"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's something in the air...

...and it's driving me crazy. I can't remember being hit so hard by allergy season as I have this one. My eyes are so itchy that I need those little mitten things you put on newborns. They are so red and runny that people think I'm crying all the time, which I am so it's a good cover. And my right eye has been twitching for the last three days. Ack, I'm already on an antihistamine too!

Do you ever wonder about other people lives? Like, what they do all day, or what's it's like to be them? A day in the life of.
..? Who fascinates you the most? Would you like to see what it is like to be Kate Gosselin, or Kelly Ripa, how about PW and her day? I wouldn't trade my life for anything but I sure do wonder sometimes. Maybe we should have a day in the life of segment...anyone want to join in...what is your day like?

Here's another little goody I picked up at a consignment shop recently. It's hard to tell from this picture just exactly what it is I know but imagine it hanging outside my kitchen door with Impatiens planted in the bottom section. I haven't decided on what to put in the upper section. I am going to use one of those 'coco' mats to line the planter, have you tried them before? They are made from the fiber of coconut husks, they come in different sizes which you can cut to fit any type of planter that you'd like. Just throw some dirt and seeds or plants in there and viola! Anyway, I picked this little baby up for $5 bucks. I will post a pic of my finished planter soon. So how is your week going so far?


  1. I want to know what it would be like to be a computer chip. To be thought of, erased, deleted, typed out again to show itself, chosen, closed, reopened, shut off, turn on..... the scizophrenia of it all.

    Honestly, I would like to know the day in the life of a ballet dancer. I'm so clumsy to a fault that to know physical grace would be almost God sent. :)

  2. As for allergies, I can relate with you. This year, I followed my doctor's instructions to the letter and began taking the generic version of Allegra. I have been unaffected by the blooming season! Do you take anything?
    As for the consignment shops, I never seem to be at the right place at the right time. Several of my friends find wonderful things from clothes to furniture. When I go, I usually see just the junk. Can't wait to see what you create out of this!

  3. A day in the life sounds like a cool idea!!


  4. Oh my gosh, when my eye twitches it makes me so crazy I seriously think I could become violent. I am sorry! I hope you find some relief soon!

    A day in the life of... hmmmmm... that sounds fun to me!

  5. Hi
    Allergy eyes,tearing non stop .
    Nothing seems to work anymore .
    I spend more time trying to correct all my mispelled words
    on comments than I do on anything else .
    I had not thought of the baby mittens .
    My face is a mess every time I wake up.
    It seems I must scratch a lot in my sleep.
    Sorry to vent so much ,your just the only other person who has actually written about the allergy crises.
    Have a fabulous evening.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I love the photo I D you use :)
    Happy trails

  6. Hi Jojo,
    I have allergies too and they make me miserable sometimes. I take Flonase and that works so well for me. But if I am away from home and forget to take it with me, it's best to walk a wide circle around me. I get kind of grouchy. I hope you find relief soon.

  7. Flonase is great. I just can't use it continuously or I get too dried out. I find the best is a decongestant/antihistimine tablet that you can take twice a day and doesn't make you sleepy. The brand is up to you. Any "over the counter" will do.

  8. Oh do I understand the allergy thing. David and I are both having fits!! The doc told us today he has had alot of complaints this year. Here in this area he says it seems to be the cottonwood. It will be gone soon, I hope!!!

    I would love to live someones life for a day. maybe someone worse off than me, so I would be happy with my life...LOL..


    I have no clue why that last paragraph is in caps but I am to lazy to retype it...LOL.

    I love ya friend!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  9. Sorry about the allergies...I am suffering with them this year, too. The antihistimines are helping, and, for some reason, drinking more water. Who knows, but it works.

  10. What a FABULOUSO find for $5....I'm sooo happy for you! SWEET BLOG!


  11. PLEASE come to Detroit and look through all the things I'm about to give to charity and tell me what I'm giving away that I shouldn't! I am going to be the person who donates something that someone else finds and sells for a million dollars.

  12. I hate that you have allergies.. I suffer too so often from sniffles, but luckily right now I'm ok. hope you get better soon.

  13. I have air purifiers that really help me, if you want one I can get it for you at cost. It is a bummer to be slammed with sneezes.

  14. I didn't realise a twitching eye could be connected to allergies! I get hayfever on and off and my eye twitches...I must pay attention to see if these two things happen at the same time!
    I love your $5 find!! I love going to 2nd hand shops and finding a treasure.

  15. I really liked this post and so glad to have found your blog.


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