"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 hOt 2 HaNdlE...

dog days...

We are sweltering under a heat wave the likes of which have never been experienced in our area. Ever. I fear that the morning and evening watering of the vegetable garden and flowers will not be enough to save them from the oppressive heat. I've already had the spinach and lettuce bolt before I was able to pull them and the poor daisies and belles are hanging their heads and crying for relief. I have moved them all to a shady place but I don't think it will be enough. I just hate to see the glory of the garden cut short again this year. Usually it's the cool wet weather that causes a late start and an early end. We'll just have to see what becomes of it all. The weather report for the next week is still in the high 90's and for us that is still h.o.t. It is expected to be 88degrees at midnight tonight..Yikes!

The only good thing as of now is that it is 79degrees in the house and I am hopeful for a restful nights sleep! Also, we have tomatoes reddening up very quickly now and the hubs picked the first batch of Romanitas...these are the only ones that made it into the house:
How does your garden grow?
mama pajama


  1. I hope y'all get some relief soon! I've found myself dreaming of fall weather constantly lately.

  2. jojo, do you not have air in the house, conditioner or central? I could not survive if it was not below at least, icicle stage? Hubs always jumps up in the morning and turns the air up high as he is too cold sitting at his computer. Funny, at night it has to be cold, but all day i'd rather it be in the low 80's.

    Hope your feeling better my friend. Take care.

  3. How does my garden grow? You ask?

    It Doesn't.

    I kill everything but Ivy.

    It is soooo depressing.

    I pray there is hope for me.

    xoRebecca PS: Are you better?

  4. BWAHAHAHAHA...how does my "garden" grow? Well...let me tell ya.

    My poor pathetic hanging baskets...my form of a garden...bit the big one after two weekends in a row of being out of town. The kids come over to water and feed Frank and Nancy, but draw the line at flowers, I guess. I am so NOT a green thumb type of person. I want to be, but I'm just not. And when it's hot and humid, what I am really like is your dog! Who, by the way, is beautiful.

    We haven't had any of that hot weather around here; in fact, it's more like fall. And it's been wonderful, I might add! HA!

  5. I heard about the heat your way on the news!! Wow!

    Unfotunately, we deal with that heat all the time.. it is oppressive.

    come on September.

  6. Oh, my I hate to hear you might lose your veggies, that stinks. That is pretty warm in the house too..I know because thtat is what mine stays at and I about die, I have several fans running to help too. Poor lil doggie looks heat tired too.

  7. My beautiful tomato plants survived the spraying from the farmers, but didn't survive the hail storm. I have a few flowers left, but that is all. I think it is time to rethink my 'gardening' ability. I'll just have to buy my tomatoes from town. All the sweet corn around our area was wiped out with the hail too. Sigh. We are having a very pleasant July though. We went to the BBQ at the fair last night, and it is usually over 100, but last night it was in the 70's.

  8. every thing here is burning up... poor garden just bakes...usual for us i know but i so feel your pain!

  9. My garden is pretty much history due to all the rain. Everything sort of rotted from the roots...

    Now it's hot and humid (but not quite 90's) - too late to save the garden.

    Good luck with your heat wave!

  10. My garden is hanging in there. I have tomatoes galore! Yours look yummy!

    Stay cool chicka! The dog day are upon us!

  11. We've had cool, wet weather (heavy rain) this year. After three years of drought conditions, the rain has been a welcome relief.

    My garden's not doing very well at all, though! I did have lettuce and spinach, but the tomatoes, cukes, and squash are lookin' pitiful. Our season is running late. I'm just now beginning to have tomatoes ripening. My cherry tomatoes have been doing fairly well, but aren't as plentiful as in years past.

    Hope it cools down for you very soon...

  12. It's hot in my gardens too, but actually cooler than is typical since we arrived 9 years ago. Still . . . hot is hot and I don't particularly like it. The evenings are FANTASTIC though (I must admit).

    My garden still cranks out yummy stuff, but our romas have been a blighted mess and thus have become chicken feed (those chicks sure love tomatoes).

    Blogging lags for me as I wander through books by day and gardens by eve. I endeavored to enJOY this summer unlike any other here in the Sierras. So far, I'm doing just that. : D

  13. Hi Jojo,
    My part of Idaho was sweltering a week ago too, but the last three days have been just perfect summer weather. The heat is to return soon so I'm enjoying it while I can.
    My vegetables are doing well. The cucmbers are coming on so fast and my corn is taller than me. The tomatoes are starting to ripen. Life is good.

  14. This is deja vu- I 've read similar posts from the mommy files and noble pig!
    I empathize with you to a point. Here in TX - 100 + degree temps are the norm most of the summer time.
    hope you get some relief soon.

  15. I'm a terrible gardener. Thank-you for asking. Has the heat made your physical pains much worse? I can't imagine how terrible it would be to hurt and swelter at the same time.

  16. My onions are all little, my potatoes are either little bittie or doing okay. I thought that they would be the prize for me this year after the disappointment of the onions. The squash has done pretty good, the tomatoes are just coming on and the blackeyed peas are going crazy. Good thing I like them. Bush beans failed but I think the pole green beans are going to make. The weeds and grass are doing great. Sorry about your heat. With your humidity, JoJo, it's got to be worse.

    May be time for A/C?


  17. we had that heat wave too and it has passed by, now we are having tropical rains every day and what survived the heat is now rotting. but it's all good!

  18. Yikes, heat alert for real. Lets hope your region get some relief real soon.

    I really like the look and feel of your blog... Nice job jojo...



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