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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's tids...

not enough for 'tid-bits' but it's at least a try!

*this warm weather has been a cruel step-sister. All my beautiful bedding plants have withered despite our best efforts to move them to a cooler area of the yard and keep them watered daily. There has been a toll to our vegetable garden also, with lettuce, spinach and broccoli bolting. I still have a few peppers and tomatoes that are thriving. We are fortunate that we don't depend on our gardening skills to get us through the winter months as we would surely perish!

*again with the warm weather...we are not used to 90+ degree weather for days on end...and apparently neither are the spiders! I hate spiders, let me be perfectly clear...they scare the &*##@*& out of me. We have seen a plethora of them in the past few weeks and I fear waking up in the morning with my home surrounded in a giant web. They are everywhere, along every walkway, hanging from trees and bushes, webs adorning our windows and doorways...enough already.

*the hubs had an excellent birthday and enjoyed all of your well wishes immensely. He got several unique gifts and I will try and get a pic or two to post. One of them being the 'Topsy-turvy tomato planter." This looks quite interesting but at the same time it looks as if it might be difficult to plant. My daughter has a friend who has given up her vegetable garden and planted everything in the topsy-turvy...she loves it. So, for those of you out there who have used them...what do you think?? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

*that's it for Tuesday..mama pajama
p.s. Happy Birthday to my @1 niece...MTG


  1. You'll love the Topsy Turvy plant holder. We've had ours a couple of years, it is BETTER than in the ground & quite a conversation piece. I posted ours w/tomatoes on my blog w/m patio pics in July. The tomatoes grow beautifully ... the ONLY problem is you have to remember to fill it with more dirt when the inside dirt settles AND to water it every day.

    Have fun! TTFN~ Marydon

  2. HI Jojo!! I'm so happy to hear your DH had a great birthday. As for spiders, no freekin thank you!! I don't want or have a need for them ever. I don't like them at all.

    It rained like crazy for about an hour today. Tornado's a couple counties below us and the sky was dark at 12 noon. Imagine that. It was pretty and strange all at once.

    Have a good day Jo!

  3. Dang FireFox crashed. I'll try again. Happy late birthday to the hubs.

    I was not impressed with my topsy turvey. It is so hot here in Oklahoma that it is hard to keep enough water on them to do much good. I've only had 6 cherry tomatoes on my plant out of the top part and only one on the plant growing out of the bottom and it's not ripened yet and it's been on the plant for a week. In your normal temps, you would probably do well with them, but I won't try it again. I tried two years now and I don't find it worth my effort.


  4. It has been a rough summer JoJo, sorry to hear about your plants. Oh, and I feel ya on the spiders.. spiders and snakes I cannot stand. I usually don't wish summer away but this year I am...esp now with the tropics starting to brew up.

    Stay inside stay cool :-))

  5. It's interesting that you would get more spiders because it's hotter. I will have to research this, just out of curiosity. Maybe you are just seeing them more because they don't like the moisture that usually prevails up there. Still, it's interesting.
    I think the Topsy Turvy tomato is just a selling gimmick, but if you don't have the space for tomatos in the ground or containers it might be a good thing. Seems like it would be great for apt. balconies. I haven't seen them around here.
    Best wishes to the Birthday boy.

  6. Hi, Jojo,
    Good to see you back!

    I don't particulary like spiders either, but I not really afraid of them. We get a lot of them, and I just keep a fly swatter in every room and kill them. Some of them are pretty fast, though.

    Our tomato plants took a beating with the hail we had a couple of weeks ago, but I looked at them today, and the leaves are coming back, and maybe we might get some toamtoes. I certainly hope so!

  7. Hi Jojo,
    This has been a strange summer for the northwest. I've been watching your weather a little and it has certainly been hot for you all.
    Sorry about your plants, I can't believe how hard it is to keep up with my watering as well.
    Glad hubs had a good b-day.

  8. never tried them. Our garden has taken a beating this year too but it producing so we are eating from it. It's just a mess. We have had so much rain that we can't pick some things, we'd sink into mud by a foot. If you have big garden spiders they are a helpful critter as they eat a lot of garden pests. I don't like black ones and quantity can get to me too. I took a picture of a huge one in our front yard and I've gotta post it.

  9. Kill every spider you see. Better yet, run for cover and get someone ELSE to kill them.


  10. I tried some topsy turvies this year and haven't had much luck. Thought they would make me a bragging gardener. NOT!!

    Stay away from the spiders. Maybe you should start wearing a big mosquito netting hat until things get better.

  11. Zazzamataz (last on my blog list) has a whole blog on her upside down tomato plants. she planted some normal ones and some upside down ones....and is keeping an update on how they are going and how they compare.....quite interesting:) I am pleased to hear he had a wonderful birthday!!

  12. Careful with those spiders JoJo- i got bit 6 weeks ago and it is still not well.

    I always wanted a Topsy Turvy. Maybe next year.

  13. i have 4 topsy turvys... they are ok... i think its just too hot here in ga..for anything they started off amazingly but the 30 pounds more of produce must be at soemone elses house.
    happy late birthday dh.


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