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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's all in the details...

A few of you have asked me for more details regarding the upcoming nuptials and I am happy to let you all in on what I know. Which is, unfortunately, not much. So here goes:

The Bride and Groom (a.k.a. my son) will be exchanging vows in approximately two weeks, on the grounds of a historic lodge, located in a rain forest approximately 4 hours drive from here. This lodge sits on a lake and the wedding will take place outside weather permitting. If there is a probl
em with the weather cooperating then the ceremony will be moved indoors. Afterwards we will move over to the restaurant for a formal wedding dinner and an evening of great celebration.

The colors are robins-egg-blue and white. There is a bird theme.

The bride and groom will be combining certain aspects of their chosen religions into the ceremony and reception, this being Christian/Jewish. I can not elaborate on these as I am not certain of which they have c

The night before the wedding we will have a dinner at our cabin (which we have rented) that we refer to as the "Groom's d
inner." Normally this would be the rehearsal dinner but we are having the rehearsal this weekend due to the traveling involved for everyone. This dinner will be in honor of the groom and will include many of his favorite foods from childhood. It will also include many of our favorite stories from his childhood and much merriment. We expect about 17 people at this dinner and I have finally made peace with the menu! Most of the guests as well as the bride/groom are vegetarians and will dine on Gnocchi. The rest of us meat-eaters will be out at the grill with a lovely flank steak. There will be many side dishes including a favorite dish of each of the grandmother's.

Since the wedding is a very formal event we are planning on the groom's dinner being very relaxed as we will be on a lake and there will be children invited. And just for fun, and because I didn't have
enough to stress about (just kidding) but mostly because my son asked me, I will be making these:

wish me luck ;D
picture thanks to PW (red velvet cupcakes with a fondant topping)


  1. Please send me some cupcakes. Yum!!

    Hallie :)

  2. sounds like wonderful fun... i have friends one jewish one not they did a combined wedding it was fantastic! Congratulations again to the bride and groom! have FUN! it sure sounds like you are planning to!

  3. you are giong to be one busy woman!

    i just love those cupcakes though! how beautiful!

  4. Feedsack FantasyJune 17, 2009 at 8:53 AM

    You will be having one enjoyable beautiful time with memories galore. I request a cupcake be tucked away for me ... chuckle! They are spectacular! TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. I've been through two weddings (both my kids) in 9 months. We were worn out when they were done (although most of the work was done on my girls!). I can just imagine how beautiful it will all be....can't wait to see pics??????

    Thanks you for your visit JoJo...it means so much!


  6. This is the last time I open a blog with Linus around. She has to have those cupcakes now. "Pretty, pretty, pretty please. I really need those pretty cupcakes, Mama"

    The wedding sounds like it will be lovely.

  7. Thank you so much for the wedding details..you made my day. The cupcakes are adorable and know that if any of my kids get married in my lifetime I'm hiring you as wedding coordinator. Your son and his bride's wedding sounds simply beautiful and I hope they have a phenomenal day. I wait with bated breath as more details and pictures develop. This is what Life is about---celebrating love.

  8. It sounds terrific, with just the right mix of formal and informal time.

    The cupcakes look gorgeous!

  9. Truly well thought out and so considerate of everyone! The robin's egg blue will be exquisite!

    Maybe you can sing onions, onions..lalala!:):):)

    (great story joanne)


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