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Saturday, February 21, 2009


(yeah, it's a pity post but I'm long overdue!)

I went to my doctor on Thursday for my two week check-up. I also needed to have a certain prescription re-ordered as I knew i did not have enough to get through the weekend. This particular medication can not be 'refilled' but must have a new script each time it is ordered...thus the visit. Yesterday Scott dropped the script off at the pharmacy on his way home from work with the intention of picking it up today. Sounds easy right?? We went into the store today and I went over to pick up the meds. I gave my name and patiently waited for the tech to get my order. I could see her over behind the counter chatting quietly with the pharmacist. Soon the tech came back and with a sullen, almost frightened, look she told me the pharmacist could not fill the script. She attempted to explain the 'whys' and 'wherefors' to me but at that point I was not processing the information. All I could think of was not having any medication for another two-three days. I calmly asked her a few questions...mostly why???...when the pharmacist came over to explain that the script I had was for a refill and was not a new request. WTH?? Isn't it a new request if it is written on the prescription form and signed by the doctor and then hand taken over to the pharmacy?? We went round and round for several minutes at which point I asked her what was going to happen to me if I suddenly stopped taking this medication that I had been taking for over a year? Her reply was "people stop taking it everyday, how would I know how it's going to affect you." Seriously, am I just too stupid to live or is that extremely rude? She's the pharmacist...she's the one who went to school...isn't she the one who should be able to tell me the side effects of a certain medication? I asked to speak to another pharmacist and this being a Saturday there was none. I didn't know what to do and I was getting more and more upset and in more and more pain. I did manage to stay calm and I was trying to explain the situation to her and how I felt she was being quite rude but it was for naught. I came home with the new script in my hand and no meds. I have a call in to the 'on-call' physician...won't they be thrilled.

By the way, did I mention, this is only the third time I've been out of the house since I got hurt last June, with the exception of the doctor or hospital? Yeah, good times indeed.

***Update*** about three hours after we were home the above said pharmacist called. It seems she was looking through my records and indeed I do have an ongoing medication that is renewed every fifteen days with a new script. I can pick up the meds tomorrow. Still...this is just wrong...pity party over...


  1. Ugh. I am hoping it is resolved by now.

  2. Oh boy! I hope you have this under control and have your meds.

  3. I hope you will speak to the regular pharmacist come Monday. Not that one would expect anything to come from it, but to make the regular pharmacist aware of what happened. I have been known to have a meltdown in a pharmacy because of confusion on one of my scripts. Obviously it was one that I needed and the doc had told me not to just 'stop' taking the med because there could be some nasty side effects. I did apologize the next time I went in to the pharmacy. I'm not usually histrionic, but I was exhausted from moving and having to get a new pharmacy, etc., etc. So you did better than I, because you managed to stay calm.

    I hope things get straightened out for you.

  4. That was just inexcusable. I hope you get a chance to follow up with whoever's in charge there soon. That's no way to treat their customers, who are their patients, and someone needs to hold them accountable. I also hope the on-call doc takes care of the issue quickly!

  5. that is a bunch of crap! If the doctor issued it on a new prescription pad and it had his DEA number on it then it should be filled. I have to hand carry my Oxy Contin prescription in and it's a pain in the neck. And yes, you were justified to call the on call doctor. Hope you are able to get your medicine. I'm so sorry this happened. It should have never happened.

  6. some times I would so love to reach over and strangle people...I hope you are feeling better!
    Hugs Laura

  7. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Sorry you had to deal with that!

  8. grrrr. When my son had cancer, and we had several hundred meds to figure out, I could scream when I had to make more than one visit with the pharm because of someones mistake. Like we have all this time to go and wait and than leave empty handed? I go to Cub pharmacy in MN and they are the BEST place I've ever been. If there is something off on an rx I've had filled there before, they will give me a few to tide me over until they can figure it out.

    Glad you were able to get outside. That is the most healing thing one can do if they can, get some fresh air outside.

  9. That is just wrong and you should speak with the pharmacy about it this week. It doesn't matter if the pharmacist was right, she had no right to talk to you that way. Ever.

  10. Oh, JJ. You get out for a little while, and look what happens. You go and offend The Keepers-of-the-Pills and cause scenes and just generally make sure that mayhem ensues. You are such a rabble-rouser! BWAHAHAHA!

    Seriously, I am so sorry that happened to you. I had a run-in with a pharmacist after my knee replacement surgery. It was over my Vicodin Rx, and the LAST refill I called in to get. The little pharmacist named Molly arbitrarily decided I must be a raving Vicodin addict. At that time, I did not even know that there were Vicodin addicts, because it sure didn't seem to be doing all that much for me. I needed that final refill as I was going back in the hospital to have a manipulation done so my knee would bend more than 70 degrees. I hear that after they put ya under, they basically grab your leg and just crank on it, bending your knee back as far as they can. Then they whip you back into the CPM machine for another 24hours, set up a little more physical therapy and just PRAY TO THE GOOD LORD ABOVE that the sucker will finally bend to the 120it's supposed to bend to. THAT'S why I needed more Vicodin, which Molly decided I didn't need, due to my obvious dependence on it. I am sure I did not help my own case much when I became a raving lunatic in Walgreen's over the whole thing. BWAHAHAHA! The funniest part is, I not only ended up with my refill, but some smart person actually DOUBLED it. :)

    Oh, but wait. The REALLY funniest part? The Vicodin that wasn't doing a damn thing for me? After I was all healed and walking and everything was fine and back to normal? I realized that there were whole periods of time during the healing process that I could not remember. I'm sure it was the Vicodin. BWAHAHAHA!

    Glad you got what you needed, just as I was glad I got double what I needed back then! And because I was NOT an addict, I ended up disposing of all but a very few pills out of that last refill!

  11. idiot pharmacist... she should have looked up your record while you were there!

  12. it's a piss off they treated you that way - rude and ignorant - they're everywhere :(

    The good news is you were able to fill the script - bad news for the pharmacist is that you will be back, as will all the other people they mistreated. Look at it this way, each time they see you they have to deal with their own skeletons - sometimes that's payback enough - telling the manager won't do nothing more than create more anxiety for you, thinking about what you will say while validating your feelings as you play back the scenario in your head over and over. It's not worth it :)


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