"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Q and A...my way...

I thought that it was time for a little Q&A, but not your typical q&a where you ask me questions and I try like heck to find some kind of interesting or witty answer. NO this time I would like to ask you the questions. I'll try to keep it somewhere between "How do we fix the financial crisis?" and "How can we change the world?," o.k.? These are things I struggle with often so I really appreciate any help you can give:
  • how much do you really want to know about my heart attack? Just a generalized "these were my symptoms" to a full-blown account from start to finish, or somewhere in between?
  • why can't I make the linky thingy work? here's what I do: hi-lite the word, click on the link icon, type in the complete url, hit o.k.... this never works for me.
  • how can I do strikthroughs? I just think they are the best and I can't wait to learn how! (I'll try not to abuse it, I promise)
  • do y'all have hobbies besides blogging? I really need something interesting to keep me busy on these dreary days. What is your hobby?
  • how can I make this blog better? Seriously, I feel like I have nothing to say and I'm amazed that y'all come here. What do you want to know?

Thank you for 'helping' me and did I tell y'all that you mean so much to me and I have so much fun reading your blogs/comments. Thanks for being here :)


  1. First things first, I would love to teach you strikethroughs because my blogger friend Katy taught me--let's say you wanted to strikethrough "taught." It would be like this...friend Katy **I had to delete my instructions because blogger comments was reading it as a HTML tag--which it is--that it does not accept, see bottom of comments for instructions** me. That's all there is to it.

    I'd be happy to teach you links, too, but I have to actually do it to get the steps down. I know...good mind, huh? BWAHAHAHA!!! If no one else tells you by the time I get home from work, I'll come back with instructions. :)

    I want to know ALL about your heart attack; anything you want to share, including thoughts/feelings at that time. Just as long as it's not too upsetting for you...ya know?

    As far as blog improvement goes; well, JJ, I just don't know what to say to you! Love you, love your blog; I'm here for good. Write whatever you want, whenever you want. It always amazes me that anybody reads mine, too, because I don't usually write about anything of consequence; it's just what is in my mind or whatever I want to talk about. First and foremost, I have to admit, it's all about me, me, me. So, I would just say write for yourself--and we will follow. Does that make any sense, or are you really sorry you asked now? BWA!

    I love being first. :)

    strikethroughs--see the line under the comment box that says "You can use some HTML tags, such as..."? Doing a strikethrough is a HTML thing--first you would put the word strike in between those little less than/more than brackets, type the word you want to strikethrough and then type /strike between the less than/more than brackets. All of this with no spaces. Then just space between the last little bracket and your next word after the strikethrough. Make sense? If not, you can e-mail me...

  2. anyand all that YOU feel like sharing about your heart attack... I figure details are something that could help someone else...

    ummm link thingy i am not sure why it is not working for you but check your blog settings you might have links disabled

    this is how i do strike out... when I think to do it. under edit tab while typing

    will have to email you how it wont let me do it in comments

    then when I do compose tab the words I want out are struck through

    gardening is one of my hobbies and flowers i love things that grow

    i like your blog and agree totally with KIM.
    HUGS me

  3. I'll try to do these in order.

    I want to know everything you want to tell us about your heart attack. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing.

    For the linky thing, I don't ever type in the url (because I'm lazy). I open a separate internet window, navigate to the page I want to link to, and highlight and copy (control-C) the address from the address bar. Then I just paste it (control-V) in the link url window. Works for me, anyway.

    It's good that Kim-D has the strikethrough thing happening,
    'cause I had no idea.

    I have a bunch of hobbies, depending on how much free time I happen to have at the moment: knitting, reading, rubber stamping, golfing, gardening. I'm planning to relearn how to tat.

    Hey, I like your blog. You do whatever makes you happy - that's what blogging is all about. You DO have something to say, and we want to hear it.

  4. Your blog is yours to do what you will--and I enjoy it already! Please share as much as you want about your heart attack; it could save someone else's life. I have become a little too attached to this blogging business over the last year, but I also enjoy cooking, gardening, reading and being with my family;)

    PS-- I do strikethroughs a little differently, so if you need another set of instructions, email me;)

  5. I guess your questions have been answered already. Your blog is a favorite of mine, so I will read anything you publish.

    Before I allowed blogging to consume my time, I read, played the piano, took the dog for walks, and obsessed about my kids' lives. It all seems so boring now in comparison to blogging.

  6. hmmmm.. Ok, you asked, I will try to give some sort of answer...

    1 - as my mom also has heart disease, but has not had a heart attack, what were your symptoms? and how have you dealt with it since...I know you can't exercise much, so are you dealing with it by watching your diet?

    2 - as for the linky thingy - highlight the word, click on the linky thingy icon, MAKE sure you type in www. if you are trying to type in someones blog address OR, if you are copying and pasting a link, then make sure you go back and erase the first http;// !

    3 - as for the strikethrough - if you learn how to do it by someones answer then by golly you can teach me - that is one trick I haven't learned yet!

    4 - as for why I come to your blog? well, you visit mine, you seem very sweet and nice and I like to read those cute inspiring quotes you put up!

    5 - my other hobbies besides blogging? hmm... online gaming, reading, and crocheting come to mind:)

  7. wow, wow, wow, Thank you ;) I am going to have to work on the strike-through lesson because right now I feel like I wandered into a foreign language class in my underwear---I'm totally confused.
    Thanks for the hobby suggestions, it sounds like you all have some fun hobbies...I got sucked into the blog world and along with Caution everything else seems boring now!
    I am trying to put my thoughts down about my heart attack. At the time, a few weeks before actually, I had started a journal so I have it all in detail.
    Thanks for checking in and commenting everyday..I feel lost if I get up in the morn and no one has commented...

  8. I want to hear whatever you are comfortable with telling me about your heart attack. Since we are in such the same health, I would love to know.

    If you figure out the strike thru thingy please teach me!!

    I love you and your blog!!

    God Bless~

  9. I'd love to hear all about your heart attack, but it's a comfort level thing--what you're comfortable telling.

    Hobbies? They aren't doing laundry, cleaning spit-up, and changing diapers, but that's all I seem to do lately. At least I get the perks too---lots of rocking and smiles. :)

    I love your blog. No matter what you do, I'll keep coming back (whether you like it or not--haha).

  10. 1. Since my mom had a heart attack and there is a propensity towards heart disease, anything you feel comfortable relating might be life saving for someone like me... I was only 11 when mom had her first and so I didn't understand about symptoms and never thought to ask in all the years afterward.

    2. I finally learned how to do the link thingy but you've already had good instructions.

    3. I'm hoping you and me both can learn strike-through from Kim-D.

    4. I come and visit because you strike a chord in me with keeping it real without being on a pity party. Despite your trials you are a very positive person. Plus you dig up some of the best quotations.

    5. Besides blogging? I love to dig in the dirt, even on the days that I have to just sit in the dirt and dig. I love to create jewelry, I love to draw and hope to get back into painting. I play games a lot on the computer trying to keep my brain active. And I love to read all my special blogs and try to read some new ones each day.

    This was a great idea for a post, JoJo. Sometimes when we feel we have the least to say it makes a difference to somebody, so keep posting, even if it's only a bit here and there.



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