"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Child...

... is full of woe."  Why?  Why would Wednesday's child be full of woe??  Is it because she is a red-headed middle child?  These are the things that cause me to lose sleep at night.

Thank you for all your well wishes.  I was feeling much better and thought that I should fix the hubs a decent dinner.  As soon as things got cooking I promptly tossed those darn cookies again.

Note to self:  No More Cookies.

Thank you to Tee over at Brown Eyed Belle for giving me the Honest Scrap award.  More to come on that later when I can give it all of my attention.  There are rules you know.

I watched "Biggest Loser" tonight for the first time and I swear to you that I don't think I can watch it again.  It was so cruel and my goodness, my emotions were all over the place.  Those of you who watch this show... is it always like this?  I doubt I would last through orientation if I were there... I'm rather sensitive that way.

Fall did not gently send Summer on her way as I had imagined.  No rather, Fall kicked Summer's butt to the curb and came rolling in here with winds, rain, and cool temps.  I had to turn the furnace on today...  in September,  that sound you hear is me crying... heat on in September... can't be good.

And last but not least, how can one fruit-fly cause so much angst?

have a good Wednesday
see you tomorrow with photos!
mama pajama


  1. Hey, Jojo,
    I'm sorry you are still sick. I hope it's not the chocolate chip cookies!

    I've watched TBL a lot, and I can tell you, even if I was 20 and weighed what I do, I'd never go on that show. I can't stand the way Jillian and Bob yell and swear at those poor people. I also hate the way the men take off their shirts. Can they weigh that much? Why don't they start the weigh-in's with the shirts on, and then they could keep them on throughout the show.

    If you DVR the show, you can fast forward through the crying, etc, and just watch the challenge, and then the weigh-in. That is what I've been doing, and it only takes about 20-30 minutes!

    We've had such crazy weather. The heat is on in the morning, and the AC the afternoon. Fall!!! Sigh!

  2. I'm with you..I cannot watch TBL. It is very cruel. My heart goes out to those poor people.

    I'll tell you a little secret. I ate an entire candy bar last night (the first time in 4 months) and I'm so guilty about it. This morning, my hands are a bit swollen.

    We must stay away from those evil carbs!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. You've been sick a long time! I really had hoped it would be a 24-hour deal. Take the best care of yourself.

    I've watched TBL a couple of times and got disgusted with the routine, but I suppose if they were sweet and supportive the ratings wouldn't be there. Last year's winner was from our area, and we're all curious to see what happens now that she's home and on her own.

  4. Hi JoJo~Sorry you're sick my friend...get well soon! Being down for the count is the PITS!

    About TBL...

    I don't watch it. I'm not overweight more than a few pounds but I could never handle the humiliation that I see. It would crush me. Words are suppose to uplift and encourage. I've had enough yelling in my life to NEVER have it again. I had a boss once that started that stuff and I looked right at him and said "NO! You will not yell at me or I'm out of here!" Guess what...he yelled at other people but never at me again.

    Thinking of you this day and hope you recover from your illness SOON!

    Hugs to you~Rebecca

  5. Sorry you are not feeling well - try to keep those cookies down!
    Hope you are feeling better soon! /hugs

  6. Oh no!!! I am sorry to hear you are sick. And that kind of sick. YUCK! I pray you get better soon!

  7. poor baby hope you didn't get the flu. Hope you feel better very soon!

    I turned my TV off months ago, best thing I ever did. From what I can remember they are very mean to the contestants. Just because your fat doesn't mean that anyone should have a free for all with your feelings and self worth. I hate that show.

  8. Jojo, I am so sorry you are still sick. Do you have gastroparesis from the diabetes? I do, and that can cause you to toss your cookies.I wish you well my friend.
    Our weather is like yours. Summer one day and bam time for the furnance. We have a frost warning tonight.
    keep in touch..

    Gos Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  9. Why do you always make me laugh Jojo? I LOVE your sense of humor. Can I hang with you all the time?

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