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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, September 4, 2009

Raindrops and Hydrangeas...

...as I left the doctor office today, there was no denying that fall is in the air. As much as I want to push it back a few weeks and enjoy this wonderful summer, I will have to admit that it is September and soon the frost will be on the pumpkins. Meanwhile, I take a walk around my garden and savor the beautiful blooms that will soon be gone for another season.
I just love this Hydrangea. I received it as a Birthday gift this year and the color is one that I have never had before. It is such a deep, rich lavender- pink that the photo does not do it justice.
I would love to dry these blooms and enjoy them all winter long. In searching the "bing" I have come upon three different ways to do this. One: cut the blooms and hang them upside down in a cool-dark place. (I've tried this with other flowers before without much luck) Two: just let them dry on the plant and cut them before the first frost. And Three: cut the blooms, place them in a vase half full of water and let them stand until the water has evaporated.

Have any of you tried either of these ideas? I'm wondering which one works best and whether or not you were able to maintain the gorgeous colors. I also have a blue one, and another that is a very, very pale lavender. I would like to try drying these also. Any tips would be helpful...
So, here we are at the last holiday weekend of the year. (don't know why the font, color and underline changed) and the official end to the wearing of white. Does that old saying still exist? We will be heading out to a nearby street fair and hopefully the farmers market. I also want to work on my DIY project so I can show it off next week. We will probably be grilling something yummy and watching some baseball too. What have you got planned?

stay safe and be kind to you!
mama pajama


  1. love hydrangeas and the fall and the change of season.. fall is the first spring i say..

  2. We are having company this weekend, so will probably grill some hamburgers, go see the MIL, and go out to eat on Sunday. Lots of visiting, too.

    I love the Hydrangeas! The pink is so vibrant. I'm going to paint a picture of them.

    I love fall if we don't have south hot winds, and so far, we don't!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    By the way, I love your new background,

  3. Beautiful Hydrangeas we have some in purple, now I am thinking I need some pink ones too.

    I love when it starts turning cooler here, we have another month or two before I can leave the door open and turn off the a/c can't wait.

  4. I like your new profile pic JoJo. WHat team do you root for? I love your flowers. We are on the last of my rosebuds. I have two that are opening and that's I believe for the year. All of our plants have rooted in very. Next year should be fun. I am welcoming the cooler crisp air. It's easier on my body. As far as inflammation-prednisone is the only way we seem to keep in check. Nothing else works. I just resist using it. I hate the side effects. I've tried omitting from my diet or adding particular foods but nothing works. I hope your feeling well Jojo! Hugs. Tammy

  5. hydrangeas are the best. I have a friend who dries them and then spray paints them different colors for a unique arrangements. Love your new pic! Have a great w/e.

  6. Love your new look and the photo! what a pretty lady you are! I have tried all 3 ways and actually I think the vase one worked best as far as keeping the color. Drying on the plant is nothing but trash. Upside down in a dark place is ok. I accidentally discovered the vase thing by having a bouquet in the house. It just kept lasting and when I checked it, they had dried. Then you cut the yukky stems off.

  7. Jojo,

    Yeap, never wear white after Labour Day. That is how I was raised.

    Enjoyed the photos of your beautiful blooms. If there is a Michael's near you, they have a preservative that will help you dry your flowers. Another way is to dry them in the microwave, but I've never done it with hydrangea.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  8. Hi Jojo,
    What a doll you are. I'm so glad you posted your picture.
    I usually dry my hydrangeas in the vase, but I can't raise this variety that you show here. (TOO COLD) so I can't say whether they will keep their color.

  9. Yup fall is a 'comin!
    we can't stop it, all we can do is enjoy it. Here it means no more 100 + degree temps - alwasy a welcome thing!
    the hydrangeas are beautiful!

  10. If you are missing summer just head on over to Phx. there will be another 2 months of it there -or more, it can be triple digits in November!
    I too love hydrangeas-my Granny in Sydney,Aus. always had HUGE bushes that seemed to need no maintenance! I finally got one to return after the winter & with an extra bloom. So I have added a second & we will see if they both survive! They are in pots on the patio.
    Take care of yourself, JoJo so you can be around for those grandbabies!

  11. PS. There is a product called silica dessicant that you can buy at hobby stores & it gets the best results but you have to cover the flowers with it. Hydrangeas are best placed in a container with half inch of water & as the flower heads dry the water evaporates. Try both & see what works best.

  12. I also love hydrangeas, and I hope that your weekend so far has brought you much more beauty and joy. I am thinking of you, and sending you all of mt very best wishes..

  13. JoJo, thanks for coming to see me and you are right. I should come here more. You are in my reader :)

    My Mom (passed away) has a hydrangea bush at the house and I want to get a piece of it for my yard so I can have one. When to plant? How to plant? It's a beautiful blue on that she got from her Mom about 50 years ago.

    Don't have any info on drying though!

    Thanks ((Hugs))


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