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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, September 14, 2009

The fabric store...

A few weeks ago I went to the fabric shop.  I haven't been to a fabric shop in many, many years.  Let me be perfectly clear...I am not a sewer.  Oh, that does not look right...hmmm...I am not a seamstress, nor am I a sewer.   I went to the fabric shop to find some thing nice and sophisticated to cover my $5 chair with and to have a look around.  I was amazed and astonished at all the wonderful things to be found.  Fabric, crafts, framing, classes, more and more.  It certainly was not my mama's fabric store!  (I doubt my mama ever trekked into a fabric store)

I found "fat quarters," and was immediately charmed by the name and the beautiful fabrics.  There were pretty pinks, and lovely greens, and fun red mixes.  "Fat quarters" are 1/4 yard of fabric.  There are also "Fat Eights," which I assume are 1/2 a quarter.  Isn't this fun?  That's why I never really liked sewing...it's too much like math.  Anyway, the quarters and eights are loved by quilters.  I have not decided what I will do with my "fats" but I am confident it will not include a quilt.

I also got some fabric with dragonflies (aqua) and butterflies (pink) to use for accent pillows for the bed in my guestroom.  That is also another DIY project that is in progress.

I had fun browsing and I think I will be heading back again soon.  I picked up some flyers and they offer many fun/interesting classes.  I may just become a sewer yet!  And, how can you not be in love with a place that gives you such a pretty bag to put all that fabric in?

Do you sew?  Is it for fun and crafts like myself or are you a serious seamstress...a quilter?  What is you most favorite creation?  Have a happy Monday y'all.

mama pajama


  1. yes, I like to sew. I'm not obsessed with it, but when I need it...I know I can do it. I used to sew all my clothes years ago, but now you can actually buy pre-made stuff on sale cheaper than buying all the stuff. Patterns used to be cheap.
    I've made quilts, curtains, bags, clothes, napkins ...you name it, I've made it.
    Lately I'm into reconstructing clothing. Taking stuff I don't want anymore and making it into something different. Fabric stores are fun, yes they are.

  2. Sewer does look funny! Of course I sew now that I bought a machine last month, but we are limited here to Scouting badges and fixing ripped seams. Why are we limited? The sewing talent is, um, lacking.

  3. I love the fabric, the green especially.

    Let's put it this way, I have sewn. Made my daughter dresses when she was little, a few outfits for my son, made drapes,even a Christmas tree skirt. Just between you and me, I'm hoping my mother gives me her fancy schmancy sewing machine.

    I do lots of paper crafting..my current love.

  4. I learned to sew when I was pregnant with our first child. We were so poor, but didn't really realize that, but I knew we didn't have money to spend on maternity clothes. My husband's dear cousin taught me. I sewed for many years, but I haven't sewn for many years. My hubby fixes his jeans, etc, and he is much better than me.

    I've crocheted and knitted, but now, if I do anything, I paint pictures of flowers on cards and ostrich eggs.

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

    I do not sew either. Barely even a button!!

  6. I don't sew, unless it's mending or something like that - but my sister is a bonafide quilter and I went to a big quilt show with her this summer. I know what you mean about the fat quarters - I felt the urge to buy some just because they were so pretty! I wish I COULD quilt but I have a feeling I would not be patient enough....

  7. Yep! I sew! My favorite thing to EVER make was my daughter's Wedding Dress for her wedding in 2007. It was a HUGE PROJECT and a labor of love.

    I'd much rather stick to smaller projects. Only having ONE GIRL proved to be a GOOD THING!

    Hugs to you~Rebecca PS: LOVE YOUR FINDS!


    I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying!!

    Seriosuly...I am the LEAST crafty/talented person you will EVER meet!


  9. I used to sew EVERYTHING for the house and have made bridesmaid dresses, maternity clothes . . . all for myself. Then the babies rolled in and kept coming. The sewing machine fell silent and I began cooking and baking and gardening with the same enthusiasm. The girls are ready for the sewing lessons to begin this fall/winter. I'm ready to begin again. You've inspired me -- thanks!

  10. Hi Joanne!

    I do sew! I have a 1930-something singer thats my fav.

    Mostly pillows. curtains and upholstery....been doing some hand-applique!

    love, kelee

  11. Yep Jojo, I'm a sewer. I think I just spelled sewer. Like the one all the not so nice water goes into when you flush. Oh anyway, I like to sew. I don't make much time for it though. My favorite part of sewing is going to the fabric store. Watch it or you'll get hooked.

  12. I can get a button or a patch on- thats about it JoJo. Nice choices of the fabrics.

  13. I don't sew, but I really wish that I could. I am always awed by the beautiful things that some people are able to create. I LOVE some of those fabrics and I cannot wait to see what you come up with. Your creative juices are flowing!

    I love the picture that you finally put up of yourself. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. Now I have a lovely face to attach to my dear friend, and that makes me smile!


  14. I used to sew a lot, but it's gotten pushed to the bottom of the list lately. I make Brandon's costumes, and dog and cat toys, and other than that, it's mostly repair work. I've been saving fabric for a quilt that I'm going to make SOMEDAY...whenever that is.

    And I can vouch for Hallie's non-sewer status. Big Time.

  15. I have been sewing since my freshman Home Ec class. I have made my 2 girls quilts and have made dresses/outfits for me over the years. I just got back into sewing this summer after a 10 year hiatus(my health got in the way) and made 2 dresses this summer with material for another but I'm working on Christmas presents now. I would love to have been in that fabric shop with you. Quilting is easy! I can get you started.


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