"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's tids...

...the late edition.  How was everyone's Holiday weekend??  Has my font/size changed again?  I seem to be having trouble with it changing on it's own so who knows what might pop up next.
  • all those plans I had for the weekend...remember...? The street fair? the yard sale? the DIY project? the barbecuing?  Didn't happen..not one single one of them.
  • We had two inches of rain on Sunday.
  • and a Tornado.  Yep, we are number 46th in the country for number of tornadoes each year and those are always on the east side of the state.  We had one, a 2 on the "scale" here...just up the road from us.
  • there was quite a bit of damage, at least to someone who has never been involved in such a thing.  OMG, I can't even fathom the force of the Tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma.  You are all so brave!
  • I have some "funky" eye/hand sypmtoms that have kept me off my feet and from blogging.  I can't say much more than that now but I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist soon and plan on getting some answers.
  • Naps...they are my new best friend.
  • here is a picture of my DIY project, lest you think I'm making it up!
 O.K. the top picture is some fabric I picked out (I went to the fabric store for the first time), along with some paint and the seat of the chair, which is pictured below.  The chair was a $5 find at the town yard sale a few weeks ago.  I'm planning on sanding it down, then painting it either Nutmeg or Kona Brown.  I'll post when/if I get it done.  We can always use an extra dining chair at holiday time.

sleepy mama pajama 


  1. pretty.... hope you feel better soon and naps are a girls best friend!

  2. JoJo, that's one of the kind of things I like to do...I used to periodically recover mom's dining room chairs and I've refinished a lot of furniture over the years because I not only enjoy doing it, it's fun to take an old piece and refurbish it to usefulness.

    And thanks for stopping by and understanding that getting Carol out and about was more important to me than seeing PW...


  3. Jojo I didn't know that Washington had any tornados at all. That definitely would have terrified me. I know that I would not be able to stand the stress of living where tornados are frequent. I'm glad that it was a ways from you.
    Your project looks great, but I laughed when you said when or if you get it done. That's how I operate. I love your Tues tids.

  4. Nice the chair looks really good in the photo does it need painting? Take it easy if your feeling bad and read your new book.
    Tornadoes are scary suckers, if they get close enough to you. Glad your alright!

  5. We had company for the weekend. Spent a little time with the in-laws, and at the nursing home with the MIL. It was good.

    Your font is good.

    If the tornadoes get close, go to the basement! We live in NW KS, so we hear about them, but haven't had one here in the 36 years I've lived here.

    Naps are good! Take one if you need it, and even if you don't.

    Have a good, pain free, day.

  6. I'm glad you are okay! Tornadoes are very dangerous.

    I'm hoping that you get a good report from the doctor, and that nothing serious is going on.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. Yes, it was a wonderful holiday. Even though you didn't get to do everything as planned, I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend, too!


  7. Love the fabric. Can't wait to see that final product. Hope the doc comes up with an explanation for your symptoms.

    Hallie :)

  8. Your weekend sounded like a real doozie! Tornados and all! That chair looks like a good quality one. Worth perking up. Will be looking forward to the "after" pics, now that we've seen the "before" pics.

    Hope your symptoms improve (funky hand/eye).

  9. Oh yeah I love a nap too! And I cant wait to see that chair when you finish it. Its been raining here all week!

  10. Tornadoes??? Yowzah! That's scary (says one in earthquake country . . . who has moved to the mountains of ROCK that do not shake.) Keep safe.

    Sounds like relaxing is in order for you these days, my dear friend. Find some tea, a good book, some gentle music and HAVE A HOLIDAY!

    We'll all be here waiting when you return.

    Prayers going up . . .

  11. I do love the fabric a lot.

    Let us know what the doc says...

    take care

  12. I did one. Same thing. Yard sale. I think it will look beautiful.

    I'm sorry about your weekend. My plans fell through too!! And we mush on.....

  13. That chair is exactly like the ones we had when growing up - I really like the looks of them. The chairs had leather seats.


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