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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Contenders...

"to strive in opposition." wiki

I am going to try and post the first two contenders in the Mother-of the-Groom outfit. (Do you all call them 'outfits' where you live?)
Now please remember that between Blogger, my computer and my camera that this may be a very interesting post. I can only, for some strange reason, post two pictures at a time so we will start with just that.
I have a long, black, flowy skirt that I plan to wear. The first picture is a jacket, a sort of 50's style swing jacket. I thought I would put something 'sunny' underneath it. The second picture (very hard to see) is a beaded top in a berry color. It is the dressiest of the choices and is very comfortable despite being quite heavy (with the beading).
I know the pictures are atrocious but let me know what you think so far and I'll try and post the other two tomorrow.


  1. I am planning to be no help at all, so here goes...

    I think the second one is more traditionally 'wedding' with the lovely beading. BUT the first one may be more appropriate for the setting - isn't the wedding going to be outdoors?

    See? Useless. I told you.

  2. Yes, I will agree with Mary Ellen if outside the first one with something bright underneath..If not I like the 2nd one. I would go with the second because I am soooo hot natured layered clothes in the summer are not for me...less is best.

  3. The beaded one! It is so pretty.

  4. go with the beaded one...it is much more mother of the groom!

  5. Well, me being a pink lover, I would go with the lovely pink beaded to.

  6. Hmmm. I think the beaded one is the most "wedding-like", but I think it's going to be H O T. I'm going to wait for the next choices!

  7. The 2nd one is definitely the loveliest .. for a wedding:)

  8. I like the beaded one for a wedding best. They are both pretty but I love the beaded one.

    Getting excited??

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  9. I would go with the beaded number...


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