? Okay, maybe I should just make my own... Rats!!!
    I love the quote and isn't that how we sometimes live our lives. When we are living our real life everyday.
    Thank you so for your sweet comment. I LOVE your visits!

  6. Don't you just love fall?! Linus and I made applesauce today.

    Love the quote!

    I love coming here. No matter what's on my mind, you always say exactly what I need to hear! :)

  7. Very good quote... and so true.

    Enjoy your burst of feel good while it lasts, JoJo.

    Now I'm off to Mama Bears.


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