"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, September 28, 2009

Toss across..

... it was a beautiful weekend here, the kind where Summer knows it's being gently kicked to the curb and Fall is on her way in all her wonder.

We went to a bb-q at my son/daughter-in-laws house Saturday to celebrate the end of the season one more time before all the holiday hustle and bustle is among us.  They live about 1-1/2hours from us on Allki point.  It is a beautiful beach situated at the tip of Alki.  From their house, which is across the street from the beach, you can see the islands to the north and the city of Seattle to the east, sitting in all it's wondrous glory on this evening.

As we pulled up the beach was starting to clear out for the day with only the remnants of a few weddings that had taken place earlier.  It is a magnificent backdrop for a wedding or any other celebration.  We could see all the little girls that have become part of our extended family playing on the beach.  You could hear their laughter and delight mixed in with all the other beach sounds at the end of the day... magical.

As we headed up the stairs we could see a few of the family on the deck and could smell several other grills as though everyone had the same idea this evening.  It was still warm but with a slight fall feel in the air.  I couldn't wait to get inside and see everyone.  

We have come, in the last few months, to feel as though all my son's in-laws are family.  They are generous and kind to a fault and never, ever, fail to make each and every one of us special in their lives.  A gift we had been in need of for quite some time.

We made our way inside and greeted each other, including my daughter and her husband.  This was to be a fun evening... about fifteen of us, including six little girls under the age of ten!
I was in the kitchen talking with my hubs and putting food away when suddenly it happened. 

At first, I was chilled, then quickly that turned to heat.  It was so warm suddenly and the smell of food seemed obnoxious.  And then... and then... and then...

I tossed my cookies.  Yep, right there in the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom.  Yep, I did.  
After grabbing a towel and some tissue, and thanking the hubs for cleaning up, I went to bed where I stayed all evening with chills and a fever... and a barf-bucket.  Gah!

I slept for most of the evening which allowed the hubs time to visit and eat, then we made our way back the 1-1/2hours home.

 On the upside, I was awake all night and watched the movie "West Side Story."  I have missed many of the classics over the years and now I am thinking that I really should catch up on them... minus the being sick part.  So what do you recommend?  What is your favorite 'classic' hit?

sipping tea and feeling 100% better,
mama pajama


  1. the grapes of wrath with henry fonda is one of my all time favorites. i hope you are feeling better tossing cookies is my least favorite kind of ill... HUGS and a cool damp cloth

  2. Oh no!! Sounds miserable and I can't imagine how uncomfortable a 1.5 hour ride must have been.

    My fave movie is North by Northwest. Quirky and fun.

    P.S. Your first paragraph of the post was especially poetic! Nice :)

  3. Hey JoJo,

    Hope you're back up to full speed soon. I'm not much of an old movie buff, but the musicals Singing in the Rain and Holiday Inn come to mind. And Caution Flag is right - the first paragraph is lovely.

    Don't know if you do the blog award thing or not, but I tagged you - come see.

  4. i love the new background.
    Sorry you were ill. I would rather do anything other than the tossing of cookies.
    Feel better

  5. Oh, poor thing..., and then an hour and a half ride home. I'm so sorry.

    There are so many good old movies. It would have to be upbeat and no one should bet sick in it. Maybe something that makes you laugh.

  6. Oh no you didn't! You're the worst kind of guest! lol :-) Kidding. I can't imagine feeling that bad and having to travel an hour and a half. Bless your heart.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

    Have you seen Steel Magnolias, Topgun, The American President, Mr. Holland's Opus and any Whoopi Goldberg movies but especially Sister Act I and II.

  7. Oh poor Jojo. Tossing the cookies is so not fun!!! I actually hate it!! I hope that you are feeling better. Nothing worse than being sick, away from home!! Take care, my friend.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  8. Well it sounded almost too good to be true until you got to the sick as a dog part. I'm so sorry for you. I'm glad that your honey got to have a good time though. Hope you're feeling back to normal now.
    I have a lot of favorite old movies, but now I can't think of any, because I have that picture of you getting sick in my mind.lol

  9. You sure know how to set the stage! Sounded perfect and I'm so sorry you didn't get to enjoy more of it :(

    I have to say Gone With The Wind. I could watch it over and over...

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