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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hangin' with the girls...

The hot steamy weather that blasted it's way through town two weeks ago combined with my recent 'fall' have conspired, or maybe cursed me, to watch late-night television. Seriously late night television. Way past anyone elses bedtime. After several 'Golden Girls' marathons on the Hallmark channel I feel I am ready to join the girls. Although I didn't watch the show when it originally aired I picture myself as a younger, hipper (not hippier) Dorothy. I really like Sophia the best but I'm not, nor ever could I be, in her league. And Rose...too Norwegian (I married one) and Blanche...well enough said. But Dorothy, tall, independent, strong, practical, some of my best qualities. Looking back I can't believe how much sexual innuendo was allowed for the t.v. show and the times! Wow, shocking to think it was my Mother's favorite show.

As I said, I didn't watch the GG when it originally aired. I was too young and it didn't really interest me nor did I find it funny, but give me 'Murphy Brown' or 'Designing Women' and I was there (as much as possible). When I see those shows today I still remember watching them...doing my chart notes in a patient room so I could catch a glimpse of Candace Bergen (I would trade my Dorothy shoes in a second to be Murphy Brown) or 'Thirty Something.' OMG, I loved that show but I was never off work to watch it and if I was off I never could stay up that late. Being a swing-shifter in a hospital did not coincide with my career as a television critic.

Obviously the late 80's early 90's had a great effect on me and there are several shows that I wish were still around, OK maybe not. but what we have now is pretty bad. So, what was your favorite show, not childhood or today but 'yesterday???'

still here,
mama pajama

p.s. Happy Birthday to my favorite 'peanut' and Niece #3...MTH


  1. I left the sitcoms when they became so innuendo filled! Of course, I guess "Leave It To Beaver" had some innuendo's too, but I was too naive to know that.

    Give me a thought provoking show, and I will enjoy it. I can watch L&O, the original ones, over and over. The first one were the best.

    Have a good day, and a cool one!

  2. I agree with you JoJo there are several I wish were still around too. I too loved 30 something :-)

  3. I always loved 30 Something and I can't believe that I would never miss an episode of Dallas! We get a kick out of watching the old Andy Of Mayberry, Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows best. It was a different mindset back then. When I am just laying around resting these old bones, I watch the Golden Girls and laugh and laugh. Thank you so much JoJo for leaving your comments. Let's stick together. You have so much to offer, and I look forward to being blogging buddies..


  4. Roseanne, I just love that show...LOL, makes me laugh. It's more how real life actually is. I too am up way beyond what normal night time should be. This morning it was 4:30am, before I turned the lights out and got my CPAP on and tried to sleep. Needless to say, I am tired today!! We are quite the pair, aren't we?


    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  5. Hi Joanne!

    Loved Thirty Something too!!!!

    love, kelee

  6. thirtysomething. Definitely thirtysomething; in fact, I'm still waiting for it to come back. :) The good news is, it's coming out on DVD in September! And I really liked Family Ties, with Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton. I especially love that he and his real-life wife met on the show and have been married for a very long time.

    Ya know, that was a great time in my life. I'd say from about 1985 up until 2001 was THE VERY BEST.

    Now I watch the Food Network constantly. Well, when I'm not eating. OY! :) I love Guy Fieri; I think he's hot. Really! BWAHAHAHA!


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